The Brothers Flint

The Brothers Flint

A Story by M.King

A Steam-punk story about two brothers who also happen to be pirates.

Marching back and froth the elder brother stomped his feet, impatiently waiting for his plan to come to fruition.  At the ship's held the younger brother with greased light hair and rugged clothing kept his eyes on the sky while listening to his brother's grumbles.  
"Calm yourself brother, it won't be here any quicker than the pace you're moving"
The elder brother ceased his movement and pinched the bridge of his nose.  They had been waiting for hours in the cover of the clouds and their ship could not run on fumes all day.  They were waiting for the chance to heist am airship but not just any boat, the brothers Flint had set their aim higher then they have ether done before, they were waiting for the Golden Eagle; an airship with two hundred cannons and was the size the harbinger a whole battalion which was fitting as it was one of the empires greatest airships.  The brothers had spent months preparing for this heist, they were a crew of twenty six men and women, all pirates and all crazy enough to tackle the empire.  
Their ship was old and was beyond its day alas it was the only ship they had, the smoke coming from its engine helped mask the ship with the surrounding clouds; they sat at the point in the sky where the land vanished from their sight.  The crew went about their preparations and duties to be ready for the arrival of their target.  
The brothers Flint had been at pirating for as long as they could remember it, their farther was a pirate and as was their farther's farther, it was tradition with their family, the Flint name was well known for its pirating and many feared it and honored it depending which side of the empire you stood.  The elder brother Zade took the leading role of captain while the younger, Oscar was his first mate, each with their own talents which complimented each other to make a strong team.  The crew that followed them had many reasons to join them, some felt honored they served under such an infamous name, others simply followed for the rewards and some followed as old friends but all brave and proud with their life of pirating.  
Bringing the metal rounded goggles he has resting on his chest the younger brother wiggled them until they sat comfortable on his face, he turned to see his brother had found an alternative to pacing, tapping his foot while sat down on a crate the elder captain whose hair black as coal and stubbed facial hair sat with his flint lock pistol in his hands, a modern weapon and one he was well adjusted too, he chose to use a gun rather than a blade; blades were messy and brutal where guns killed clean and had the mercy of a quick death.  
"Captain! down low starboard!"
The brothers and the entire crew rushed to the one side of the ship and peered down below.  Peering out from the clouds was the behemoth of ships they had been waiting for, The Golden Eagle.  It was a giant in the sky, loud in both sound and sight.  The captain pushed himself back away from the ship's edge, some turned to him waiting for his orders.  He felt cold at first, the sudden realization of the plan came with some shock, he covered his face with both hands and breathed slowly, soon a jittering sound escaped his jaw and quickly exploded into a hearty laugh. 
"What are ya all standing around for, get the ropes ready, you three to the engine room, this is it, this is what we have been waiting for!"
 The captain rested his fists on his waist, his long coat flapping with the strong wind.  the crew took to their jobs tying the rope well to every side of the ship, soon piles of rope lay down and painted the ship's deck.  First mate Oscar took the helm and put the ship into position, a wide smile could be seen on every crew member, this was what they had prepared for and soon a bounty large enough to satisfy them for the rest of their lives would soon be theirs.   
Wind whistled through the crew's ears as Oscar descended the ship, bursting out from the cover of the clouds like a dolphin jumping from the sea the ship dived from the sky picking up speed.  With in the engine room three of the crew worked double time shifting coal into the furnace.  Closer and closer the Golden Eagle filled their gaze up until they flew along side it, looking over Zade watched the grand ship ready its guns.  a sly smirk formed on the pirate captain's face, raising his fist high in the air he signaled the crew.  Oscar pulled the ship up and began to circle around while the rest of the crew took to the ropes that they had lay down ready, the three from the engine room emerged and nodded to their captain, returning the nod Zade grabbed a hold of the nearest rope that had not been yet manned.  
"Everyone ready!"
 Zade bellowed out over the ship, a roar of moral rising shouts were given as a reply.  As the ship nearer the adjacent ship Zade sliced his hand through the air giving the order to jump.  In a somewhat disorganized fashion the crew launched themselves over the ship's banister the rope dropped and were swiftly followed by the crew member manning it.  Dangling in the air for mere seconds the crew swung around like spiders and their spindle.  The crew released their grip and successfully landed upon thee Golden Eagle's deck, most performed a roll to shift the force of the fall others stubborn stuck the landing and were delayed t=with their following actions.  The pirate crew immediately drew their swords, daggers, guns, axes and pole-arms and went about engaging the enemy crew that manned its cannons.  
Meanwhile Oscar circled and spiraled around the Golden Eagle  pushing the old ship to its limit, although the cannon fire slowed it did not cease, balls of heavy metal whirled through the air many dangerously close to the ship, he would have to keep up his dodging performance up for a little while longer.  
