Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Kittybell

Very short chapter!



            “The Demon Lord’s powers are far more dangerous than that of the entire demon world combined, which is why he has never been dethroned. The only information anyone could find is that he has only one weakness.” I explained as I paced on the opposite side of the room, thinking of strategies and war tactics I learned from years in the Demon Lord’s Army.
            “And that would be what?” Joseph asked, looking puzzled.
            “His one most prized possession.”
            “Oh, honestly woman! Give me some real answers!” Joseph started to get aggressive, making the conversation much more entertaining.
            “His daughter.” I said smugly. “They say she ran away from the Demon Realm, others say she was banished. They also say that she was the master mind behind the Dragon annihilation. Who really knows what or where she is?” I sneered.
            I didn’t exactly lie. True, no one knows exactly what happened to the princess, and no one has actually seen the princess in nearly fifty years. Demons have impeccably long life spans.  The Demon Lord always gave the excuse that the princess was either terribly injured from a recent battle or sick with some disease. It was obvious he was hiding something but no one ever said anything, scared of his wrath. The best the Demon Lord’s lies did was to keep the princess secret from the human world.
            “Is there a mistress, a mother of the princess?” Joseph asked, pulling me out of thoughts.
            “She was murdered.” I answered solemnly.
            “By whom?”
            “By your great grandmother. When your great grandmother killed the mistress the Demon Lord went insane with rage, slaughtering the whole Hunter clan. He left no one alive that he knew of. He went on a rampage when he sensed the presence of one last Hunter who just hit the age of twenty, the age you get your powers. He spent years searching for you and found nothing, not even a hint of your existence. I assumed he saw you as a threat with you being the last Hunter alive, the buildup of centuries of power equal with his own, with that immense power making you almost indestructible. He nearly destroyed the Demon realm with his rampage.” My body went stiff as my mind returned to the past during the time of the rampage. The dark and beautiful city of Everto Moneia lay in ruins before my mind’s eye. Tears blurred my vision as I watched homes burn and walls collapse. I watched as mothers grabbed their children to flee to another city as their husbands warded off the attacks. Smoke rose from the once beautiful city, bodies of every demon race piled the streets. My own body shook as it remembered the touch of those who were still breathing asking for my help. The impact of the memory sent my abnormal vampire body into frenzy causing me to shake so violently my mind, and vision, turned dark.

© 2009 Kittybell

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Critique however you wish. I am open to suggestions.

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Added on September 18, 2008
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I love to write but do more stories than poems. If you want more than that too bad for you! more..

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