Alcingeria Volume Two Chapter One: The Hero

Alcingeria Volume Two Chapter One: The Hero

A Chapter by Ryan Henderson

The Scorpions and The Vipers attend the funeral of their dear friend, Ceberus Cole, who gave his life to save theirs.


Alcingeria Volume Two

A Novel By Ryan David Henderson


Chapter One The Hero:

Friday July 16th 1690

A week had passed since Estaire killed her mother. A lot of things happened that day, including the death of Ceberus Cole. All the others and I sat in the Royal Chapel in Valgate, Vulrock. Estaire had told us she’d make arrangements for Ceberus’s funeral, and she kept her word.

Everyone in the room sat on the wooden pews that sat in rows in the room. Edwin and his men weren’t present. They told us that they had something to take care of.

A priest stood at a podium at the front of the room. Next to him was a coffin, laying inside was Ceberus.

            “We are gathered here today to commemorate and honor Ceberus Cole. He died a hero, giving his life to save many.” The priest began.

I saw Martha crying, William was comforting her. I shed a few tears myself. I saw the members of the Vipers crying as well.

            “That is why he is being buried here, in the Royal Chapel. This was requested by Queen Estaire herself.” The priest told us.

The priest went on about God, Heaven and Hell. I didn’t remember most of what he said.

            “Now, is there anyone present who would like to say a few words?” The priest asked.

Martha, Ceberus’s wife, stood up and walked over to the podium. The priest stepped aside.

            “Ceberus was my husband. We’ve been married twenty five years and I love him very much. He was an honorable man, he was very caring. He cared about us all so deeply, that he gave his own life to save ours. A deed such as that, an act of such valor and heroism, can only be carried out by one with a good heart and a pure soul.” Martha said, beginning to tear up.

She began to walk back to her seat. William got up and walked over to the podium.

            “Ceberus was my best friend. We’ve both been through a lot. We’ve helped each other through good and bad. Ceberus made the ultimate sacrifice down below Queen Yuka’s throne room. For that, we are all extremely grateful. For without his sacrifice, none of us would be here today.” William said.

He walked back to his seat. Stella and Erin both walked up together.

            “He was like a father to us.” Erin began.

            “Ceberus was a smart man. He always knew what calls to make, how to keep everyone safe. On that day below Queen Yuka’s throne room, he made the right call.” Stella said, beginning to cry.

They both sat down. Tabatha walked up to the podium.

            “Several weeks ago, I was being burned at the stake because I’m a witch. Ceberus helped the others save me. For that, I’m extremely grateful. However that’s not a debt I’ll be able to repay. He was a brave man.” Tabatha finished.

She walked back to her seat. Francella and Raymond walked up to the podium.

            “If there was one thing about Ceberus that we all loved, it was his heart. He was always such a nice man, not to mention an excellent judge of character.” Francella said.

            “Although his sense of humor wasn’t the sharpest, he was always the voice of reason; the light in the dark. And now… Now our light’s gone…” Raymond trailed off sadly.

They both walked back to their seats. Walden flew up to the podium.

            “Ceberus owed me a life debt. I saved his life quite some time ago. I can’t help but feel responsible for what he did that day. His last words to me were ‘Consider my debt to you… Repaid…’.” Walden fretted.

He flew back to his seat.

            “It wasn’t your fault.” William comforted.

            “Thanks pal.” Walden said quietly.

Next, Antoinette walked up to the front of the room.

            “Truth be told, I haven’t known Ceberus for a long time. Heck, I barely knew him, but in the short time I did know him I found out what an incredible person he was. I’m sorry I can’t say much more than that.” Antoinette explained sadly.

She took her seat. The only people who hadn’t said anything were Don, Robert, Macalister and I. I decided to go first. I walked up to the front, looking at all the familiar faces.

            “Ceberus was a simple person. He had a family, friends and money. He enjoyed the simple things in life, like hunting. I went with him one time, we got a few boar. He was really enjoying himself, joking the whole way, as he did on a rare occasion. I think I speak for everyone in this room when I say that he was a well-liked man.” I said.

I walked back to my seat, not wanting to drone on and on and bore the others. Robert walked up to the front. He looked nervous, like something had been bothering him for a while.

            “I knew Ceberus for a while. He was kind enough to take my friends and I in when we needed it. He didn’t expect anything in return, he just did it out of the goodness of his heart. It’s acts like that that truly define a man.” Robert said gravely.

He went back to his seat. Don stood up and walked to the podium.

            “Ceberus was always quick to help someone, take Tabatha for example. He agreed to save her from her pyre with very little hesitation. The hesitation he did have came from the urge to protect his family and friends. He truly was a great man.” He said proudly.

Don took his seat again. Macalister stood up slowly and walked to the front.

            “Ceberus was very brave. If he didn’t give his life, we’d all be dead. I liked him, and I’m sad he’s dead.” Macalister said sadly as he walked back to his seat.

The priest looked around.

            “No one else wants to say anything?” He asked.

After looking around for a few more seconds, he nodded.

            “Very well then. We will proceed to the burial.” He told us.

Six men walked out of a side door and picked up Ceberus’s coffin. They all hoisted it over their heads.

            “Follow me, please.” The priest said.

He walked to the back of the room in the right corner, where there was a door. He walked through it, then the others and I, then the men carrying the coffin. Close to us was a grave that had been dug. Next to it was a mound of dirt with several shovels stuck in it. There wasn’t a lot of graves here, only twenty or so.

            “This is where true heroes are buried. To be buried here is the highest honor.” The priest explained.

The men carrying the coffin walked to the grave and set it on the ground. One of them tied a rope around it. The men carefully lowered the coffin into the grave. It hit the bottom with minimal noise. Martha began crying again. We all began to weep. The men began shoveling dirt back in to the grave.

            “May god rest your soul.” The priest muttered.

In minutes the men finished with the burial. We were all crying by now, including me. Tears streamed down my face as I sobbed. We all stood there in silence for a few minutes. After that most of us stopped crying. We all walked back into the Royal Chapel.

            “I’ll give you all a few minutes.” The priest said as he left the room.

After a few seconds, no one said anything.

            “Let’s go back to the castle.” Raymond suggested.

We all nodded in agreement and we walked out the door, heading back towards Queen Estaire’s castle.

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