a welcome home poem for my 14 year old brother

a welcome home poem for my 14 year old brother

A Poem by Shapirta

I wrote this in fourth grade when my 14 year old brother came back from his school in miami.

I miss you

all I can say is just what I just said;

hope you enjoy your own comfy bed

coming here probably filled you with dread

(and writing this, my pencil just ran out of lead)

saying “I miss you” makes me go red

it’s snowing outside, lets go get on a sled

on wednsday in the pool, together we will tread

(ouch, got a paper cut. there I just bled)

here at home you will be showered and fed

to home, you were led

I (hopefully) will rush to give you bread

just like I said;

I’ll take some bread, and put on a spread

if you don’t come home, I will be dead

good books, hope you read

(this tissue I will shred)

cuz’ making up rhymes is a pain in the head

I think we got a new bedspread

wake up, my excitement awaits ahead

let’s celebrate with an airhead

(i just finished reading about the sorcer’s stone; it’s blood-red)

it’s still broken, the childbed

nothing’s new; still no cornbread

I wish we had a dog-sled

did you become an egg-head

(someone just called me a dumbhead)

sorry if you had to sleep on a flat bed

did you get a headache on your forehead

do you want to visit the ‘hog’s head’ in ‘hogsmead’

glad to say, I do not want a sister instead

(btw, do you sound like a lunkhead)

i hope this poem does not lead you to be misled

(not anymore, I act like a pinhead)

this did not get proofread

in the sun did you become a redhead

hope you weren’t underfed

in this poem, nothing get’s unsaid

hope this thing gets well-read

(btw, did you ever have a gingerbread)

please don't get overfed

or you're fatness will hurt the bed

this poem makes me feel like a dunderhead

say you missed me- go ahead!

wake up from the long car-ride, sleepyhead

(I made up my mind not to act like a knucklehead)

now we conclude, whatever I just said

© 2014 Shapirta

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Amazing write, I like the story and emotions of this piece
well done

Posted 9 Years Ago

seems like a story! very entertaining and well written!

Posted 9 Years Ago

That is super super brilliant! I never tried rhyming like that ...
Amazing.. I loved it Amy... :D
Thanks for sharing and making me smile... a big one
so what did he say?

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Haha that's confusing.. Firstly my sis wants to hv purple streaks too
And did I'm saying get a.. read more

8 Years Ago

haha. wow im old now. 12. matured a heck of a lot this past year

8 Years Ago

Haha, a year can be crazy change. Belated happy 12th year

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Added on November 9, 2014
Last Updated on November 9, 2014
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dude hi!, NY

i recently turned eleven, and for as long as i can remember, have always loved writing. haha wow. now im 12. time flies.. more..

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A Poem by Shapirta