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A Satire of Genesis

A Satire of Genesis

A Story by Czar Lyrus

Exactly as the title suggests. Please keep an open mind, the author doesn't care how you feel about the poem.


            In the beginning of the universe, there existed two beings. They kept the balance of the universe bound tight, as they were opposites of each other, as white and black and night and day. The elder one was named Therium. He was tall, grand, and mighty with a long, white beard that commanded majesty. The other was Lyrus, a younger, beautiful youth whose charisma could charm anyone. As they traversed the grand Void, they quickly became bored. The Void was empty, and obviously there was nothing to do. After many hours of consideration and planning, they decided to do something about it.

            On the first day, Therium experimented at first with many different ideas, and soon created a giant flaming ball, which he called Sol. Lyrus, much younger and inexperienced, created a much smaller one, which he called Luna. Luna was a giant ball of mirrors that reflected Sol’s intense light on a much softer scale. The brothers admired each other’s handiwork, and proclaimed it good. Therium, however, wished he had created Luna and the seeds of jealousy were planted. And so was the first day.

            On the second day Therium molded a giant ball of molten rock. This was to be his special project, the Earth. Lyrus added a few touches, but Therium worked mostly alone. When he was done, the planet was full of solid rather than molten rock and many oceans, but it was rather dull. So Lyrus added a few ingredients here and there, and waited. Therium was curious as to what he did, but he said nothing. And so was the second day.

            On the third day Therium constructed a gigantic palace of astronomical proportions for himself, which he called Heaven, which he believed Lyrus could never match. He did not notice that day that Lyrus was on the planet fashioning a garden paradise, with many wonderful and delicious fruits. He did not notice that life was beginning to spring up all around the planet, and it was slowly becoming greener. And so was the third day.

            On the fourth day, Lyrus presented to Therium what he had done. Therium was enraged that one other than him had created such majesty! Yet he did not show it, and he gave great praise to his younger sibling. Lyrus gave him the garden to relax in, and a wonderful bush of delicious fruit all for himself. Therium was happy in a bittersweet kind of way. And so was he fourth day.

            On the fifth day, two humans appeared to Therium, which he named man and woman. These were the first people. Therium was again jealous he had not created such awesome things, and was even moreangry when he saw Lyrus painting the sky with stars. He was older and better! Why did he not think of these things? Lyrus came to check upon his creation and see how his brother was fairing when he finished. But Therium was already resting. So Lyrus began to explore the magnificent Halls of Heaven, notig the details here and there. He planned to create a palace of his own, which he would call Pandemonium. And so he lay down to sleep for a time, and so was the fifth day.

            On the sixth day, Therium awoke to see that many spirits were traversing his halls, and they were messengers that called themselves Angels. Lyrus had gotten up early to once again thwart him! Many Angels were with Lyrus, fashioning a castle for him out of black crystal. The walls were beautiful and covered with white roses. When Therium went back to his Garden of Eatin’, as Lyrus had called it, he noticed how the humans had eaten his favorite fruit. He exploded with rage and could not contain himself. He approached Lyrus much later that day with an army of the Angels created to serve him, which were a much greater number that that of Lyrus, and attacked the Castle of Pandemonium. A great war ensued, and Lyrus was on the brink of losing. So he san his castle down to the lowest depths of the land, and it was called Hell. Therium had named it so, because he wanted no one to enter the paradise within, as he knew it was better than his own. He created many other legends saying he was the Creator, and Lyrus fell down in history as the source of ultimate evil.

            On the seventh day, Therium rested. He had a lot of work before him, but he knew that he would have to move quickly to establish an indomitable dominion over the life that he had not created. And so this is what gave rise to the endless cycle of his tyrannical rule over the helpless humans of the Earth. They worshipped him as the great Lord and Father, but no one ever knew until it was too late that he was really the Great Plagiarizer.


© 2008 Czar Lyrus

Author's Note

Czar Lyrus
Keep an open mind!

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It's bleeds antagonism. While I'd hardly be the first to defend religion, this seems to be a bit of a mean attack. It's a very good piece of writing taken out of context though. The story evolves in a rather...provocative way and if you fixed the typos, it would be a truly great piece of writing.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Very interesting. Well written and superbly done. You did your homework. I like the mood it portrays. There are a few typos here and there and a couple of sentences that could be made stronger but it definitely will make the reader think. Great job.

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Interesting story, how two brothers who could compromise and live together. Simultaneously, it was a thought-provoking piece which had a curious plot to it. Intriguing write

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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3 Reviews
Added on November 12, 2008


Czar Lyrus
Czar Lyrus


Hi! Here, I am simply known as Czar Lyrus Telpeliand. I write in a manner of many different subjects. I am a politcal theorist, a poet, a stroywriter, and an amateur theologian; I am very opinionated.. more..


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