Day 1 & 2

Day 1 & 2

A Chapter by Esana Bridges

A little white lie...


“Bidding starts at $30000 per individual jobs with a minimum of three individual jobs per year and $10000 per group job with a minimum of five group jobs per year or $140000 per year minimum.” The auctioneer stepped back and bowed. “I open the floor to you, ladies and gentlemen. There is no cap and a time limit of twenty seconds between each bid.”

Whispers began as notes were exchanged and offers talked about. Very few were actually there to bid - most had come merely for the spectacle that had come before.

“$250000 minimum.”

It was an impressive starting bid - few had enough money to spare on a single mercenary or such need for the paid soldiers. Still, given the subject that was up for bid few were surprised that the bidder wanted to stop competition as soon as possible. Going up slowly with bids could push more people into the fray, whereas a straight, hard approach would shut down a great number of lesser heads.

The murmuring grew more pronounced, but now they were focused on the man who had spoken. He had jet black hair that spoke of much dying to keep it its original color. His skin was rather wrinkle free, and only his eyes spoke of his true age and those only to those who had known him in his youth. They had been a deep riveting blue, but now could barely pass for gray.


A new voice rose above the others. It was effeminate, soft. The man himself looked young, only in his twenties. He was surrounded by several bodyguards, who formed a circle around him that no outsiders could look through.

Irritated, the first man bit his thumb. He cast a glance at the stage and the slight young girl who stood upon it.

She was built slender and looked strong despite her lack of height. Her hair was blond, so fair that it was almost white, and her eyes a deep sparkling blue. They were riveting, though currently, she was looking down so they were covered by fair, almost invisible lashes. She was dressed in a sleeveless, turtleneck, form-fitting shirt and black yoga pants.

Draped lazily over her shoulder like a fur scarf was a ferret, with lush black and white fur. Its eyes were closed and its head lay on the girl’s upper arm, a position that did not look comfortable, especially since its nose was only an inch away from her custom made fighting gloves.

“Sir, we can bid up to $400000 if you wish,” Murmured an assistant. “Any more and we’ll have to go to moneylenders.”

Moneylenders… The man bit his thumb and then stood up. I am not going to lose this opportunity.




Grinning, the brunette ran over and hugged her older brother. She looked around and then smiled brightly. Her older brother ruffled her hair gently and then swooped down and picked her up, placing her on her shoulders. Isabella went up with a little shriek, but laughed and grabbed his head to keep herself steady.

“Whoa, whoa, easy on the hair, girl.” Isabella’s brother grabbed her carefully and then looked up at her, grinning. “Guess what I got tickets to?”

Isabella’s jaw dropped. “Éclair’s fight? Oh, Calvin �"”

Calvin’s smile disappeared. “Wait what? No, not Éclair’s fight! I meant the Tigers’ baseball game.”

Disappointment washed through Isabella. “Oh. Okay. Well, that’s great, too. Thanks �"”

She was interrupted by a snort that quickly erupted into a laugh. Isabella had to scramble and jump as Calvin leaned over, laughing. She landed gracefully and turned immediately, staring at Calvin in confusion.

“Oh man, Bell, you are too easy! You think I was serious? Why would I get you a ticket to my favorite team’s game when it’s your graduation?” He mock punched Isabella, who blocked without even thinking. “Of course I got tickets to Éclair’s fight, idiot. You’ve been hinting at it for weeks.” He flashed out the tickets, waving them in Isabella’s face. “And ~ guess what else?” Dramatically, Calvin bowed and gave the tickets to Isabella. “Backstage passes. You’re going to meet Éclair.”

The screaming that followed sent even the other seniors flocking away from the two siblings.


“Hi, I’m Isabella �" Isabella Bailey. I’m 17 and I’m a huge fan of you, Ms. Éclair. You’re the most amazing fighter that I’ve ever seen, and you’re the reason that I want to become a fighter, ‘cause I saw you when I was like twelve and you were just so pretty and good at fighting that it made me want to fight, so that’s what I’m doing now, and it’s just such a great pleasure to meet you since you’ve been my idol for so long, and �" can I have your autograph?” Isabella blushed, embarrassed that she was acting like a fangirl, even despite Calvin’s elbow in her side.

The young woman that she spoke to smiled slightly, the small expression breaking the coldness that her face was normally settled in. “Of course.” Her slightly accented light voice fitted perfectly with her delicate posture and face.

Daintily, she took the picture that Isabella gave to her and bent over to sign it. “Your name is Isabella?” She looked up and the light caught in her incredibly blue eyes.

Isabella blushed even deeper and nodded.

“And you’re 17?”

“Yes. I just graduated today. This show is my graduation present �" this is my brother. He’s Calvin. He’s the one who got me the tickets.”

Éclair again gave her small, but brilliant smile, this time to both the siblings. “You are lucky to have such a considerate brother.” She handed the picture back to Isabella. The ferret sitting on her shoulder cooed softly in her ear. “Do you know what college you want to go to?”

Shaking her head, Isabella said, “I’m planning on starting full-time training now.” She smiled a bit bashfully. “I’m hoping to become a fighter like you.”

