A Story by Billy

After a night of no sleep, I headed out at 430 to see if I could clear my mind...


5/24/08   5:13am


and for a moment, my mind is clear

as i sit and listen, to the roar of a thousand waves breaking on the shore

my fears fade, they seem so insignificant


i look out at the water and find peace

how could i worry while witnessing something so beautiful


the sun rising to the east

the moon to the west, guiding the ocean below

the birds soaring, singing their tales


i am amazed at the awesome power of this beast

the waves bring me to ease

reminding of good times past here on her shores

but they also make me think of how many lives this monster has taken


i do not blame her though

for we are but ants to her

she cant help if we get in her way


the moon begins to fad into the ever brightening sky

a glowing shard in the clouds is all that remains


here on the beach

i see my footprints behind

the path i have taken

thus far



an open canvas

not a single path yet

but plenty of places to start


i could walk striaght ahead

into the ocean

and certain death

the path i have flirted with

far too many times before


but now i see

the tide is coming in

the water will reach me at some point

but i will not embrace her



i still have much to do

so i shall walk

in a new direction


while i will never be further from her

she wont be taking me so soon


i will blaze my own trail through these sands

while she follows close behind

but she will not catch me

until i am good and ready


so now i march onward

along that as of yet unseen path

though i know not where it leads

i dare not stop

if i do

she wins

© 2008 Billy

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The power and gentleness of the sea is captured by your words. Beautiful.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is beautiful.

just beautiful.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on May 24, 2008



Astoria, OR

I would hardly consider myself a poet, a novelist, even a writer. What you read on here, is all me. My real thoughts, my real feelings. Do keep in mind however, feelings and thoughts may change. more..

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A Poem by Billy