SWICK: Silent Dreams VOL 9

SWICK: Silent Dreams VOL 9

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki








Silent Dreams



1)   Zynosis Onx



Once again, my desires shall be revealed

As I become crowned until

Thy throne of

Thy angel’s desires


Let the world Resonate

Allow thy wrath of

Hate lavish and be awaken


Let thy fowls come from every

Corner’s of the earth

Let my will be done

Upon my will


Forever more I am free

From thy broken spell

Of shadows


2)   A plague of words


 Free from the many years I have been


Thou now I seen my freedom

Once again


I ascended unto you in you as

My will is bringing you



When I come to you

With a lust to make you

Power through

The night


As my force thrives in the dreams of

Shadows standing in lust of



In this empty heart never

Fulfill its thirst

As thy cup flows through

Thy last drop


Through the and skies

Let it be my will to

Receive your thirst

At will


My soul is forever obedient

To thy voice of you

And now

I shall be your guardian



Quiche my soul with your

Everlasting thirst

My you be with me

As I come to

To fulfill my wish to thee


Take me away in your arms as I

Have unto you

Yet though I can’t live this life

Anymore so take me


Under your wings

Protect me

With your life

As I cried oh to the

Elders of the heavens

And yet they turn my words into

Plagues of dust


3)   Cast in Loss


Cast in your loss and ye shall

Among many as in my eyes

You are in my sight


For so many years my heart has been empty

In prison

For so long I have drifted into

My darken eyes of shadows


The covenant of a folly

Waits to swallow the soul in



Among the skies of

Sorrows my you not be

Blinded by our desires


As time goes by

My being becomes a husk

Oh my shame


What have you done to forsake

Me for I have been there for you

To make a fatal

Vessel become one again

Though behind my eyes belies

My sorrows, and

Torture undone


As my soul left to the skies

My inner being dies in weakness

Thy soul must remain


 I was too blind yet I never knew

Somehow I knew have forsaken you

Leaving to alone


Turning my disgrace into myself

Tears of shame appears in my heart

Many times I cried out for



Revengance is always in

My struggle



4)   Darken Void


Oh savior, come into my new world

Oh, my light in the heavens

Grow your blessings

Down on my soul


 Will you come with me to my

Throne of desire

Taking you place as my bride


Through the many nights I weep

To this day to take hold of



I have guilt in depts. To pay

My silent voices

Is hunting in ye



 Taking sides of thy pastors in the fields

For I will provide you needs

Though you have been

Troubled by your emotions


Will you protect me under your wings

For as thou to together the moon and sun

Eclipsed my dark



Crashing down on through the wind

In many oceans over and over

The sound of a

Crying voice


Help me into my

Own seals yet are not opened

As I lay beside

You feeling warmth wings

Over me.


Through my shame from memories

Of my works I feel

Punished inside me

So great



5)   Forgiveness


I tried to listen thou

I was foolish

Throughout the earth

Of my love for you

To see


There is nothing in the

Face of you and I

Take hold of my

Cry and make

It yours to share

To the man in shame


Take my hand my love

And let go through


As we shine never feeling

Pain again


Allow my voice to cleanse your

Heart as my soul draws you unto

Me in the offering



Love and joy cleanse my heart

Let it be thy will

In me taking hold

As your heart comes upon me


For such a presence so great

To my eyes as my whole

Being belay’s before



Never hold back from me

My love

Let me renew you

From all that has hurt you

Do not wither

Please stay with me


At night I mourn

During by day I sleep

On my silent throne

Behind my hands

Sheds icy tears

Of pain


I never want to be along

Again for what wrong

Have I caused?


Be calm my beloved

Soul as I am with you

Never again your pain

Torments you no longer

For I will comfort

You in your times

Of need


Oh shiny light of grace save me

From this nightmare

In hell take me in your hands

To the highest skies

Of endless



Never again shall leave your side


6)   Restless Heart


Striking your vengeance on me

Though I never hurt you

What have you done to make

Me suffer so much sorrow?


Such a pain so great even more then

The cries of hell

Choking in my heart

As I mourn for

Mercy unto

The skies of hope


Oh hear me, I cannot live here anymore

So leave me to

Thy ash to where I once came

Take hold of my spirit


Your guidance is more than nothing

Like spear of peace



As I die in peace within the clouds

Joy may blessings of

All remain in thee as

My glory wraps them with me presents

Through spears of light

To the tears from

To the icy winds as they rage


In the eyes of my storm and

Wrath upon the wicked



For their rivers has frozen away

And not seen again


Heavenly winds of icy rainy clouds

Coming fourth unto me

With a voice with

Tender as the



Cursed be the one to

Plot against your dreams

For my wings will protect you


May my heart of dreams

Stay in your memories

As you guard my treasures

In the afterlife we shall live



Through your eyes I come to you

Will you not forget me?

