The Garden

The Garden

A Poem by JRB

She was relieved to walk away feeling pain not for herself


With the garden before her a young woman stood
In parallel to her equal truthfully expressing
Her new-found independence
From a duality of blind compliance
 An unwarranted supremacy of a singularity


She did this In the light of her awareness
Exposing her soul while offering herself
In her spirit of illumination
An attraction of equals
Was the sight within her vision


A thought of truth denied by none
Why should she believe other
When this knowledge
Although, it was there for all to pay witness to
Was not meant to be so


In the forefront, of her experience
What she saw as her life
Another would soon see
As the death of her existence
What she saw as her immortality


Within her truth another was about to see it
As her immaturity surrounded by her actuality
As she walked forward towards the lake
Of inner reflection
And gazed into the forest of enlightenment


She did so side by side
Hand and hand with her life
With her equal in which would soon
Become her passing
She was striding towards her consciousness


Unfiltered and for the moment
Unaware that she was intentionally led astray
She was being given the wrong impression
About her self-determination
Of equality


Not just by the one which held her hand
Stood by her side in the being of their journey
But also by the one
That joined them together
As one, being two


Her choice not yet made
From deep within her intuition
Would soon be her future
Not yet perceived
As her past


She started to notice that the lake
The forest and even the garden
Where not as bright as with first sight
For now the forest seem to shade its self
In an approaching darkness


Casting its shadow upon her
The lake appeared to become
Aggressive in its nature
The waves of confusion
Where slashing upon the shores of doubt


As for the gardens growth
It was slowing coming to a halt
Flourishing with the ending sequence
Of autumn thrust upon it
For now, her equal had dropped her hand


And no longer was standing by her side
Instead, he walked ahead of her
Towards the sentinel of change
Openly as if, they knew
Of its existence before her


Then the words of her equal
Soon become iron rods of her acceptance
Without choice responsibility converted its self
Into a duty split and assigned without request
Demand became the nature of her equal might was its enforcer


She spoke softly with an open heart of mind
Clarity of spirit
Yet her words became echoes
Falling silently in the end
Her equal gave no consideration


As to those inner strengths within her thoughts
The outward motivations
In her actions and the privileges behind her choices
She saw no future in this vision
Needed no scenery of its past


She had no alternative
For she found consciousness
In those moments of inner reflection
Preferred to fellow its enlightenment
In her judgment of belief


She knew that she could not leave behind
That which was not meant to be left
As she walked away from this pending garden
With no regrets
Her original hopes still induced in her being


She soon would be facing a new garden of opportunities
It’s awaiting horizons
The gardens are many
While wondering upon this inner journey
In the search of her truth in equality


She knows in her spirit of soul
There will be one in the distance
With its higher mountains to declare
This was now her aspiration
Unwontedly she turned back to notice


Her equal binding the enclosure perceived to deceive
With sadness in her eyes but not her heart
She was relieved to walk away feeling pain not for herself
But rather for the next sightseers to this garden of lost paradise
Where equality is not yet distinguished


She contemplated for a moment
As she looked forward once again
Leaving her footsteps as her memories
Why could her equal not see what she saw
Truth in her equality


Or the woman she was in her independence
This stood before him openly
Freely and sincerely
Even more so
How could he see not


What she was not
Nor could ever be
So openly
While holding with his false sight



Copyrights Reserved
The Garden

© 2012 JRB

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this was a tender yet strong piece of one's self realization...I conceived it as a woman whose partner couldn't accept her as his she walks away leaving this garden forever...since so many other gardens will come her way...her reflection offered her self comprehension endowing her with the strength of beginning a new search again...the quest of equality...very endearing!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Inspiring poem. I found it a bit difficult at times to connect with the imagery, but it wove together nicely by the end. Beautiful, well laid out concept. Uplifting and inspiring.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Empowering and longing for acceptance to know when to walk away. Thumbs up

Posted 10 Years Ago

Hmm. Very Descriptive JRB. Interesting Dynamic. I love pieces of transformation. Also, I love the lines and height of this poem. Revelry into one's own individuality and acceptance of quite genius. Wonderful poem..thanks for sharing.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Very deep and very beautiful !! Wonderfully penned !! loved this !!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Amazing write.. I love it :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Hand and hand with her life

that was the standout line for me. Exceptional write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Loved the last couple of verses, they just seemed to provide a breath of air to the reader after following this independence walk through life's garden. Well written piece filled with so many wonderful phrases and your imagery blows one away!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Beautiful poem! Really nice word flow! I really love the last stanza, especially the last two verses! Nice job!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Really inspiring.. Simply Beautiful!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Beautiful....very very very beautiful...i'm just speechless...

Posted 12 Years Ago

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To my writes, I have been told that my writings, relate to the poetic styles of, John Donne, George Herbert, and many other early 17th-century English poets. By believing that enlightenment c.. more..

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A Poem by JRB

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