A Step Forward

A Step Forward

A Story by M.King

A small story about a man gifted and cursed. Each step a new as the last.


In a dim lit room a single man stood, staring at his reflection.  He hadn't entered the room but appeared there all the same; a bat of the eyelids was all it took too misplace the man, one moment there the next gone leaving the illusion that he might of never been there.  Was it magic, devilry maybe evolution?  The man had considered these things but had never found the answer to why he was the way he was; he had spent most his life looking for that answer but now he simply didn't give a dame.  

Taking a step forward the man now stood not in the dimly lit room with the mirror but on a beach with golden sands and a warm breeze.  People he had never met could be seen at the shore and lay down over the beach letting the sun’s rays touch them, an inflatable ball thrown over the man’s head, he ducked not realizing what it was straight away.  Taking a step forward the man smiled as it appeared whatever force was at work allowed him to stay at least for a while.  The man walked away from the shore and onto the near pathway that mirrored the sands; groups of families and friends bustled to and throw some were on bikes.  It was a shining day at least here.  

The man’s name was Nathan Grim, born of a Scottish mother and an American farther or as least that’s what he was told.  Growing up with just his mother she would often tell Nathan stories about his farther, a soldier turned financial adviser; this man she would always refer too died when Nathan was two years old, she said it was a traffic accident.  What Nathan could do was something he remembered himself always doing; it started out small, at the ages between two a five he would only vanish to the outside of their home but as he grew so did the strength of his magic act. 

 Checking both ways Nathan crossed over the roads and asked a stranger where he was, the stranger looked at him assuming that he was a drunk and or was suffering from memory loss; the strange gave him his answer then departed without further conversation.  He was in Pacific Beach, San Diego a place not even he’d wandered to.  Walking down one of the many new streets he came across a shop general store; entering he greeted the cashier with nod before browsing.  He picked up a basket and went about his shop; Nathan spent his time going from isle to isle filling his basket with packaged foods and drink until it was full at which he made his way to the cashier he had greeted. 


As the cashier started scanning away the man stood in silence until she was half way through the basket’s items. 

“Ah, I've just forgotten something, can I just fetch it?”

Nathan jabbed his thumb towards the back of the store, the cashier told him he could however he wasn't returning.  The man calmly walked through the store where he said he would then continuing onward through to the storage room; within the room was a staircase leading to the living space.  Cautiously he opened the door to the apartment; empty, perfect as he went about searching through the place.  Picking up a purse he opened it up revealing a sum of $30, taking it and shoving the notes into his pocket he put the purse back where he found it, quickly and quietly returning to the downstairs store he quick marched to the cashier grabbing a packet of crisps as he did.  

Paying the cashier with their own money Nathan took the now bagged shopping and went to leave the store.  Suddenly Nathan found himself tumbling down a hill shortly stopping, holding his back arched and aching.  It had happened again like it always did, without warning.  Looking around the surrounding area he was now with rocky hills; he could be any number of places, along with the rocks and few patches of grass was the plastic bags and various convenience items he had brought or rather stolen from the store back in San Diego. 

 With a groan he picked himself up and reached for a tin can; it read Bailey’s beans, looking with a dull expression Nathan walked to the small pile of food that mixed with the rocks.  The man sighed as he stood at the center of a multi-story car park; this disability of his was random, sometimes he would jump through many locations with just a few steps, other times he could walk freely for hours.  He’d read in comic books and watch sci-fi programs about this teleporting, the super power to jump from one place to the next by simply thinking it or being beamed up by a space ship.  He however couldn't control it hence why it was a disability and not a super one. 

A scream echoed through the lot, alerted Nathan darted down behind one of the structures pillars, poking his head out to if anyone was coming; he wasn't sure why he hid, he had no reason too.  A woman came running down from the upper level; she carried a sports bag and looked heavy.  Tailing her was a bald man chasing her, shouting out hateful insults while huffing gasps of air trying to caught her, the bald man tackled the woman to the ground calling her “B***h” struggling to take the bag from her, a thrash moment from the woman resulted a smart jab to the jaw, the bald man responded with a strong downward thump to her forehead, dizzying her senses.  

There was a clink as the bald man flopped to the side; unconscious, tin can in hand Nathan couldn't quite believe had easily it had knocked him out.  Throwing the can aside he held his arm out the woman who had a shining bruise forming above her brow.  

“Thanks” She said taking his hand while still clinging to the bag. 

 “Don’t mention it” Nathan pulled her to her feet briefly checking if she was okay, his hand hovering to her forehead. 

 “It’s fine, trust me” She slung the sports bag over her shoulder then brushed her hair to the side. 

 “If you say so, you er, you wanna call the cops or something?” The woman started to walk away from the sleeping fallen man with a small scoff and giggle. 

 “No, that would be really bad” Nathan followed her closely behind while shooting a look back. 

 “Bad? What do you mean bad” He asked as she turned around to face him walking backwards. 

“Yeah bad, you just helped me rob the guy” She span around once more smug as her walk turning into a jog.  Pausing with a confused expression Nathan mimicked her speed to keep up. 

 “Wait, Hey! Did I just become an accessory” He got no reply as the woman ran with a grin, escaping the scene of the crime.  He followed her down two more levels of the building, she slowed as she arrived at her destination; a red Honda Nathan didn't know anything pass that, it wasn't like he needed a car.  Opening the car with the keys the woman slipped into the driver’s seat and set the bag down on the passenger’s seat next to her.  Nathan slammed his hands against the window a little excited with the ordeal. 


 As she revved the car’s engine and reversed the man tapped his hands repeatedly against the top and side of the moving vehicle but soon was left to watch the thief woman in the red Honda drive out of the car park and out of sight.  The man stood a little out of breath; his hands on his hips, he wasn't sure what had really happened but felt he should get going to avoid out of shear suspense of the situation. 


© 2013 M.King

Author's Note

This is a story I've had cooked up for a while and have been temped to write up into a book. Still playing with that idea.

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Added on May 10, 2013
Last Updated on May 10, 2013
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