The untold tale of Robert Darcy

The untold tale of Robert Darcy

A Story by Valkyrie Warrior

Inspired by a contest


      July 7th, 1796.

Jane Austen awoke at 7 am, the sun slanting through the crack in her heavy curtains. She stretched, her fingers grazing the mahogany headboard. It took her several moments to realise that she was alone in the bed.

Beside her the pillow was still flat and slightly warm, indicating that Robert had, only moments before, left the bed.

Jane listened, her ears pricked to the silence of the house.

Then she heard it, the faint sound of running water, Robert must be in the bathroom.

Jane chuckled at his boldness, for, if he were discovered it would be a hard tale to tell.

She got up, pulling her robe from the floor, where she discarded it the night before, and opening her door quietly. She creep down the passage towards the bathroom, avoiding the creaking floorboards as she had learnt to as a child.

When she reached the door she turned the handle as quietly as possible and let herself into the unlocked bathroom.

Robert stood by the sink, his back to Jane. He was still naked, his dark hair dishevelled, making him look even more boyish. Jane admired the smooth, taut muscles in his back as he bent over the sink.

He turned off the tap and looked in the mirror, for the first time noticing Jane.

“Hello dearest” Robert said, turning to face her, his voice low.

He was a daringly handsome youth, tall for his 19 years, with farm boy bronzed skin, and blue violet eyes that twinkled in a cocky, mischievous way when he smiled, as he did now.

“You’re brave coming here” Jane whispered, taking a step towards him, “Imagine my father come across a strange and babe naked boy in our bathroom at this hour”.

Robert chuckled, a deep sound that brought shivers to Jane’s skin. He closed the distance between them. They were now chest to chest, the top of Jane’s head level with Roberts chin. He slipped his hands beneath her robe and placed them on her hips, his long fingers gently closed on the jutting bone.

“The truth is” Robert whispered, leaning close to Jane’s ear, his breath hot on her neck, “I am brave to do any of this”

Then he kissed her, his mouth finding first her lips, then her jawline, then her throat. Jane couldn’t help but sigh in bliss at his touch. Robert stooped lower, his mouth finding her collarbone, but Jane clasped her hands under his chin, preventing him from going lower.

“Robert, stop” she murmured, “the door isn’t even locked and my father will be up any minute’.

Robert let made a noise somewhere between a sigh and a growl and straightened up, removing his hands from her hips as he did so.

“You are right as always dear” he sighed, “the morn does grow late in hours and I am expected back at the farm in time to bring the cows in”.

The he was gone, not a kiss to make the parting sweeter, not a word of promise.

He just left Jane, in her half opened bathrobe, and the faint smell of hay.

Very Interesting

Oct 7, 2015

© 2015 Valkyrie Warrior

Author's Note

Valkyrie Warrior
Tell me if I have made any mistake, it is a raw draft.

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that is very interesting, u set up the story in a time period, it makes it even better, I cant wait to read more of it )

Posted 8 Years Ago

Valkyrie Warrior

8 Years Ago

I hate to disappoint you Justin, but that's the end! Thanks for the review!!!!!

8 Years Ago

your welcome, it is something that u can build off :)

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Valkyrie Warrior
Valkyrie Warrior

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Hello again I have decided to return to this community for real this time. Sorry to all those who sent me read requests, I am getting on to those as you read this :) more..