Goodbye-Chpt. 1

Goodbye-Chpt. 1

A Chapter by LivingHope.

Adriel was surprised that the party wasn't going on as long as most on a Friday night. Her brother, Dawson, was home from college for the weekend. He was a sophomore at Dartmouth, majoring in English and Literature.


 It wasn’t like the parties that Adriel went to on occasion with Dawson at the Dartmouth campus, or even around their bustling New Hampshire neighborhood. It was just a large group of really close friends hanging out, eating, and talking. Dawson and Adriel were so in tune with each other. They had a strong relationship, one that did include arguing and teasing, but only because they love each other to not hold a grudge or get upset.


Adriel sat on the counter, a greasy piece of spinach pizza on a paper plate sitting in her lap. In the living room, the radio played a CD with a massive amount of songs on it that only Dawson knew the words to. She and her two friends, Tao and Cass talked about the end of school that was quickly approaching in just a week and a half. Finals were almost over, and all the time they spent at school was almost a complete waste, for they were done learning anything useful.



“And I’m not like the others
I’m not one of your games,
That failed to learn a lesson.
So this is goodbye, and you’ll
Be sorry, if you see me again.”
“You’re brother is such an amazing singer.” Cass said, her voice dreamy and far-away. Dawson slipped into the kitchen, humming along. He smiled, and kissed Cass on the cheek.
“Why thank you Cass. At least somebody appreciates my talent.” Dawson stated, turning the spotlight on Adriel. Adriel flushed fire hydrant red, her coppery curls spilling over her shoulder. She laughed wholeheartedly in unison with Dawson and the others. The conversation quickly switched to something else, and Adriel studied her brother. He had similar appearances to her, except that his hair took after their father, and his eyes after their mother. His long and curly chestnut hair and eyes like crushed pine leaves were the opposite of Adriel’s red locks and inquisitive hazel eyes.


Adriel set the empty plate beside her on the counter space and closed her eyes. Dawson and Cass had drifted into the living room and were sitting on couch talking loudly with lots of energy. Tao sat beside her quietly, and she squeezed his hand.


“What’s wrong?” Adriel asked, opening her eyes again.


“Huh? Oh, nothing. Just stressed from finals I guess.” he answered, his aqua blue eyes wandering around the kitchen. “Why?”


“You’ve just been really quiet lately. I didn’t know if something was going on at home, or with you and Silvienne. Is there?”


Tao chuckled, and then the seriousness returned to his countenance. “Mom and Dally got into it last night and Dally ran off to Dad’s apartment. Mom is really upset. But there’s nothing I can do for her anymore. Dally is still trying to cope with the divorce, and Mom keeps ragging on her. Sometimes it just feels never-ending.” Dally, Tao’s fourteen year old sister, was the youngest of the three Saunders children. She was a brilliant and hard working girl and was very emotional when somebody talked about death and separation.


“I’m sorry. You can stay over if you want. Dawson’s sleeping in his old bedroom tonight, and you can have the basement like usual.”


“Nah, it’s alright. I just feel sorry for Dally is all. She’s too young to have to deal with the divorce.” Tao said, hopping off the corner. “I should probably go talk to her. She was calling me earlier. I’ll see you tomorrow maybe?”


“Sure.” Adriel said, smiling with concern. Tao grabbed his jacket and went out the kitchen door that led to the driveway. She sighed softly, and began cleaning up the paper plates that other friend’s of hers had left behind. Once the kitchen was back to normal, Adriel floated into the living room, and sat down in the arm chair diagonal from the couch. Dawson smiled at her, and continued talking animatedly about a book that he and Cass were both reading.




“I don’t see why we can’t go to the earlier time for the movie Dawson.” Adriel said the next morning, sitting down to a bowl of Cheerios.


“I want to spend the day with Mom and Dad, and then this evening it’ll just be me and you little sister.” Dawson ruffled her hair and put a big spoonful of Cheerios in his mouth. He grinned, his blue eyes flashing.


Adriel stood in her bathroom, her flat iron and curler sitting on the counter in front of her. She applied a little bit of makeup while waiting for the things to heat up. The flat iron beeped, and Adriel began straightening a chunk of silky red hair. Once she finished, Adriel curled a few pieces of hair and curled the bottom, making it look like it was naturally that way.


Adriel spent the day shopping with Cass, going to the popular shopping center a few blocks away from her neighborhood. They ate lunch at a small noodle shop, and Cass chattered like a mockingbird, never stopping. She was going on about her new boyfriend that she was going to see the next day. Adriel was antsy, ready for the movie with her brother.


"Hey Cass, do you mind if I leave a little early? I know you wanted me to come to that new dress store, but I'm just not that into it anymore." Adriel asked, sipping on her small soda. Cass glanced at her, concern written in her small features.


"Are you alright? Are you sick?"


"No, it's just a little headache. I'll be fine."


"Sure. I don't mind at all. I'm getting kind of tired anyway. I can probably wear something that I bought today for tomorrow night. Thanks for your help."


"No problem. Thank you Cass." Adriel said, picking up her purse and leaving.




"Two tickets for Fighting at 8:30 please." Dawson said, forking over a twenty dollar bill. He grinned over his shoulder at Adriel as they entered theatre number 26. She caught up to him, her flip flops slapping against the floor. They purchased a large popcorn to share, and two large sodas, one Dr. Pepper, and one Diet Coke. As they sat down in the theatre, Adriel sipped her Dr. Pepper, and turned her phone off. The movie started.


"I can get you 5000 dollars. Ah, see, that sparked your interest."


"If I lose, you'll know who to bet on next time."


Adriel wiped a stray tear from her left eye with the back of her hand. Dawson smiled at her, and gave her a side ways hug. The siblings shuffled out of the theatre, and outside where they disposed of their empty popcorn bag.


They rode in Dawson's truck, driving around the downtown area where all the other high school kids Adriel's age hung out on Saturday nights.

© 2009 LivingHope.

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hey there, i was reading, and about mid way through this i realized it sounded extremely familiar. Like i had read it before, and some of the things the characters were saying seemed exactly like what i read once before. Have you posted this on the bathroom wall on Facebook before? if so, i remember this a little.

ps-so far its good : ) write more [i didn't get a chance to read it on fb if it was in fact there lol]

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is really good. I like their close relationship. It's sweet. I hope you write more :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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