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You don't know what you have till it's gone.

You don't know what you have till it's gone.

A Story by Paul

An evil force lurks the darkness to teach a girl a lesson..


 I see a girl. She's lost at night, she's unable to find home.

She's with out a soul and she's scared out of her mind. Her footprints

lead her to nowhere, they just lead her back to were she is started.

She senses vile energy from the night. She wants to find her beloved.
 It never did occur to her though that the solution is at her

finger tips. However, she cannot think for she is to selfish because

her main concern is to get out of the dark dark place.
 She woke up and there she was. On the dark corner, not in her

bed that she fell asleep in. She woke up to a crashing noice nearby

her. She tried to chase the noice down the darkened path but the noice

eventually died out. Everywhere she stood was pure darkness, darkness

that felt like oblivion. She muttered, "Is this hell, or am I dreaming.

What have I done wrong to diserve this madness. God, please set me

 All of the sudden a unseen force picked her up and swept her

off her feet, the force was so strong that her socks flew off. Then

after about thirty seconds after the wind had placed her gently on the

ground. Her eyes closed and she woke up again.
 There was light, the overpowering light nearly blinded her

beautiful green eyes. Her powerful words brought her not to where she

was before, but her vision was focused on the light.
 Yet.. another oblivion.
 Her head has been cleared from the darkness. She can now

remember the last thought she had before she fell asleep the night

before. Her powerful last thought was "Be proud of who you are, show

concern for others, love one another, and don't take life for granted".
 The suddenly, as if the wind surrounding her could here her

thoughts, the wind said
 "Get out!"
 Then yet another powerful wind blew her. She feel down on her

knees and cried and screamed.
 "What the hell do you want for me, I've never done no harm. Why

the hell does it have to be me, there are so many others that you can

devour, devour their soul and existance. I've been good, whatever I

done it will never happen again. Please, whomever you are, give me one

more chance so I can prove that I can be good." 
 The voice in the oblivion responded,
"dear child, you've preached these words many times before, you've lost

confidence? Will you honestly change to a better person? Will you lie,

will you lust for greed like you always do? You escaped your punishment

for far to long. Now you will be judged."
 The wind swept her off her feet and made her disappear. She

then awoke in her bed that she had fell asleep the night before.

Everything was set in place, her ticking alarm clock. Her dog was

sitting at the end of her bed. The book she was reading was on her

dresser half open. Her window, open. Her love, gone.
 "I want him back! I want him back! I'm sorry for my evil deeds!

Give him back!" She screamed.
 Nobody responded, she was alone.
 She got out of her bed then walk around in her house to find

her beloved, he wasn't there.
 She ran outside and screamed at the top of her lungs. No

existance was there. It was as if like all humanity, had disappeared.

No one was in sight, she was the only one there. Nobody heard her

voice, except herself.
 The clouds opened up in the dead city in the morning sky, then

the horrorifying face said.
 "You really don't know what you have until it's gone. You've

been a really evil creature. A bother to humanity. You stole money from

the worthy. Were selfish, and self-centered. You've made loved ones cry

over the little things. If you had of them back, would you still treat

them the same, or would you treat them like gold. Your loved ones I

mean. They loved you too, did you love them?"
 "Yes! I hate my soul! I want to change! Give me what is back

then I'll show you how much I care. I love my boyfriend. I love

everything I had!" the women said.
 "Then why did you treat them like garbage, like filth? What

made your actions come to be?" The face said.
 "Because.. because.. I hate the world! I hate the bad in the

world! All I can rely on is myself! Everybody lies! I can trust no

one!" she said.
 "You're a hypocrite. You're capable of love but you are

judgemental and ignorant! Why should I grant you your life back when

you're going to ruin it again?" the face said.
 "Because I won't be garbage, I won't be dirt, I won't be

ignorant and I won't be judgemental. I will be true. I will look at

things more clearer before I judge. I will love and I will respect! I

will be the best who I can be! Just watch me do it! I will proove you

wrong!" The women scream in hysterics.
 "I shall grant you one more chance and one chance ONLY! If you

blow it then the thing you love will vanish. I've granted you enough

chances! You will be in hell the next time we meet!" the face had said.
 The face disappeared in the clouds then with a flash! The women

was on the road she was screaming on. Cars passed her by, humans were

walking on the side walks, walking their dogs. The town she was in was

now bussiling again. She had once again felt alive again, and happy.

From that day on, she new that "you don't know what you have until it's

gone". 'Cause it can dissappear from you in just a blink of an eye..

© 2010 Paul

Author's Note

There maybe some errors of many sorts.

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Like me....
I know I had something good... but there was something inside of me... and I lost.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on December 25, 2010
Last Updated on December 25, 2010



Never gonna tell, IN

Get to know me through my writing, you'll know more about me from that than this pointless "about me". more..

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