December 2 The Night Before McKenzie Came

December 2 The Night Before McKenzie Came

A Chapter by Kaira_Writer

One night Aryana and her little sister Ariel were watching a scary movie in the living room. All the lights were off and everything.Aryana is 10-years-old. She was born deaf so everyone in the house had to learn sign language to be able to communicate with Aryana. Aryana has black eyes and hair that was brown. She goes to a school where everyone's deaf. She has 1 friend her name is Diamond Parker. There always laughing and having fun. They study together too. Aryana and Diamond will always be friends. Now Ariel is 7-years-old.She wasn't born deaf. Ariel still love's Aryana deaf or not there family. Ariel has black eyes and brown hair. She goes to a normal school. She has no friends there because everyone thinks she weird.

There dad walked up behind them.


Ariel screamed.

'Daddy stop screaming us.'

'Sorry honey.'

'So dad do you and mom know what your adopting?'Aryana signed.

'Not yet.'He signed and said.

'Can you please adopt a girl?'Ariel begged.

'We'll see.'

'Come-on Ariel it's time fir bed.'Aryana signed.

Aryana and Ariel kissed there dad and both went to there rooms. But Ariel couldn't sleep because she couldn't wait to her new baby or big sister. Dennis went upstairs to bed.His wife Stevie was reading a newspaper for no reason. Stevie and Dennis decided to adopt a girl maybe older than Aryana(10) or younger than Ariel(7).

© 2014 Kaira_Writer

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Added on December 29, 2013
Last Updated on February 24, 2014
Tags: Arie, Aryana, Dennis, Stevie, deaf, Diamond Parker



Chicago, IL

I am fourteen.I really like writing horror books.Writing help's me become even more creative. The reason why there are writers in the world because we want people to read are great stories. It makes m.. more..

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