Return to the Lake House Chapter 5

Return to the Lake House Chapter 5

A Chapter by Hannah Stone

As Kayla tells me about her Dad and Sam, she demonstrates on my gift the way her Dad's hand moved up and down on Sam's penis. I thought it would be really weird to see two guys doing that, but then I thought, I like touching girls. Would it be weird for a guy to see two girls touching? I have seen Kayla's Dad naked several times when we played The Game at their cottage and he was the judge, but we have never touched. I remember the way his hard penis looks. It's not huge but big around. I felt an ache inside me as I thought about being with my Dad. "What happened next?" I asked Kayla.

"I slipped quietly into Daddy's room and came up close to the bed. Sam and Daddy were so involved they didn't notice me. I knew that something was going to happen so I quickly removed my shorts and panties and tee shirt and climbed over on top of Sam. When Sam and Daddy realized it was me, they tried to cover themselves up. Sam said, "Kayla, what are you doing?" I said, "I'm not Kayla, Sam, I'm your daughter Samantha." He said, "Samantha? Samantha's only eleven!" I said, "That's right Daddy, I'm your eleven year old daughter Samantha. You've been thinking about me haven't you Daddy? You've noticed the new little bumps on my chest and the two little points my n*****s make in my tee shirt." Sam seemed confused. "No Samantha, I haven't been thinking about you that way." "Yes you have Daddy! And you're wondering if I'm starting to get little golden hairs on my private area too, aren't you? Well look Daddy I'm still completely bare down there."

Hearing Kayla tell me everything that happened made my mind race back to when I was eleven and Daddy and I showered together for the first time. The ache inside me grew stronger as Kayla continued.

Kayla said, "I looked over at my own Dad. He was just looking at me and he was still hard! Sam was still hard too! I rose up on my knees and I pressed Sam's hard penis up against me. "See Daddy how soft and bare I feel down there? Sam said, "No Samantha, no don't do this!" "But I need you Daddy. I need you, I need you inside me!!

Despite saying no, Sam was just getting bigger and harder! I pressed the tip of his penis to me. "Tell me you need me too Daddy." "No Samantha, no!" Then Sam groaned and said, "Yes Samantha I need you! You are all I have been thinking about! I need to hold you and touch you and â ¦." I didn't let Sam finish. I slowly slid down on his penis taking him completely inside me. I looked Sam directly in his eyes as I slowly moved up and down on him. "I need you Daddy, I need you Daddy!" Oh Hannah, I was so ready. I had been waiting so long for this moment! Sam was ready too. I couldn't wait any longer. I slid all the way down on Sam again just as I turned to my own Dad and said, "Daddy, I need you. I need you to give me everything!

© 2015 Hannah Stone

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Added on December 5, 2015
Last Updated on December 5, 2015
Tags: Father, Daughter, Relationship, Lesbian


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Hannah Stone

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