“Initiation of the Family”

“Initiation of the Family”

A Poem by Christopher James

{Original Poem Based on Matthew V:I-XII}

Lo, the Apostle and High Priest cometh,

And He taketh His place.

His heavenly emissaries gather round about him, as do the people:

The people yearn in their hearts for heavenly instruction,

That its use shall breaks the bonds of humankind loose

And with lips, and tongue, and Spirit, the Holy One speaketh unto them, saying,

Crowned with the abundance of the heavens are the spiritually destitute:

For it is through the dimness of the light and darkness as one, that the lowest realms of hell are known,

And the highest realms of heaven are revealed. 

Crowned with comfort from the Father of all comforting are the wounded in heart:

For they shall be ministered unto by the heavenly messengers of the Father of lights

With His bequeathing of peace, and bliss, and love unto every pierced heart.

Crowned with fastness in Spirit through fullness of the earth are the lessened of confidence:

For influence over the world gained through the Holy One bringeth great strength,

Upon which the tempestuous sea of this life which we share may be sailed.

Crowned with the fullness of all things upon which the Spirit moveth are those who yearn in their hearts for heavenly instruction:

For when the venom of temptation from the Accuser sinketh into their veins,

They shall know how their blood is sanctified.

Crowned with bowels of mercies from the God of the heavens and earth are they who be unacquainted with sin in their hearts:

For the face of God is revealed

Unto all whom He sheweth mercy.

Crowned with the beauteous dominion of the heavens are the sowers of peace:

For they plant the seeds of the kingdom of God,

And they hath earned the kingdom they shall inherit.

Crowned with paradise are they which are moved toward the realms of hell for the sake of enduring their own righteousness:

For in the face of great darknesses doth the linings of the walls of space and time begin to grow thin;

Yet shall the righteous ones still endure unto the Kingdom of light, which remaineth at the end of all things. 

Crowned with a crown of rejoicing are you all, when ye learn truth of the Spirit by grace of the Father and Master of all things, visible and invisible,

When ye are accursed, and when your names are blotted out, and even when ye think God hath abandoned you:

For it is only in the darkest of times that true light beginneth to shine, and charity beginneth to plot her devices.

Rejoice, and be exceeding glad in your hearts:

For many who have come before you have rejoiced as one body in the bliss of the Spirit;

So too shall ye inherit faith, hope, and truth, sealed in the love of the Beginning and the End, which groweth and nourisheth grace, the mother of ultimate reconciliation. Amen.

© 2021 Christopher James

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Added on September 24, 2021
Last Updated on September 24, 2021
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Christopher James
Christopher James

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