An encounter.

An encounter.

A Story by Hiraeth

It's always hard to have an encounter with an ex but sometimes you need to get through with it.

I smiled as I saw you walked inside one of our favorite restaurants in the crowded city.
This is one of our favorites because of its quaint environment which made us imagine that we were dating during the 70's.
You look so bright and beautiful as always, wearing that pink dress of yours i really love seeing you in.
You were so busy looking for a familiar face in this restaurant that you did not see me looking at you, smiling.

As I was about to raise my hand to give you a wave,
I saw you smile and I can feel my heart miss a beat.
I always loved seeing you smile because you are one of those girls that have a pricey smile.
You beamed up a radiant glow across the restaurant as you walked towards my direction.

There was a man a few tables away from me that stood up to welcome you in a welcoming embrace.
I froze and remembered we aren't together anymore.
You made it clear the night you told me that our relationship is not going to work out the way it used to.
You made it clear that night that  you lost all the love you have for me.

I just sat there unable to take my eyes off the two of you together.
I just looked at you and how happy you look with him,how your eyes light up when you look at him, the same way you looked at me when you're still madly in love with me.
I know you so well that I know you always pretend to look at the menu even if you already know what you are going to have.
-It's always pancakes with honey and bacon.

I sat there feeling my heart breaking. A few moments later, I finally got the courage to take my eyes off the both of you and my I started tapping my heart out on my laptop's keyboard.
-And while I was typing, I realized that while you were busy enjoying your new life with another person,I am still stuck with thoughts of you.
I am still writing about you, about what could've been, about my what if's, about what we used to have.
I told myself to stop writing about you, that I should let you and our memories together go, and that I should move on too. So before I stab myself with a fork, I shut my laptop off and got ready to leave.

And while I was leaving I gave you a last glance and I noticed that you got a different food on your plate.
It was not pancakes and bacon anymore.
And it hit me like a moving truck,I realized you were the splitting image of the woman I used to love
but you are no longer the same woman I was madly in love with.

© 2017 Hiraeth

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Metaphoric in nature, expression of how we grow and change...
We are different people with different people...

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

I love what you said about how we are different with different people. thank you for that, I was ins.. read more
If this is a real story then I'm so sorry, seems like a real heartbreak

good job, keep writing!

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Really beautiful
i love your work

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on May 16, 2017
Last Updated on May 22, 2017
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