Day 3

Day 3

A Chapter by Esana Bridges



Carefully, Calvin wiped a bit of sauce from Isabella’s cheek. Isabella didn’t even twitch at having the tissue so close to her eye, but as soon as Calvin finished, she began to eat again, her motions mechanical, timed to the beat of the commercial playing in the background. Calvin had set the channel to a paid program in order to keep Isabella from seeing any of Éclair’s fights, which had been broadcast onto almost every channel.

“ " the best insurance that you could ever by.” There was a tinkling music sound and then a stronger deeper voice began. “And now, we will begin live coverage of Ice Princess Éclair’s match against the Black Tiger! In order to even out the matches, Éclair was given a ten-pound handicap on each limb, and currently she seems to be finding it a bit hard to keep up.”

“Shoot.” Calvin whirled around, scanning for the remote. It had been right next to him just a few minutes ago.

As he looked mindlessly for it, Isabella found her eyes drawn to the TV screen. On it, Éclair, with her hair dyed blonde again and her beautiful blue contacts inserted, was backed up in one corner with a tight-muscled young man with bleached blonde hair coming at her with full-scale determination, seeming not to care that his opponent was a girl half his height wearing weights.

At the last moment, Éclair jumped high into the hair performing a flip that landed her hands first onto the shoulder of the Black Tiger. Surprised, but amazed at his luck, the Black Tiger grabbed her arms preparing to throw her out of the arena. Unfortunately for him, Éclair had planned the move out beforehand.

As the Black Tiger heaved, Éclair grabbed his wrists tightly with her own. She let herself fly, stopping herself right at the edge of the arena and, using the momentum, flipped the Black Tiger over herself and dropped him very neatly right outside the arena. After a moment to balance herself, Éclair leaped high into the air, flipped into an aerial and landed softly in the center of the stage.

There was a moment of stunned silence and then the stadium exploded with cheers and applause, the chant “Éclair, Éclair, Éclair” slowly becoming the most prominent sound in the room.

Something about that noise made Isabella’s eyes clear.

She could hear the crowd as if she was right there among them, hear the noise that was deafening on a TV, and so much more so in person. She could smell the disgusting scent of sweat and excitement and even the bloodlust of the people who had come hoping for injuries that they could jeer at. She could feel the tension in the air. Every fighter wanted to win, whether it was for monetary reasons or just to be undefeated.

She could see Éclair flying through the air, her movements graceful, perfect, practiced and yet somehow also spontaneous. She could see the small smile that Éclair gave to her fans before she walked smoothly, coldly, darkly down into the fighters’ dressing rooms.

She’s a princess.

An image flashed in front of her eyes " a girl with black sunglasses, black hair, and a cruel expression. Isabella closed her eyes.

She’s not a princess. Not at all.

Isabella opened her eyes and looked at her right hand. She slowly closed it into a tight fist and squeezed hard. Slowly she opened her hand and looked at it again. It was small, delicate, and smooth. Her arm was thin and lacked muscle, even though she had been training fulltime for three years. She had grown a little stronger over the years, but very little of what she ate stuck to her, in the form of fat or muscle, so even though she was now 20, she looked almost the same as she had three years ago.

Still. I’m going to change that. Isabella closed her fist again. She, the lightning, is not a princess. Fine. That just means that I have to be. She closed her eyes and breathed out peacefully. I am Tonnerre, the thunder, and I will become what the lightning was not.

Very deliberately, Tonnerre got up from her seat and left the room.

Calvin, who had finally found the remote, stared after her, completely confused.


“Today we are very lucky to have the Thunder Goddess Tonnerre, who has been sweeping audiences with her pretty face and kick butt moves. This new girl fighter first appeared mid last year, but it’s only been in the last few months that she has really shone. Since August, Tonnerre has been on a four month streak, crashing through the FFA and the CAA’s biggest fights without losing a single one and with only four points against her.” The reporter turned to Tonnerre, who was seated next to her, waiting patiently. “Welcome, Ms. Tonnerre, we’re glad to have you here.”

Tonnerre smiled, an expression that lit up her entire face. There was a sigh from the back of the recording studio that was quickly muffled by a glare from the director. In a light, formal voice, Tonnerre replied, “I’m glad to be here. It’s really an honor.”

