Warmth: Chapter 1

Warmth: Chapter 1

A Chapter by Petal

Let’s start at the beginning. It was kind of funny how we became friends and to this day it still makes me chuckle from now and then. It was seventh grade when we first met; if I remember correctly then your desk was the second one in the third row from the door. I remember talking to “Crystal”, my best friend, telling her how cute I thought you were.

In between chuckles she told me to go ask you out, that we could be cute together. I giggled a bit before bounding over to your desk.

I crouched down beside your chair and smiled up at you, laughing a bit. I mustered up all that 12 year old courage and asked you out which you replied with a yes.

Of course, any 12 year old girl gets bored with dating after the first two days because what’s so great about boys? So I decided, on my own that we would break up. And I didn't tell you… Probably should have because our friend, “Jason”, came over to me about two weeks later asking me, “Are you and “Steven” still dating?”

I laughed a bit, “What do you mean? We've been broken up for like two weeks.”

“What?! Well you better tell him because he told me that you were such a bad girlfriend!” He stated between our fits of laughter.

Of course, I didn't tell you because I figured you were smart and could figure it out on your own. You did and our friendship soared though the sky like fireflies on a summer’s night.

Seventh grade was a fun year; I made many great friends, ones that I will never forget in a million life times.

But as all good things do, that year flew by and soon we said goodbye to that classroom while listening to ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and sitting on top of desks that had been turned over for the next year.

Seventh grade was amazing and I will never forget those times especially with you. 

© 2015 Petal

Author's Note

*All names are fake

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Added on March 13, 2015
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Atlantica, MA

Hello, I’ve had this account for a long time but haven’t used it for a while. I think since high school. But recently I’ve been wanting to write again and have been working on a boo.. more..