A Chapter by J.Keyes

Many wonder, who or what is Demp? The answer could not be simply given for many reasons, the main one being that no one has actually seen it. Or him. Or her. Whatever he/she/it is. No one knows, but many have theorized.

   One professor at Columbia described Demp as the unknown species of our time. Demp is an enigma, a myth, a fairy tale. Some agree, but in one small town in Kansas called Mystic Hills, one ten year old named Sam Deacon Jr.(who goes by Sammy), has seen the truth, and it wasn’t what the world expected. It all starts with a lonely soul looking to find a new friend.

   Being the youngest of two brothers and three sisters, Sammy has had his fair share of rejection when it came to hanging out with them.

   “You’re too young to play with us, sorry Sammy.”

   “Get away from me you little twerp.”

   “Why don’t you just go on home and help Mommy bake cookies, okay?”

   He heard it all. Each rejection was more painful than the one before. If they would have said it nicely, it might be different. But even when they were, they talked to him like he was a little baby. This didn’t make him feel much better, but he could always rely on mom and dad to lift his spirits.

   “Hey, sport. Let’s go get some ice cream.” his dad would say.

   “Why don’t we go watch a movie, okay Sweetie?” his mom would say.

   He had had enough. He wasn’t too young to do anything and he was going to prove it. His heart was set on proving everyone wrong once and for all.

   But first, he had to take a nap. It was a long day.


   The first thing Sammy noticed when he woke up was that he felt a bit taller. That’s because he was by at least four feet. His bed now seemed small and his head almost touched the ceiling.

   “What is going on?” he wondered to himself.

   Sammy felt two emotions, joy at being so tall, and fear of what else might have changed. His heart was racing fast. It felt like his heart was going to pop right out of his chest.

   “I have to control myself.” He said.

   Something else felt strange. He looked around; searching for what was so different. When the reality hit him, Sammy felt a little dumb for not noticing it before. It was so obvious that no one could miss it.

   Except Sammy.

   What he finally realized was that he was in a completely different room. It seemed more like a hut, with a low ceiling and oval-shaped windows. He could see through the roof and at the bright sky above. A light shone through like none he’d ever seen before. The sky was calm and full of sunshine.

   Looking back into the hut, Sammy noticed that the room looked kind of nice. Beautiful flowers were on the window sills and seemed to sprout out of the ground.

   “Where am I?”

   There was only one way to find. So Sammy brought forth all his courage, took a deep breath, walked across the hut, and opened the door.

© 2010 J.Keyes

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Added on June 1, 2010
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Kent, WA

My real name is Marquis. I've recently turned 18, I've enjoyed writing for a very long time and have wanted the opportunity to have my stories read and get feedback. Any and all feedback you can give.. more..

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