Your name

Your name

A Poem by Lilaa

Your name still lingers
around my throat, itching
for my vocals to chant your
name out like you were never 
missing in the first place, my 
mind a wonderland of emotions
each emotion pushing me closer
to the deadliest illness which is 
your love.

You carried a persona, a wheelbarrow 
of lies, a backpack of baits you created 
the camp inside my heart, made yourself
at home while you watched me quaver 
to your every command, your lips tasting 
like the sweetest lemon and your voice
sounding so heavenly that I praised the 
words you created, the way your tongue 
rolled whilst forming the words "I love you",
made me feel like no man will be able 
to curve those words like you.

I chose the grisly Apple from the tree,
the apple I thought to be complete, the
apple that held so much potential, yet 
presented itself to be the ripest, for it to
only have been the most repulsive taste.

Your name will always linger, your memory 
will always wonder abouts in this empty room,
your name will always find its way back to me, 
no matter how hard I try, your name will roll
back into my mind, into my day like a fly that 
just won't go away.

But you will go away, I happen to hold an extra can of
fly spray for special occasions. 

© 2016 Lilaa

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I enjoyed this read, I love the meaning behind this poem.
Some people you know are bad for you, but there like a drug and you can't stop going back.
I loved the ending made me laugh.
Well written keep on writing :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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I can feel your emotion. You write with your heart I can tell.
Very emotional read, well penned.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on January 10, 2016
Last Updated on January 10, 2016



No city, No region , Australia

just experimenting with my words. more..

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