Kinetic World: Chapter 10

Kinetic World: Chapter 10

A Chapter by Prototato

Kat and I walked into the kitchen, and I sort of lingered while she made us some food.
And by ‘make’, I mean she practically threw a bowl of dry Frosted Flakes at me with an orange thrown in the middle of it.
“You’re lucky I like dry cereal.” She turned around with her own bowl of dry Cocoa Puffs. “I’m lucky I like dry cereal, too; my mom’s lactose intolerant, so we have no milk in the house.” She eyed me up and down. “You know, this is the first time I’ve seen you without your glasses.”
I almost shrugged - until I realized that’s what she meant.
“F**K! I… I-I can’t see without them!” I looked around, being able to see perfectly. “I… I can’t…”
“You had a mild lazy eye; your left. That’s why you needed prisms.”
“But how-”
She gave me a look of sarcastic disbelief, and I facepalmed. “Of course. Hemomancer.”
“So… you healed my vision.”
“Even though I could have accidentally blown you up.”
“And despite the fact that I nearly made it look like you had a sexcapade.”
“...To your mom.”
She nodded. “Yeah.”
She grinned. “Not a problem.” She took a mighty spoonful from her bowl and, as she munched away, muttered, “Could have lived without the damages.”
I shrugged, and mauled my breakfest with surprising speed, even for me. All was silent for a little while, and I started to wonder what I was going to do for the future. I leaned against the wall in silence, and finally decided to break the silence.
“What’s your name?”
Kat started to speak, and I stopped her.
“Don’t even say, ‘It’s Kat, silly.’ I know that isn’t your real name; you aren’t that obvious.”
She was silent.
“I swear to god.” I groaned theatrically and loudly. “Dasken. Mine is Dasken. Last name no longer matters.”
I sighed. “Fine. Be a mysterious stranger. I can’t stay here, anyways; I’ve caused enough trouble here already, and who knows how many people I put at risk.”
I looked up.
“My name is Darcy in real life.”
I smiled. “Fitting. A nice name for a nice girl.”
She smiled back. “Your name isn’t half bad, either. It is really odd, though; what does it mean?” I looked back at her. “It means ‘Mother’ in Draconic. I don’t know if my father did that on purpose, but he did name me and, as far as I know, he was never the fantasy-mythos kinda guy.”
“You could probably stay here. I have no idea how.” She said. I shook my head. “You could tell your mother that I’m a friend who needs a place to stay, due to an abusive mother. When I need to leave, I can say that I got word back from my dad saying that all is good; they got divorced. Get off scotch-free.” She nodded. “Damn, you’re good.”
“I try.” I scratched the back of my head. “So… I gotta go back to my house to get a few things… if that thing’s still there, then I’d feel better if it was just me who’s there. You stay here and, if I’m not back by dusk, come get me.”
She nodded. “Come back soon.”
I gave her a sarcastic look. “Nah, I’m gonna stage my death for your birthday in however many months.” I turned and left, and heard the door close lightly behind me.
As I approached my house, I noticed something odd; there was smoke arising from the kitchen window. I wondered which household appliance spontaneously combusted, then I noticed something.
A light blue flame was flickering out the window, and I smelled strong sulfur. I immediately thought of a burning body, but wondered who the hell could have killed someone in the house without another person being-
I realized what must have happened. Someone made their way into the house and killed the abomination. I gently grabbed the doorknob, and slowly turned it. I had originally planned on destroying the building completely after retreiving all money and long-lasting food, as well as anything that could be sold and anything of sentimental value.
When I walked in, I saw one of the most horrific scenes I could possibly imagine, perhaps even exceeding this limitation.
Laying, mangled and bloody yet breathing, was a girl, 17 years old and wearing jeans and a blue jacket. She had blue-grey eyes and lighter brown hair, and appeared to be about 5’10” or so. Her clothes were ripped and torn, and laying a few feet away was the burning corpse of the beast, bones already visible and splintered, charred and insides unfurled all across the floor. The girl seemed to have several wounds, and didn’t seem to acknowledge me in any way. I looked around, curious as to what drove her to come here, and decided to collect only the food. Once that was done, I checked on her again.
This time, she was looking at me.
I lost my s**t and tossed the bag I was collecting food in to the side, careful not to break anything. I ran over to her, and looked at the gory scene while shoving the nausea and tears down as far as possible. I looked at the sky; the sun was just starting to set. I cursed under my breath. “Sta- uh, hold onto life, don’t go into the light, et cetera.”
I walked to the entrance of my house and launched, as hard as I could, into the sky in the direction of Darcy’s house. I got there within five minutes and, becoming alightly pale, saw Darcy walking out the door, and I immediately swooped down, picked her up, and launched towards my house again as fast as possible.
Of course, she started screaming and, the way I was holding her, she was screaming high-pitched and as loud as she seemingly could directly into my ear. I didn’t even flinch and landed back at my house in another five minutes.
Darcy started to pummel me, but I didn’t move. She tried to launch me, but only sent me a few feet. I flicked my wrist, and she was sent forward a few feet. “WHAT THE ACTUAL MOTHERFUCKING HELL, YOU A*****E!?” I pointed towards the open doorway. “WHAT IS I-oh, my god.” She uttered, finally realizing the situation. She ran in, and leaned over the girl. Impressed at her lack of nausea at the gruesome sight until realizing she was still a hemomancer, I watched in awe as the girls’ limbs slowly regathered and healed themselves over. The damage was so severe that it took at least an hour, if not more and, as a final flourish while panting and pale, Darcy removed all the blood from the girl’s clothing and threw it straight down the sink drain in the nearby kitchen. The girl on the floor coughed and sputtered after a moment, and Darcy fell to her knees. I walked over and supported her, still pale and panting myself. She looked at the two of us, and blinked. She lifted her left arm and inspected it closely, then her right arm, then each leg individually, then moved each limb. She took off and inspected her jacket, put it back on, and looked at us.
“You two - that thing was - what..?” She muttered.
Darcy sighed and face-planted on the carpet. I put her back into a kneeling position, and she began to wobble forward and back unsteadily.
“I have no idea,” I responded, “But who the f**k are you, what are you doing in my house, how did you kill that thing, and why are you surprised since you’re a pyrokinetic?”
She put up a hand, then lifted her index finger and opened her mouth to speak before it closed immediately.
“I, uh…”
“Start talking.” I cracked my knuckles, and an explosive orb launched not one foot away from her, annihilating the carpet and half of my dad’s favorite chair. “I may be able to fly at 30 miles per hour, but it doesn’t wear me out too much.”
She put her hands up, and flames erupted from them. “You got me. Looks like we both have explaining to do. Ever hear of Rich or Ajuka from KRYO?”
I put my hands together. “Looks like we have a lot to discuss.”

© 2017 Prototato

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