Three Brothers Gruff

Three Brothers Gruff

A Story by M.King

An alter version of the fairy tale "Three Billy Goats Gruff".

Long ago there was a great war that lasted decades and took the lives of the hundreds of thousands.  Fathers and sons fought and died alongside one another.  After many years the war finally ended, one side lost and one side won by suffered.  Three brothers had followed their farther to world, to fight for their county and their family.  Their country had won the war and they returned heroes but not with their farther who had died on the battle field.  
The Brothers wanted nothing more with war, all they wanted was to return home to their mother and live out the rest their lives.  They lived in a small village that resided on the one side of a gorge, the only way to get to the village was to cross the bridge across the gorge.  

The first and youngest brother to return home arrived at the foot of the bridge, he could see his village and was glad of the sight after the war.  Stepping onto the bridge echoed a creek, suddenly a roar and loud thumping could be heard.  On the other side of the bridge stood a troll, great in size, muscular with scars and sharp tucks rooting from its drooling mouth.  
"This my bridge!" The troll roared out to the youngest brother.  
Walking forward his hand placed on his sword's hilt the youngest made his way to the center of the bridge as did the troll.  
"This is not your bridge" The youngest said showing no fear to the beast.  
"Only strongest pass!" The troll bellowed out with spit flying from its gums.  
Thinking hard the youngest was no match to the troll, the size and strength of the troll would be the end of him.  Thinking clever the youngest took note of the troll intelligence.  
"I'm not strong, not like my older brothers.  I'm not even worth the effort" The troll could crush the littlest of the brothers if it want but chose not to fight the weak.  
"Go!" Shouted the troll pointing to the village.  The youngest brother passed safely without trouble from the troll and returned home.  

A week passed before the middle brother arrived at the bridge to his home.  Like to his younger brother the middle brother was confronted by the troll that claim it, angrier than before the troll pounded its chest as they met at the center of the bridge.  
"Little man say you stronger, you fight!" The troll demanded from the beast eager to kill.  
The middle brother pointed at his left leg that was splintered.  
"I'm crippled troll, you could easily kill me without challenge, if you want to fight wait for my older brother" The middle child said calmly trying not to upset the beast, after some silence the troll pointed to the village and demanded the middle child to go.  

A few days later the oldest brother had arrived back home from war, he held sword and shield proudly as he met the troll at the center of the bridge.  
"Why do you stop me troll?" Asked the eldest brother to which the furious troll that had waited answered.  
"You oldest, you strongest you fight!" The troll determined to have blood stared down at the eldest with its broad shoulders ready to swing.  
"I will fight you" Said the eldest brother drawing his blade and readying his shield.  
The troll happy brought its fist down onto the eldest brother's shield, the thuds echoed through the brothers ears.  Again and again the troll swung its arm from all directions and each time the eldest brother blocked and dodged the attacks.  After some time the troll became tired and dropped to its side.  With one fall swing of the sword the eldest brothers beheaded the troll and killed its corpse off the bridge.  The brothers Gruff were reunited and and lived fulfilling lives.

© 2013 M.King

Author's Note

I felt I could of put more effort into it but I'm happy with the end result all the same. I hope to you enjoy this alternate fairy tale and chose to leave a review. :)

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Added on May 16, 2013
Last Updated on May 16, 2013
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