The head commissar

The head commissar

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of the book 'The remote control'.



‘She isn't as tough as they claim her to be, it seems.’  Remarked the jail commander to his guest, and switched off the intercom. They were both sitting in the commander's office. The guest sat at the head of the desk near the wall, occupying the commander's comfortable chair.

‘We can't know yet what she's capable of, it’s too early to draw any conclusions.’ His guest retorted. He was the head of the operation, the one who has chosen and assigned Lee Chen Woe to that certain job.  The scornful criticism of that young man's remark irritated and angered him. He had a deep dislike to those sleek and ambitious young men, who were ever so eager to remove anyone aside by any possible mean, to shorten their way to the top. No more than two seasons earlier, he was still heading the biggest net in Asia; their one and only source of reliable information from Saigon, the enemy's heart. While this efficient clerk, in whose comfortable office they were sitting right now never left Hanoi, from the day he was installed in this same office; or who knows, even never before �" all along his short career.

‘Where is she now?’ He asked dismissing angrily his irrelevant thoughts.

The commander switched on the intercom again, and passed on the question. ‘She's sitting on the stairs leading to the back-yard.’ The answer echoed against the office's bare walls.

‘Tell him to fetch her!’ The Head Commissar ordered. He has already read her file several times, but that was all he knew about her right now. What are files after all? No more than a few dry dubious facts and several opinions, of several people. The accuracy of such opinions, in most cases is rather doubtful. Nevertheless, she was his best choice and still is. There is no fault in her emerging that early, on the second day. It’s a hard and tedious task she is faced with; no one knows it better than him, not even Lee Chen Woe herself.

There was a slight knock on the office door and she was ushered in. As the door closed behind her she took a few steps forward and stood before them, bowing her head in obedience.

How extremely good looking she is! He did not realize it at all, though he did somehow have just a few glimpses of it before and haven’t given it enough thought. It can turn into a real threat! She might get into trouble very easily... To leave her among those young ruffians might be a fatal error, and the way this young man is ogling her! ‘Sit down comrade.’ He ordered her briefly, showing her to the chair opposite the jail commander, with a brisk movement of his hand. I must be very cautious, keep a watchful eye over her, being a half-caste makes her an easy prey. I'd better use her for my own ends, then let others use her as a weapon against myself.

‘Well, how do you find our operation’s subject, what are your first impressions?’ He asked her casting a warning glance at the jail commander.

‘He's very well prepared; I keep in mind your advice and adhere with strictness to your instructions, comrade commissar.’ She answered lowering her head again, obediently.

Exchanging a quick glance with the commander, he made an effort to hide his satisfaction. She was getting on fine no doubt, and above all, I can rely on her blindfolded. His revered title "head-commissar" was a practical joke; and a very old one, going back to his days in the resistance movement against the French. Long before the country was divided into North and South. Funny enough, It served him well that old joke, up to this very day. Few veterans like himself knew his real name, and his real occupation. ‘Have you encountered with any difficulties?’ He asked briskly.

‘There is one problem...’ She answered haltingly. ‘He expressed a wish to send a letter to his parents.’

‘Yes I know, it’s out of the question right now. We've no direct connections with the capitalists, but we'll arrange it somehow, through one of the neutral consulates. Do tell him he may write his letters, we'll find a way to dispatch his correspondence. Now back to your task. It’s his weaknesses you are to exploit, to deepen his dependence on you. But on the other hand, you’ll have to start building his faith in you. You must convince him, that you're his only ally. To begin with, make him believe that he is the only man in your life, the only one that counts; the only man that made you ever happy... Do it with patience and care, and don't ever dare to underestimate him. He has many useful qualities.’

© Haim Kadman 1991 �" all rights reserved.

© 2012 Haim Kadman

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Added on December 31, 2012
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Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman