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Dragon - Chapter Six

Dragon - Chapter Six

A Chapter by Michelle_H


Eliza turned away from the entrance and placed her back against the nearest wall, facing Elena with arms crossed over her chest. The two women stared at each other for a long moment, both unwilling to upset the silence that followed Kane's exit. Elena regarded the tall female, weighing her chances at escape. What she lacked in size and strength, she made up for in wit and speed. Perhaps Eliza would be an easier competitor than her renowned leader.

What are you staring at, Elf?” The sultry tones of the dark Stygian was seduction wrapped in teel. An odd sense of curiosity overcame her as she considered the woman. Did these men find this warrior woman attractive with her sculpted physique and sultry voice?

Did Kane?

She shook her head in confusion. What did it matter what these Stygians and their leader thought of this woman? The moment passed and she realized that the warrior was still waiting for a response, clearly irritated at the delay.

She thought quickly. What she would say now would set the course of her strategy. “I find your race interesting. It is much different than my own.” A strategy of innocence, ignorance, and anything else that would make her seem less a threat. Let the Stygian underestimate her.

Eliza remained silent, still staring at Elena with a mixture of annoyance and impatience. Was there something she was being taken away from? Elena was sure that the woman would much rather be doing something else besides stand by an entryway and guard an Elf.

Do you have a family?” Elena asked, curiosity about the female once again piqued.

Eliza stayed silent for so long that Elena thought she would not answer.

While she waited for the woman to respond, or not, she began to look around the room and take note of her available resources. Weapons of all shapes and sizes, all tuned to a fine, sharp point. All made to inflict the most damage with the least amount of effort. Weapons that she could use and that could be used against her.

The woman spoke so suddenly that Elena was jarred from her dark musings. “I have a son.” There was no inflection in the phrase, but Elena could hear the strength of pride that the woman had for her child.

How many years?” Elena continued to survey the room inconspicuously as she maintained their conversation.

Eliza hesitated, but spoke again. Her reservations over relaying personal information skewed by the seemingly harmless image of the Elf before her. “He is twelve.”

Just a babe, then.” Elena smiled at the image, infused with tenderness for the child. Though he may be of an enemy race, he was a child nonetheless.

Elena waited for the woman to offer more information, but she remained silent. Stoic expression put in place once again as she maintained her rigid stance by the entrance of the chamber.

Elena wanted to continue the conversation. Wanted to break down the walls of her guard until she found an opening of escape. Everyone had a weakness.

Where is he now?” She asked the question as innocently as possible, the mask of genuine interest.

Eliza regarded the Elf with narrowed eyes. Her son was dangerous territory for anyone that meant him harm.

Why do you want to know?” The question lacked the sultry tones of their earlier conversation and took on the edge of a sharpened blade. Barely sheathed violence.

Elena cursed herself inwardly. Instead of breaking down the guard, she had raised her concerns and caused her to view Elena as a threat. Still, she was quick on her feet and knew she could find a way out of this.

Mere curiosity is all. My people find it best to take their children everywhere as they learn best by observation. I wondered if it was the same for your race.”

The woman's hackles began to recede at the explanation. The threat to her son no longer present. “I see.” Still, she did not answer Elena's former question.

Clearly this strategy was not going to work. But wouldn't her guard need to eat at some point? Hopefully someone would bring food soon. And then? Perhaps a possibility of escape would present itself or sometime in the next few hours.

And what about tonight? The Stygian would have to sleep at some point. Or would Kane return? So many questions and no answers.

She sighed and relaxed onto the soft fur of the bed, leaning back on her elbows as she looked about the room. Her mind was still spinning with possible courses of action. Her most recent, and subtle of tactics, had failed. The woman was not as daft and easily persuaded as she would have hoped.

Of course, she could simply jump off the bed, grab a dagger and hope for the best. That thought was quickly pushed aside, however, as she realized how absolutely suicidal that entire plan was.

A thought suddenly occurred to her. “I'm have not eaten for two days. Surely your leader would not want me to starve.” Though it would take months before hunger depleted her strength enough to kill her, she would bet that the Stygian did not know any better.

Doubt warred with concern as her own well-being was dependent on keeping Kane's prisoner safe. Elena could see the inner struggle that the woman had before she made her decision and responded. “I will escort you to the dining hall, but we must be quick about it.”

Elena smiled genuinely, the course put into action.

She jumped down from the bed and followed after the looming female into the dark of the corridors. For now, she would use the time to familiarize herself with the cavernous home of the Dragons. The dining hall was always a central part of any keep and she was sure that the way out would be easier to find once she was centrally located and in a lighted area.

She must learn quickly, prepare quickly. For tonight, she would find her freedom.

Or die trying.

© 2012 Michelle_H

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I like this chapter. It is building up the tension and that is important.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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