“Your eagerness is wonderful. I’m glad that there are people like you who are willing to take up the world of fighting.” Éclair bowed slightly to Isabella, who immediately bowed back. “Now, I’m sorry to say, but I must depart. Thank you for coming to watch me today. I appreciate it greatly.”

A bit disappointed that the meeting was over and exhilarated that she’d actually met the Éclair, Isabella nodded. “Thank you so much for meeting me! You were amazing in the fight today and Summer is so cute!” The ferret acknowledged the praise with a burble. “I hope �" I hope I can meet you in the arena someday!”

After the slightest pause, Éclair smiled. “That would be wonderful. Please work hard.” And with that, she bowed again and ushered the siblings out of the room.

“Wow, she really is something, isn’t she?” Calvin murmured as they left.

Blissful, Isabella said, “She’s amazing.” She shook her head, smiling. “She’s such a great fighter, and she’s so nice, too! Did you hear her? She encouraged me!”

Calvin said, “Mhm,” in an absentminded way. “Yeah, that was all pretty nice, but did you look at her?” He whistled. “Like a freaking model, man. Except that she’s short. But seriously. Great body, even if she is a bit flat. And did you see her eyes? And that hair? Freaking hot.

For once, Isabella ignored her brother’s rather shallow view of the world. “It’s natural,” She said, absently.

“Legit? Man, she’s so got it all.” He shook his head. “I think I’m gonna start tagging along on your little Éclair fight marathons.”


Shouldn’t you have encouraged her to go to school?

“It might have gotten her upset, and seriously who the heck cares?” Éclair yawned and leaned back after checking that the glass between her and the driver of the car was firmly shut. It was soundproof and would keep her from getting crazy looks.

But education is very important, and isn’t that what an idol should do? What if she can’t become a fighter and has to beg on the streets? There was a slightly mocking tone in the ferret’s usually light and sweet thoughts.

Éclair shrugged. “Frankly, I couldn’t care less even if that were the case.” She shrugged again. “And besides, it won’t.” The ferret chirruped. “Did you see her pin? Saint Paul’s Private Academy for Girls. Now that is a rich school. Even if she can’t become a fighter �" and I highly doubt that she can if she only started when she was 12 �" I’m sure her parents will buy some position for her. Or she could just marry someone rich.”

You never were a nice person, were you, Éclair?

“Being nice isn’t a part of my job description.” Éclair reached for a bottle of water.

Not unless you’re on stage.

“Not unless I’m on stage,” Éclair amended. She opened the water with ease, took a sip, and then leaned back again. “Still, that girl is never going to see me when I’m not on stage, so it doesn’t really matter, does it, Danzin?”

Danzin arched his neck in an imitation of a human’s shrug. Maybe so, but it would break that girl’s heart to see you as you are.

Making a face, Éclair shook her head. “I know that. It’s disgusting.”

Chirruping, Danzin nudged Éclair’s cheek lightly.

Absently, Éclair stroked Danzin’s soft, thick fur. “It’s just that �" they think they understand. They think that when they see me on stage, they see the entire me, they see the me that everyone sees, the only me that really matters, and �" even worse �" they make up traits for me based on what they see. They see that I usually finish my opponents off quickly and without any mercy, so they call me the Ice Princess. They see how I treat you and they say that you’re the only thing I care about �"”

And I am, aren’t I?

“Of course,” Éclair replied automatically. “Anyways, they see all this and they create their own image. They say that I’m the perfect person, that I’m pretty and I’m a great fighter and that I’m probably nice, too.”

The other two are true, and you don’t have to fulfill that last one.

A bit irritated as well as flattered, Éclair glared at the ferret, who blinked lazily and leaned its head against her ear. “I have to because there are hundreds of magazines just ready to pounce on me if I break image even a little bit and because I have a boss who wants me to keep that image so he can make money selling tickets to my fights and offering Éclair merchandise. I have to because there are millions of people out there watching what I do, who think that I really am perfect.”

Cooing softly, Danzin wrapped himself a bit tighter around her neck.

Éclair sighed and tickled him under the chin. “Really, they just expect too much, and if I break that image? They’re going to blame me, never mind that I never asked for them to worship me, to see me like a princess.” She looked up at the roof of the car. It was dark with the dark that came outside. “Seriously. Why should I work so hard to keep up their expectations?”

Blinking dark eyes, Danzin stayed silent for a long moment and finally, told Éclair, Well, at least it’s over for now?

That brought a slight smile to Éclair, who reached back and removed her spiked headband, letting blonde bangs fall around her face. “Yeah, that’s true.” In another swift motion, she removed the clips that kept her bun in place, allowing a pool of blonde hair to cascade all around her. “I can’t wait to get my black hair back.”

And don’t forget to take out your contacts!

© 2011 Esana Bridges

Author's Note

Esana Bridges
First day and part of second.

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Wow! This has got me hooked! I love it already! Amazing job!

Posted 12 Years Ago

good start can't wait to read the rest...

Posted 12 Years Ago

Hm, so her ferret can talk? i kinda feel sorry for her already...

Posted 12 Years Ago

really good start ..keep at it i want to read it all....

Posted 12 Years Ago

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