A stone like dusks calls my name

Will you be with forever?


Any place you go I will always be

Mine yet you shall be no matter



Even though the oceans roars

To the skies


I will always be there to answer

My love


Even then my will shall rise to


For my eyes looks down on you

With everlasting love


MY will is always inside you as it is inside me

For my love will never mourn away

As the time turns

I will always remain in you


Rest in peace my beloved

For I shall watch over you

Like a god of beginning and the



7)   Divine Prophecy



8)   A guiltless image


Who is he…..Who is he, the one

To be so weak


Who is thy vessel in the suffering?


I am in need of your touch

Remake me again to a finale

Touch of fate


During this state we’re

In crumbles of pieces

Falls out of me

As I wait to be rebuild again


Take over my pride taking

What means dearly to me

Taking this pressure

In my eyes


Sadness of bloody tears

Runs down on my fragile

Face of sorrow


Come unto me and make me hold again

For I have falling many times

And yet still has fallen


Please save me oh elder

From this guiltless shame

Allow my cup to over fill

My needs
as you mold me


Back into myself divining

My spirit within you

Shine your freedom down

In my heart

And not the light of enslavement

Like thousands of

Wicked voice in the darken

Silence of agony


Oh my lies has cause you to stumble

And oh my sins has cause you

To crumble into your fate

As I pick you up

To restore thy dearly



I wait for the hands of restore to

Take hold of my

Precious vessel of



For I will not give in anymore

Strong in you I will stand

Freely willing to release me

Sorrows to you


As I tell you a secret of

My image though it continues

To crumbles away


Behold the skies are faithful

As though nothing was

Only my soul and life upon you

Have the power to set back

Our bond


Rest upon me for I will

Restore you for the elders

Has heard your cries

The sorrows will be no more

After the end goes away


Help me for I am empty inside

Hungry for you love


9)   Tormenting Spirit


By day I weep for you

By night my soul falls to Ash


Oh help me stand fourth oh LORD

For I am hurting inside

During my days and nights

I have cried for you

For your hands of



And the shadows around sickens

My eyes in pain so

Great that never to be known


Take me up from this abundance

Of prison with your love of freedom

Reclaiming you righteous



Once again come inside me and remove my

Pain and those who hurt me

Forgive me for thy sins


In you I am willing to release my

Dearly heart to you

You be my guidance as you walk within me


These shadows of darkness as I mourn

In the corners of the pit of



MY world has crumbled away

As I stand in faith

Hoping for you to save me


 Through the nights my thoughts

Watches you

As the owl crows at night

My wonders are secure


I will take you into my arms

For my heart for you is more than the

Moon and the sun


Oh this weaken heart be strong and never

Give in your almost their again

To see your light


With this baring sleepless spirit

Haunting me over and over again

Blacked as my eyes become

Ever so blind mocked by

The blackness of my soul


I cry out for you never I see your

Coming presents and yet

The worse yet to come

Upon me


As I lay in the darkness

As the wicked shadows torments me

In the middle I stand for help

Nor has a soul come for me


Though my inner fate has been

 Concealed with fear

As I look through the

Gloomy mourns of cries upon me

Through my unseen



10)                Whisper’s of death


By night and by day. For it has begun

In many centuries to come

The hearts of dreamers

Falling through the hand of the sinners

Like and darken elegies of

Voices closing in


The world in shadows has resonated

Into the image that is never was

As I call with my heart no one comes

Though as I mourn with tears of

Guiltless blood yet though

Not a soul to be heard.


And now as I spit on my silent though beyond the

Balanced cup and spill the

Blood of many upon the throne

Thane angels desires

As I for wickedness I serve fourth

No more.


11)                A mother of peace



12)                The end of living



Into the night of fate

My being is being turned into

The fowl of the shadows

Clothing into my own

Eyes of doom


Down to my last drop

My life is yet at end

As number of the leaves

That blurs

Like icy

Tears from the heavens


No ears have heard

Never a soul has told

What has not






































© 2010 Nicaushio Yamaki

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Another great write. Emotional and just amazing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is impressive love!
Great spiral of emotions within that leave the reader reeling with thought! lol

Posted 9 Years Ago

Amazing, I would love to hear this music.

Posted 9 Years Ago

i know i was messing with ya ^_-

Posted 9 Years Ago

I mean you're so good. ~.o

Posted 9 Years Ago

What do you mean?

Posted 9 Years Ago

Once again, you baffle me. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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