The Journey

The Journey

A Chapter by N.G

The Journey (not finished)

"Lets run through the forest." said Kielsian, his face was cold, it concealed all his emotions. Ace knew that Kielsian was going to miss the peace that they had achieved, living in Grandmor. He made to hide his sword but Kielsian yelled "No don't hide it, seconds could save you from a life or death situation."

"Okkkkkkkk..." responded Ace just as loudly, unseathing his sword and running as hard as he could towords the center of the forest at the same to time. He could smell the Immortal Army, the Army was approaching fast.

"Stopp"Ace looked back and could see a bunch of Immortal Warriors, all of them wearing dark grey cloaks and holding swords lightly like they were toys. Running harder than ever Ace dashed in front of Kielsian and slipped on a wet leaf, Kielsian ran into Ace's right sholder which now felt like it was broken. Kielsian got off of Ace and swore, the three Immortals were right behind them. Ace followed Kielsians lead

"You had us chasing you for a while, I think the last town you were in was Zaroack right?" the largest immortal said, with a bored sounding voice. "You could just turn yourself in and save yourself the pain of battle." He finished in the same tone.

"Ace run for it when I say, but wait till I say" whispered Kielsian just loud enough for him to hear.

© 2009 N.G

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You need to finsh this book....your leaving me wondering whats next.
so please hurry

Posted 10 Years Ago

Is this chapter finished?

The second was so long and detailed...this succinct and pointed. Never mind, I see the parenthesis statement now. I'll wait till it's done.

Thanks again-


Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 9, 2009



Calgary, Canada

I'm 16 and I live In Calgary more..

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