2. Mind's play

2. Mind's play

A Chapter by pal

Mr. Henry had a great day at his office. A message from home had disturbed him. With lots of difficulty he managed reaching home.



So far;


1. “At the company’s meeting”; for Mr. Henry it was great day at his office.  The Joint venture meeting with his foreign delegates was a great success, in the end some thing happened when Ms Eli, his secretary whispered in his ears…


And now;

“Mind’s play”


He wasn’t himself any more.  That’s it, shell shocked and disconnected from his body, after what he heard from whispers of Ms Eli.


He was in car now.  Where the hell were the keys! Damn it. Oh!  He was frantically searching. Thanks God.  Why doesn’t car start! Is the battery OK!  He had of course preheated the engine well enough.  S**t, battery!!  No, he had recently replaced it.


When things start going bad for you, all happen at once.  As if the sky opens up, showering all at once.  You call it Karma or fate.  Who the hell cares, as far as Mr. Henry, he was lost this world’s reality.  But his efforts succeeded, the car did start in the end. 


He hit the road, trying to focus his mind on traffic ahead.  He is used to this madness, peak hour’s traffic.  He kept his car around 40 mph but his mind was racing much ahead, imagining the events that might have happened, or oh! He was lost again.  No, not again. Let me concentrate on the traffic, he said to himself. “Thanks to subconscious mind, doesn't it always operate even though your conscious mind is lost to reality!  Isn’t that a great relief, a gift from God to the humanity?”


He was driving, managing it very well, and watching signals well in time, observing all rules of the road.  He needed to be safe, especially at this moment of time and better be at home pretty soon, he thought.  His family was in distress, frantically waiting for him to help.  He didn’t want them to lose their hopes to live, that was his last wish, as he was cutting the last corner of the road ahead to his home.


..to be continued



© 2008 pal

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Added on September 4, 2008
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