The look

The look

A Story by Haim Kadman

A short romantic episode with an unexpected end.


The look

It isn’t the look it’s your egotistic behvior”.

That was the reason why she’s decided that he isn’t the right partner as far as she’s concerned; and this piece of critical info from his point of view, was written in her second notice, which she has written as a comment to his wish to see her again.

They’ve met just once for about some ninty minutes more or less, and had lunch in a popular restaurant, which she has chosen as the right place where they’ll learn to know each other.

It all started haphazardly as an outcome of a comment of his on her post, which she’s written in that certain dating site. In whch both of them were active members.

They’ve exchanged several polite notices, and two phone calls, in which he asked to meet her and she agreed.

He was aware to his two main disadvantages, he was some fifteen years older than her, and the second one is the way he looked. Two more disasvantages of his, were the fact that he didn’t own a car, and the distance he’s to cover in order to reach her. But he had no trouble at all to reach her. He told her that he’ll take the train, and she explained where to get off and there she’ll pick him up.

On the day when their date was supposed to take place, he took the train, got off and waited for her according to her detailed instructions.

She came to pick him up on foot, and her sweet smile and her good looks enchanted him already. He kept sneaking looks at her, as he walked beside her; and enjoyed the sound of her voice.

While they were having lunch at the restaurant, she seemed quite pleased to listen to his answers to her questions, and she did tell him a few things about her own life and doings. He was very encouraged and believed that she likes him, despite the gap of about fifteen years between the two of them.

While coffee was served she was restless... She wants to leave, he realized and though he wished to stay on, he summoned the waiter and asked him to fetch them the bill. He paid left a generous tip, and thus they could leave right away, and that was in fact what she wanted.

On their way to her parked car, and while riding in her car beside her;, she was rather taciturn, cold and indiffernt. When they reached the train terminal where he was supposed to leave her company; she stopped the car and uttered nonchallantly two words: ‘that’s it.’

He didn’t dare to ask her when he’ll see her again, he feared that she’ll say that it’s all over on the spot; and that he isn’t the one that she was looking for.

With repressing these thoughts he tried to engourage himself with the illusionary hope that he’ll see her again soon; while he was standing on the pavement watching the back of her car as she drove on and away from him.

In the almost empty train cabin on his way home, he kept reflecting on their meeting; trying to recollect the bits of conversation they had in that restaurant, and in her car afterwards, on their way to the train terminal. She was so affable during lunch, but cold and indifferent in her car just before parting. Although it was quite clear to him that it’s over and done with, he preffered to repress the unavoidable conclusion and hoped still and rather desperately to meet her again.

At the next evening he called her, but she did not answer; all he could do was to leave her a short message, in which he praised her good looks and her wisdom. Anther day passed with no sign of her, on the third day after his unanswered phone call he left her a written message at the dating site. This time she wrote back a declaration of accusations, that was the right definition to that message of hers; but as it was Friday night she ended it up with “a peaceful Shabbat”.

If she’s just angry though I don’t knows why, there’s still hope. He concluded encouraging himself a second time, and wrote to her back praising her, and adding how much he wishes to see her again.

Her comment this time was much harsher, and it was quite clear to him that she doesn’t wish to see him again.

It was a hard blow as he was in love with her already, but it wasn’t a blow he couldn’t live with; he was blue for about a week more or less, and with the passing time he got over it.

© Haim Kadman 2019 - all rights reserved.

© 2019 Haim Kadman

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Added on June 15, 2019
Last Updated on June 17, 2019
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Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman