A Story by Haim Kadman

A short story dealing with persistance and its outcome.



At one fifteen pm he dialed her number and waited imptiently to her anwer.

Hello my dawn glowing star how are you?’ He muttered as soon as he heard her voice.

I’m fine thanks,’ she answered him quite dryly. ‘And how are you?’ She went on with quite an effort to sound as politely as she could, but nevertheless it sounded as an indifferent question to him.

I miss you terribly my only one.’

I guess you do,’ was her indifferent answer, which alarmed him.

There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love you, my only one,,,.’

Talk to the point please.’ She cut him off in mid sentence.

Okay I’d like to see you again Lora.’

Haven’t I made myself clear at our last meeting?’

Yes you did dearest Lora, but it doesn’t mean that I must give up my hopes…

I’ll be very thankful it you’ll stop calling me, capish?

Alright I’ll let you be a day or two, but I’ll keep courting you the enchanting and exqusitely beautiful Lora, beacaus I love you my dearest one.’

She switched off her mobile not before she listened attentively to his romantic declaration.

Some twenty four hours later he called her again, and this time she did not say a word but she was listening.

There’s a dancing party at the Savoy tonigh, I thought of having dinner and then enjoy ourselves over there.’

And…?’ That was her one word answer, or rather her short inquiry in fact.

I’ll come to pick you up at seven pm.’

But you’ll have to drive me back home at the end of the party.’

That’s how it all started,’ he told his friend smiling. ‘I gave her my word and drove her back home at the end of the party, and after courting her over the next six weeks she became my constant date.’

And you deem youself as a most fortunate one I guess, are you still with her?’

Oh no I’m married to her best friend.’

@ Haim Kadman 2020 �" all rights reserved.

© 2020 Haim Kadman

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Added on June 13, 2020
Last Updated on June 13, 2020
Tags: prose, short, story, love, stir corting, persistnace


Haim Kadman
Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman

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A Story by Haim Kadman