A Chapter by J.Keyes

What he saw made his jaw drop. Nothing could’ve prepared him for what he saw.

   The first thing he noticed was that he was in the middle of a clearing, but he wasn’t alone. There were many other huts like the one he was just in that seemed to go as far as the eye could see.


   “Quite breathtaking, isn’t it?” came a voice to his right.

   Sammy jumped back in surprise and looked to his right. Standing there, only about three feet tall, was an elf. His long, wispy mustache swayed with the wind. He had pointy shoes on, along with a green magician’s hat and a nice, green jacket.

   “Wh-wh-wh-who are you?” Sammy asked in terror.

   “I am Ezpecio, your guard.”

   “My guard? But you’re only…” Sammy started.

   “What? I’m small? Tiny? An elf? What is it about me that would make you think I can’t be a guard?”

    Sammy decided to choose his words carefully so as not to upset the elf anymore. He had to know where he was, after all.

   “No, it’s just, you seem so nice. I just couldn’t see you hurting someone. Not that you couldn’t, but you look like you’re too nice to do so.”

    The elf named Ezpecio gave a short chuckle and a grin crossed his face.

   “Thank you kindly. But I’ll have you know, I am among the toughest elves in this whole land.”

   Ezpecio’s voice seemed to calm something in Sammy and he felt less terrified.

   “What am I doing here? Where is ‘here’?”

   “You are in a place called Mireldo, one of the finest places in all of Carhena.”

   “Mireldo? Carhena? Why am I here?” Sammy was confused.

   “You are here because you have wished to have a friend. Someone who actually listens to you, perhaps?”

   Sammy had to admit, he was quite impressed. Ezpecio seemed to have had some kind of confidence, not a lot, but enough to know he meant business.

   “Well, I guess that would be nice.”

   “Of course it would! Friends are important to one’s development, and sometimes learning. You need someone who’ll care what you’re going through. Someone who can sympathize. I know just the person!”

   Ezpecio grew a grand smile that said he did indeed have the perfect person. Sammy was a little bit nervous, but even more excited to see who his new friend would be.

   So, he followed Ezpecio to a place called Davazend, the biggest city in the whole place. It was only a few miles from where they were, so they got to walk and get to know each other. Talking came easy because Ezpecio was always keeping the conversation going. He seemed as excited as Sammy to have met someone new.

   “So, how long have you lived here, Ezpecio? Do you have family here?”

   “My ancestors lived here over two centuries ago. We have lived here ever since, and I was born about seventy-five years ago. I live with my mother, father, five brothers and four sisters. I am also the youngest, which is why I get to venture around so much.”

   “You were born seventy-five years ago? That’s amazing! You only look about… well, my age. One thing we have in common is that we’re the youngest kids. Is it hard being the youngest? Do your siblings give you a hard time?”

   “Oh no, we all treat each other like, well, a family. Sure we have arguments, but there’s nothing we can’t fix around here. How about you? I bet humans are closer than anyone.”

   “Not really. I always get the feeling my brothers and sisters don’t like me very much. I’m just an annoying little brat to them, but that’s not who I am at all. I don’t know, it makes me kinda sad sometimes.”

   Ezpecio took a moment to take that all in, a thoughtful look on his face.

   “That is why you are here. We all know who you really are, and we know that you have a kind heart. That’s hard to find, young Sam, don’t forget that. That is why we are glad to have you.”

   “Wait, who is “we”? How do you know who I am? What’s going on, why am I here?”

  “ Ah, young Sam, that is the underlying question here. You will find out soon why you are here. All of your answers will be answered. Young Sam, prepare to be amazed, because we are here.”

© 2010 J.Keyes

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My real name is Marquis. I've recently turned 18, I've enjoyed writing for a very long time and have wanted the opportunity to have my stories read and get feedback. Any and all feedback you can give.. more..

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