The forced encounter

The forced encounter

A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 6 of the thriller "The Imperative U-turn".


Chapter 6

As he parked his car at the embassy’s small parking lot and got off, Ivan Serov the embassy’s press attache’ saw the first secretary standing at the embassy’s wide entrance. He did smell a rat but he went straight towards Igor Gorin smiling, as if he is happy to meet him.

The ambassador wants to see you, he’s expecting you right now in his office!’

Why what for Igor, do you’ve any idea why he wishes to see me so urgently?’

I’ve no idea dear Ivan, he may wish to know your opinion I guess, on matters that you’re dealing with.’

You’ll attend the meeting too I understand...’

That’s right Ivan let’s go.’ The first secretary answered him rather dryly, and led the way to the ambassador’s office.

Good morning and do sit down both of you.’ The ambassador welcomed his two guests briskly. Right after they sat down opposite him, he turned to Ivan the supposedly press attache’.

We’ve heard that you’re entertaining a cettain agent that arrived three days ago from Moscow, and we don’t have the slightest idea who he is; and why he was sent to join us, or rather to serve under your command.’

I do respect and I honor your authority sir, and the person that arrived three days ago is an agent as you sir have defined him; he’s under my strict command and in due time he will do what he’s supposed to do, and then he’ll return to Moscow sir.’

I see, but still I expect you to report in general terms what’s it all about; and whether it won’t compromise the status of our embassy.’

Nothing will compromise our embassy sir, whatever will take place if anything will take place; nothing will compromise our embassy sir, I can assure you sir that nothing will influence the status of our embassy.’

Thank you Ivan you may return to your duties now.’ The ambassador managed to say while clearing his throat with a note of embarrasment. He hoped to hear some more information from that young conceited man, which served apparantly under his supervision; but in fact was under the direct supevision of center, and thus he was free to do whatever center wished him to do. But he’s an inexperienced man, and I don’t understand what made them rely on that conceited young man.

Well Igor I think that there’s nothing that we can do to gain his trust, and still I’m afraid that if he’ll suceed or fail, he’ll get us in trouble with the state department...’

So what are we supposed to do sir?’ The disappointed first secretary asked, he had some hopes, when he led his colleague the press attache’ to meet the ambassador; but the unassuming manner in which the ambassador treated their press attache’ dispirited him.

I’ll see to it personally Igor as this young and conceited man worries me…’ The ambassador said as if he was thinking aloud. ‘But do go down to our communication chamber, and tell our technitions to connect me with center.’

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Added on November 30, 2020
Last Updated on November 30, 2020
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A Story by Haim Kadman

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