Like a tidal wave the pirates tore through the enemy and soon littered the deck with corpses.  Reloading his flintlock pistol Zade took point as they entered the catacombs of the large ship, many paths to take they would have to split up into groups of five leaving the remainder of two, the smaller team would consist of himself and Goluf, a large man with a thick bushy beard, and armed with a great steel axe, an old friend of Zade and a friend he would trust with his life.  The groups quickly made up they each took a different path, undoubtedly they would all encounter the enemy but each one of them knew to goal with the ship's bridge, the command center, going for the Golden Eagle's captain was the fastest and most reliable way to go about taking the giant of the sky.  
The Golden Eagle's captain was General Toul Lithbroker, one of the most renowned soldiers of the Empire, surviving and standing victorious through countless battles, he was no man to take lightly.  Zade knew the general would on the ship, he knew it would be suicide to try and take out the general by himself.  Yet he wanted that honor, to face a legend such as the general, the thought gave Zade chills that he wished to satisfy.  
Throughout the Golden Eagle deathly screams echoed through its halls, weather or not they were of the empire or the pirates Zade would not know until reunited with his crew.  A crackling sound sounded over the ship, glancing up Zade could see that a tannoy system was fitted with the ship.  
"I have to admit, that was quite the ambush, yet I'm unsure weather to call it a stroke of tactical genius or the idea of a madman.  I expect you to find me but know this pirate, when you do I will shall grant you no mercy.  The men you killed here today were good men, the fact that they were killed by vermin is insulting, I'll see justice in their name"
The large bearded Goluf chuckled "They're soldiers, they should be used to dying"
The pair continued to move through the ships halls dispatching of any who crossed their path.  Soon they had arrived, decorated doors set in front of them the entrance to the bridge.  With a strong kick Zade's boot forced the door to swing open revealing the open spaced command center, empire soldiers were shattered across the place, many manning the ship's controls.  At the center of the room stood a heavily armored men, Toul Lithbroker the general of the empire and captain of the vessel.  He looked more machine than man, both his arms were maniacal; clockwork gears ticked and turned with metal pumped moving within the metal man.  turning to face Zade and Goluf it could be seen the general's skull also took to the mechanics of his body, this was the result of surviving countless battles.  
"So you're the vermin that has been crawling through my ship" The general took a heavy step forwards it was clear this man knew nothing of fear.  
As if mirroring the general Zade too stepped forward.  "Better a rat then a clock"
The two captains continued to walk until they came face to face, squaring off to one another.  The general loosened his grip and readied his large clockwork fists while Zade let his gun slip into position of his hand.  The stare their shared had a fire that every warrior knew.  Racing his pistol upwards as the general grabbed Zade's torso, a shot was fired but missed as Zade was thrown across the room, rolling across the floor he looked up to see the general charging him but was suddenly knocked aside as Goluf tackled the metal man.  Goluf's great axe clanged with the mechanical arms, for them to deal any cuts to him they would have to find flesh.  
Zade had recovered and began unloaded bullets at the general, aiming well not to hit his allie but each bullet was deflected by the metal.  The struggle between Goluf and the general was briefly lived as Goluf was knocked back by a mighty kick, the general shielded his eyes from Zade's bullet's as he charged once more.  slamming his metal fist down Zade dodged out the way in time; the wooden floor boards splintered and broke leaving a creator, a scar from the generals fist.  The fight went on and there seemed no way to harm the general until Goluf gave Zade an opening.  
The general swung from Zade but missed, from this Goluf took hold of the metal man and locked his arms under the generals; he lifted as high as he could putting the general in a position where he could not move his arms freely.  
"Hurry" Goluf said with a strained voice, all his effort went to holding the general.  
As Goluf said Zade hurried up to the pair and put the barrel of his gun to the general's eye piece, covered by a metal ring and a glass slate Zade pulled the trigger.  A sputtered mixture of blood and oil shot out from the generals face.  Letting the metal man drop down Goluf and Zade looked at one another with wicked smiles, proud of their victory.  Zade hobbled to the large window that lite the room with the open sky, he watched the sky and Oscar still flying about the orbit of the Golden Eagle, the ship was theirs.  
Turning around he watched the remaining empire soldiers run from the room, they would head for smaller ships within its bay and leave the golden Eagle to the pirates, their leader dead, they were outmatched.  
Taking the helm Goluf smiled at the mere feeling of piloting such a ship.  
"Oscar's gonna mess his pants once he gets a hold of this" the bearded man chuckled.  
Zade replied with a nod then rested his back against the glass window then slide down till seated.  They had assaulted and captured the Golden Eagleand Killed one of the empires generals, the plan was a success.  Now Zade's real plan could begin.   

© 2013 M.King

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This is a great read. There is a lot of great description within the story. Do you know a lot about ships and such or did you research for this story? It's described very well as if you really know what you are talking about.

Cliffhanger...Are you planing a continuation to a bigger story? I believe you should. You are on to something.

Good luck! Keep writing!

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Thank you. Yeah a continuation is something I would do but I think I'm preoccupied with my other wr.. read more
This was an exciting read. The ending is sort of a cliffhanger~ wouldn't mind knowing what happens next. It really does add to the anticipation when stories end with an implied continuation. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Thank you I have to admit the cliff hanger was a last minute decision, if I didn't put it in I don't.. read more

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