The first meeting

The first meeting

A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapvter 2 of the espionage thriller "An irretreievable step".


The rirst meeting

An Irretrievable step

Chapter 2

He sat down on one of the two old armchairs in his small one room apartment, opposite the twenty five inches second hand TV screen, quite perturbed and undecided.

A few moments passed and he left his seat and went over to the phone, and dialed the number of his current date.

'Hello Tami, I'll be down in half an hour, okay?'

'Okay it might take me a few more moments, but don't despair…' She added with a short laugh.

They were going out over three months already; she had a rich daddy and her own car. A luxurious relationship it was, and a very convenient one from Seri's point of view; he was not in love with her, and he did not even know how long their relationship would last. That's why he refused to move to her spacious apartment, and asked her to be patient as his pretext was we've to know each other better first of all. He did not introduce her to his parents who live in the southern town of Beer Sheva, and he had no intention to meet her parents at this early stage of their relationship.

He took a cold shower, checked his beard growth in the mirror, changed and went down to be there five minutes earlier.

Cars were parked on both sides of the road, there was no free parking space, thus he had to be there and be ready to board her car at her arrival.

She picked him up on time and exchanged a quick kiss with him and just a few words too, and they drove to a restaurant that she chose for them.

'What's wrong Dudi?' She asked him over the desert a bit worried, was he tired of her she wondered. She was not a dazzling beauty but she was wise, and he enjoyed her company.

'Oh nothing at all,' he hastened to answer. 'I won't have a leave again in two weeks time, it bothers me.' He did not lie to her; he did not want to meet her next Thursday. He could not know how long would take the meeting with them, and even if it won't last long he had better not see her after it.

'We'll go straight to my place then?'

He nodded his head and a shade of a smile appeared on his pursued lips.

That's exactly what I need so badly right now, to clear my head. He thought relieved.

He summoned the waiter, paid and they left.

They undressed and made love in her darkened bedroom, she was still a bit prudish; he was her first one and with the few men that she dated before him, she just necked a bit and did nothing more.

Seri was lying wide awake beside his sleeping current love, buried in his thoughts. If at the beginning of their relationship he pondered whether she will be willing to share her life with an army field officer, he knew that from now on if he will agree to their offer, that problem would be multiplied ten folds more. But it was too early yet to decide the future of his relationship with Tami, he will have to know whether this job fits him at all or rather whether he fits such a job; and that's up to them to decide, while he does not know a thing about them yet and who they really are?

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© 2020 Haim Kadman

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Added on September 25, 2020
Last Updated on September 25, 2020
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Haim Kadman

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