Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Kittybell


 "What are you?”I demanded. I take an animal into my home and it ends up being a demon. I have hunted demons my whole life since the age of 10 and have never encountered one such as this creature. My eyes studied her over. The most perfect demon I have ever seen! Auburn red hair, forest green eyes, big voluptuous lips, and legs to die for. A body of complete perfection.
      "I go by the name of Elaina. I have no intention of doing harm to you Joseph. Let me live and you will never lay eyes upon me again." Her speech was different, almost like she was from a different time.
      "Elaina? Giving me a name does not answer my question! What are you? And how do you know my name?" I wouldn't let my guard down no matter how beautiful she was.
      "I am a dhampire of sorts.” She answered. She stared at me for a moment then spoke again. “Your name is legend in the demon world Joseph, everyone knows you.”
      “Why have I never heard of a shape-shifting vampire such as you before?" I pushed, desperate for the answer to this puzzle; ignoring the comment on my name.
      "Dhampire, not vampire. Demons fear me and wish to never bring me up in conversation.” She replied. “As for why you have never seen one such as me, is because I am the only one with this power." She laid there staring up at me with those beautiful green eyes, no sign of lies or fear.
      "Is a wolf the only form you are able to change into?"
      "No. I am able to change into any form I desire, be it human, animal, or creatures of the imagination." I looked her over again as she explained and noted that she was wearing a silk red dress (how she had cloths at all is a mystery), with high red heels and a ribbon wrapping around her legs from her shoe to her knees. I didn’t bother to ask why she was dressed up. Of what importance is it to me?
      "Why should I let you free when you are more of a threat to me than any other demon alive?" My voice started to crack. It took almost all my energy to remain calm and not let this demon get the satisfaction of making me even the slightest bit nervous.
      "I do not break a vow once it is made, if you let me live of course. I will never come near you and you will never lay eyes on me, only if you wish me to. Though I doubt you will survive long alone with where you are." She sneered. What’s this, a test? My mind was racing. She wants to see what I'll say and do. I know it!
      "You are fighting minor demons Joseph. You may be a Hunter, but the Demon Lord is far more powerful. You’re going to need my help. You won’t make it without it." She started to shift her body.
      "Don't move!" I ordered. She stopped and looked up at me. "Why would I need your help? I don't see how you can beat this so called 'Demon Lord' if you say I don't stand a chance." My face flushed as my temper rose.
      "The Demon Lord has lived for centuries. He has devoured many of your ancestors for the power they possessed. Now you are the last Hunter with centuries of power built up. Now if you knew how to use that power, well, that would be a different story now wouldn't it?" She had a sly smile playing across her lips.
      "How much do you know about my ancestors and this power you speak of?" I asked.
      "Apparently not enough." Elaina said, frustrated.
      "What do you mean?" I asked.
      "I have never failed to hold a form before I met you. I could live my whole existence as an animal without being forced to change if I wished." She started to tap her cheek with her finger, still on her back. "Why would I be forced to change around you? This is very odd. It is as if your presence can block magical occurrences."
      I lowered my weapon. "Is that what you mean by power?"
      "Hardly, I just learned this myself. What I do know is that you are a warlock, of sorts. You do know what that is right?" She questioned, treating me as if I didn't know a thing.
      "Of course, a warlock is a master of shadow. They can control shadows and demons." I responded childishly.
      "Basically, yes. Don't get your hopes up. You can't control all demons,” She paused. “just the normal ones. Demons with powers have too complex a mind to take control of unless you are more powerful than the demon." Elaina explained.
      "Anything else I should know?” I asked, walking into the living room and indicating her to follow.
      "You sure you want to get comfortable with me?" Elaina was getting uncomfortable.
      "Why not?" I’m feeling bad for this creature, with her getting uncomfortable just because of a simple human. "I'm feeling generous so sit." Once she sat down she continued her explanation.
            “Warlocks are mortal humans with the ability of a demon meaning they can control and even shape dark energy.” Elaina continues nervously, her eyes darting between the front door and the balcony.
            “Okay. So what do you mean? What kind of spells can they use?” I asked suspiciously.
            “Their main and easiest attack is the shadow arrow. Curses are a warlocks’ defense if they have no minions.” Her face held a pained look, like she didnt want to explain but couldn't stop.
            “What kind of curses are there? What do they do?” This warlock business isn’t the easiest to understand.
            “Curse of agony, Shadow curse, Breath of water, disables movement.” She listed. “These are four curses every warlock uses. Curse of agony inflicts pain slowly but never kills the victim. Shadow curse blinds the victim but with no physical trace. Breathe of water puts water into the victim’s lungs, giving them the sense of drowning. Disable movement is self-explanatory, it stops any physical movement. Most warlocks create their own curses making it almost impossible to remove, especially if you are high in power.” As she explained she seemed to relax. Slightly.
            “What about the demons?” I asked. “How does a warlock summon one for a pet or minion, which ever you wish to call it?”
            “The demons are a lot more complicated. I do not know how the warlocks come by a demon nor how they control them.” She wore a sour expression, turning her head to look out the balcony window. She clearly did not like the idea of a demon as a pet.
            I gave her a puzzled look. “You know so much about warlocks and yet you don’t know about their minions?”
            She turned her attention back to me and scowled. “I never cared to study about how a mortal human can control my kind.” She spat.
            I raised my eyebrow and looked at her critically. “Just because you don’t like the idea of some ‘mortal’ controlling your kind doesn’t mean you should ignore how it’s done. If you learn how it’s done it can increase the chances you have to resist a summoning, and/or control.”
            She stared at me with a dumbfounded look, not bothering to comment.
            After ten minutes of staring, and what looked to be thinking, she finally answered saying, “Do you wish to start a war, young Joseph?”
            “If that is what it takes to destroy this ‘Demon Lord’, yes.”
            Her voice and eyes seemed very distant as she asked, “Why?” One single word filled with so much sorrow and pain.
            “I will keep my reasons to myself.” I answered solemnly.
            With her attention back to the room, she said with a stern tone to her voice, “I shall help.”

© 2009 Kittybell

Author's Note

Don't hold back!!!!!! Critique however you want... Hope you enjoy:D

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