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                It’s dark in my room, and everything is the same as before. I’m lying down on my bed peacefully. Out of nowhere my body goes numb and I can’t speak I can’t yell. My heart pounds against my chest knowing what will happen next. I feel something press me down on my bed. My breath leaves my body as it locks its hands around my throat, pressing me harder against my bed. My eyes frantically looked around for the figure doing this to me, but there is none, but I know that it’s there. I can feel its weight against my body, pressing harder and harder as I try to yell, to scream for help. Of course nothing comes out. Not even a squeal. I try to kick my legs to free from whatever it was, but my legs wouldn’t move along with the rest of my body.

            “You can’t do anything to me. Nothing bad can happen. I love him. Nothing bad can happen.” Is what runs through my mind. “Nothing bad-”

            I feel its hands grab tighter and push me harder onto the bed. I know it’s mad at me, but how? I can’t see it, it’s just the vive I get from it. The real question was why was it mad at me?

            I close my eyes and reopen them and everything is normal. My body was still tingly as if my whole body had fallen asleep, and my heart beat was still as fast as a humming bird’s. I laid on my bed in shock. You would think by now I would be used to those ‘Nightmares’. But I could never get over the fact that they seemed so real. My body was still in the exact position it was in my nightmare. Every time I had those nightmares the dream was always the same, but my body position would be different every time, and my background would change with what it all was like before I fell asleep. This made everything seem even more realistic.

            Slowly I go out of my shocked stage, and could move again. I pushed the covers from me and quickly got dressed. My mind felt dizzy and blurry, and my body felt weak and helpless. I ran down the stairs and quickly raced to the couch. My body rest against it and I knew I was safe down here. I only had the nightmares down here two times since I started having them, which was like three years ago. It was way less likely for me to have them here than up in my room.

            My eyes refused to shut, and my head snapped in the direction of even the softest noise. It was always like this. I could never go straight to bed after having one of those nightmares…


© 2010 *Evelen*

Author's Note

thank you for reading. Reviews are appreciated. :)

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Interesting piece. I like the story, its short and engaging. Nicely structured and written, but you should go over the tenses again and choose either past or present, or at least make the transition between them more logical. (by that i mean not in the middle of a paragraph). Btw the "nightmare" resembles a "sleep paralysis" attack. I don't know if you intended it or not, but if you did, you can read a bit on the topic and add more details to make it stronger, if you wish to.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Well I just turned 17! Yays so I thought to update I suppose. My writing usually in some way reflects on what I'm going through or went through. Even if fiction it has something in it that I have lear.. more..

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