The Hunter and Bonemash

The Hunter and Bonemash

A Poem by Domenic Stewart

A poem I made in English class while supposed to be making one for our "Jabberwocky Assignment".

Oft seen in the dark and fog,
A beast of nightmarish visage,
Hunting the lost in the swamp bog,
And haunting the ramshackle village.

A hunter comes over the rise,
Carrying sword and bow,
A hunter hunting another for their prize,
Prepared to loose his readied arrow.

Splish-splash here comes Bonemash,
A hulking brute who stalks the shadows,
Sending the hunter flying with a massive bash,
Wounding the man from the meadows.

Steel freed from its home,
A battle for history,
To be recorded in all important a tome,
And told in this legendary story.

As the sun begins to arise,
The light in Bonemash's eyes fade,
Making a trophy of the head for its size,
And farewell to the swamp the hunter bade.

© 2015 Domenic Stewart

Author's Note

Domenic Stewart
I came up with this on the fly, so if there are some problems I won't be surprised.

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Added on March 19, 2015
Last Updated on March 19, 2015
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Domenic Stewart
Domenic Stewart

Vancouver, WA

High-schooler that likes rock and metal. I am starting to get some new stuff put up so far, but it might be a while for anything to get finished. On my last year of highschool. Taken. :) more..