The reporter smiled. “It’s an honor of IFA Studios that you agreed to this interview. I believe that this is your first formal interview since you came into the limelight?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“And how are you enjoying the big times?”

Pausing, Tonnerre tilted her head and then smiled again. “They’re wonderful. I love that so many people like me, and it’s really a great feeling, knowing that hundreds of people cheer for you and want you to succeed.”

“Especially for someone of your nature.” The reporter looked down at her notes. “I heard from your agent that you’ve been training to become a fighter since you were very young? How old were you?”

“I was 12, which is pretty old for a fighter, but it was rather young for me.”

“What made you want to become a fighter?”

A spark lit in Tonnerre’s mind, a spark reminiscent of a what was left after a lightning strike. “I was watching TV one day, and a fight came on, and I didn’t know what was going on. I just remember that it was like a dance. It was so beautiful, and the girl who was fighting " she looked like a princess, and she was more beautiful than any person I’d ever seen.” Tonnerre looked into the distance, eyes unfocused. “That fighter’s name was Éclair " the Ice Princess. She’s the reason that I took up fighting.”

Nodding, the reporter said to the camera, “Ms. Éclair, the Ice Princess, is currently the number one ranked fighter in every fighter’s association there is. She has never lost a single match, and throughout her entire 15 year career, she has lost only 34 total points, majority of which were lost when she was under the age of 14.” The reporter turned back to Tonnerre and asked, “Would you say that she is your goal?”

The question made Tonnerre hesitate for a brief moment. “My goal " yes, I think that you could call her that. I’d…like to surpass her, but not in fighting ability. She’s really amazing that way, and I think it’ll take me my entire life to beat her. No, I’d like to become more…accessible to the public. Ms. Éclair, not to criticize her or anything, is so distant, and she never takes interviews and rarely talks with her fans. I’d like to be someone who my fans can connect to.”

“So many young stars say that when they first begin, but almost all begin to hide from the public eye. Do you think that you’ll be able to avoid such a fate, Ms. Tonnerre?”

After a moment, Tonnerre shrugged. “I have no idea, but I hope so!”

Smiling, the reporter nodded. “One last question before we let you go, Ms. Tonnerre.” Tonnerre nodded. “What do you plan for your immediate future? Will you continue with show fights or will you move on to something bigger?”

Following several moments of hesitation and a few glances at her agent, Tonnerre replied “I plan on moving on. I’ve really enjoyed the show fights, but I feel as if I could expand a bit. I know it’s a bit unglamorous, but my parents have recommended a few agencies that I could join. Right now, I’m in the stages of negotiation for a private with the Clan family.”

“I’m sure your fans will miss you.”

Tonnerre shook her head. “I hope not. A part of the contract " which I’m not allowed to speak of directly " but let me hint that a part has something to do with regular show fights.”

Nodding, the reporter smiled again. “I’m sure that your fans will be happy to hear that.” To the camera, she said, “And with that, I’m afraid we shall have to bid Ms. Tonnerre farewell. Thank you for stopping by today.”

“It was a pleasure.”

The two women stood up and shook hands, smiling at each other.

After a brief wave at the camera, Tonnerre walked off stage. She bowed to the producers, directors, assistants, and crew, and then took her exit. Outside the side doors were Calvin and her agent, her agent holding a binder with Tonnerre’s schedule, Calvin a glass of water.

When politeness had gone through and both agent and Tonnerre had bowed to each other and Tonnerre was on her way home " her schedule had been mostly emptied that day so that she could prepare for more negotiations the next day " Calvin began the questioning.

“Why does it have to be a contract? Contracts are so…enclosed.” Calvin scrunched up his shoulders and shuddered.

Carefully, Tonnerre poured herself a glass of ice tea and then offered one to Calvin, who ignored the offer. “The head of the Clan only deals with contract fighters. Besides, he’s an associate of Rachel and Father, so I won’t get a bad deal.”

Calvin, who had been unhappy before how began to scowl. “I don’t think being an associate of our parents is really a guarantee of a good deal. And besides, you know the stories about the Clans. They’re freaking insane.”

Shrugging, Tonnerre sipped her tea. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. Besides, if I contract, I can fight and help Rachel and Father.” Calvin still looked unhappy. Tonnerre looked at him and smiled. “It’ll be fine. Not all step-mothers are evil."

© 2011 Esana Bridges

Author's Note

Esana Bridges
Second part of Day 3.

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