My Life Story Part 2

My Life Story Part 2

A Story by Nicaushio Yamaki




My life story

Part 2


Things in my life began to seem hard and harder down the road. Although it is quite thrilling to know somehow survive, in this story is second part is left over from the first one.

Sometimes it seems harder and harder down the road, at times I wonder. Will I ever

Get a life on my own and how will I get to see my girlfriend again. I really need Gods help through this

So I can travel and help others as I always wanted and reach my goals on the

Right path.


I guess the longer I live the more phases in life you go through, which is part of life.

Now of understanding a bad influence of life.

Will I ever make it in college? Or even become a successful artist

That I always dreamed of and also seeing my fiancé?

Read on to find out.


Chapter 10

The suffering


After being at home for so long, I was looking forward to getting out for a while. I am a type of person to a certain degree; staying at home 24/7 is not my style. Also being a homebody is crucial, so I called my grandmother to see if she was busy but she wasn’t, so I was getting my stuff ready to go by Friday. Before then me and my mum got into an argument, things were getting stressful and it was to the point I couldn’t take it anymore. Of course it was getting bad enough between me and her, that I could hardly talk to her about nothing. Every time I did she started lecturing me about how I am doing things to hurt her feelings and how she reasently notice thing yet she says nothing about it. Me, well I stay in my room on my laptop a lot but I do work around the house well sometimes when she tells me any ways.


After the argument was over, I was still pissed off. I was looking on my computer and saw that Blankman sent me a message saying that Samantha was feeling moody today, so she didn’t feel like talking.

I was even more pissed to the fact that she started acting that way; however it was new to me.

I never encounter her having mood swings since the first time I saw her before we dated. She seemed daily, to be energetic. And always full of energy, like nothing can stand in her way I knew all about her because she told me more.  Yet never I knew she would be this way, I guess it’s just a one time for that point. While I was encouraging her, she seemed likely to give up. I assume in my mind that she was giving up on our relationship at the time, on the other hand I was thinking two things at the same time.

Either she was giving up on me and leaves me cause of the tragic of G.O. (Great Onyx Job Corps). Even for long then I got over it and considered it as just because of the, students and other things.


Of course I understood that she was trying to finish up so she can leave and be prepared to live in with me. So of now I was still stuck at home doing house work and other things, I always check the mail for my mum, and make her bed up. Often times, I even vacuum the floors.  Every time I make a mess I always clean up behind myself, I have potential. I am not dump or retarded, nor am I lazy I love to work and have no problems with it. The only thing I wanted to do was to get out of the house for a while and see the sites or something. I told my mum however she never listens to me yet she claims she does, and things aren’t so great at home, every time I am at home I get to feeling depressed and anxiety. So anyways I was having a good day until my mum ruined it with her loudly lectures, and things got complicated for me.  So I needed a time out, and that’s all I needed.


So after the argument, I was talking with James on the phone, and I heard Shannon in the background. I wanted to talk to her to congratulate her for finishing education. And so I got to talk to her, and I asked about how things were going with her, and well she randomly told me that Samantha was wearing someone elses clothes. Only medium’s coat, I was upset then and I told her to talk to me whenever she got into the dorm. I got onto her about it and got it settled, only two things she did was watching porn with red and also wearing his coat. Without knowing that was wrong to do, and anyways, James and Shannon on the phone were stressing to me about the new rule about no walking on the grass.

At first I started to think it was a dumb rule to make, but it becomes clear wants you think about it. Also James told me about the new color phase card ‘’ Platinum’’ and it was getting crazy. And I was upset about him already about the blue card issue, after that things were going ok. And well right now it has been days since I got registered for college; however I rarely studied any tried to anyways. However it was hard to focus at home sometimes.


Chapter 11

The final line


After the tragic argument was over, I checked my email on, and Blankman sent me a message saying that Sam was very moody and she did not feel like talking. At the time he told me that it was something that has to do with what happened at school. After that I was concerned and hoping that she was ok, after that time I called A bay to reach Blankman and he was not there. So I called F Bay, and I didn’t want to bother others in the bay asking about her, so I found a back up friend LOL.  And I asked how Sam was doing and they assume that I wanted to know if she was there. I told them that Blankman sent me an email about that she was not in the mood to talk, and she told me about other students on the phone. Were being really loud, and I told her that I really needed her even though we both promised each other. And so on we talked for about 15 minutes, and then about 2 hours later, she emailed me to call her. And Sam was saying over and over that she really need me right now and I really want to be there with her too, we ran out of plans to getting her on the personal leave, so the only thing we could go by was for her to finish school. And just go from there, and the next day James Prewitt called.


As I thought it was him, sure he did call a few times. Just very often though, and I picked up and it was Shannon. I did what Sam told me to do and got off the phone with her quick, however she told me about the coat issue from about the day before. And after that I was talking to James and then my phone battery was low, so I have to hang up and recharge my battery. Then during the night, I was on yahoo and I added my girlfriends’ best friend Jenna to my messenger list. And I spoke to her for a while, and got to know her a little bit based of what mostly what my girlfriend said about her two friends.

After that it was time for me to go to my grandmother’s house, and I didn’t have the key to the house. My mum was supposed to remake another one because she gave the current house key to her friend named Joe. And for some reason, no offense at times she sure does pick some odd individuals. Anyways I got my stuff ready and left home; all I really needed was a break from the house, Cause of the fact I barely go anywhere except the only time I get out is to church and that’s it.


Although it was boring and specially doing house work and ETC stuff, the only thing that I could do was be ready for college other than that. As I arrived to my grandmother’s house, my cousin was still on punishment. Again for the same reason, because his grades were dropping. It was stupid the fact that he is still doing well in school, I have two cousins that I love to goof off with. My two cousin’s names are Jared and Xavier; they are really cool to hangout and laugh with at some crazy stuff. And during the time I was there, my aunty her name is Rena, she was always acting weird every time I came over. It didn’t make any since, the only thing was is I found out by my two cousins that every time I leave to go back home, she questions them about anything I said or did. I didn’t understand why however, it was strange and I also noticed that every since she made that threatening statement, not once she came too apologized. I guess it doesn’t bother her, she always at times treat me like a stranger or an enemy, And so we all agreed that they will not say anything to her about nothing that has been talked about among us. Plus it was not like it was something serious or anything.


When she arrived over to grandmother’s house, Xavier asked in front of Reena that can he use my computer to type on it. And I told him that if it was ok with your mum if he could, and Reena quickly said why can’t he? You play with his games at the house.’’ And I told her that when she said that he couldn’t play no games I didn’t want her thinking that he was playing games on my computer when, he wanted to although he wanted to draw on it. And after that, she left and for the rest of the time being we had a good time.


Chapter 12

A bizarre moment


Days have went by,  this month I was getting ready to register for college of course my mum was trying to get me to take online classes to reduce the effort of gas. So afterwards, we both decided to leave in about half an hour. We arrived at school for me to register, and knowing me I am not quite good at the registration part. And my mum was expecting me to know what I was doing, the whole purpose was for her to make sure that I am doing things right. Registration though was getting to be a pain, I mean financial Aid, (Pell grant). And etc other things, so I had to wait in school for what they called it ‘’THE S.T.A.R.T. UP DAY’’ I guess its registration and giving a big warm welcome to the college all combined. After that was over I registered for my classes and left with my class schedule, and I went to the cashier.

To cash my Pell Grant for my classes however the lady at the counter, told me to speak with someone named Ms. Loretta. And I and my mum spoke to her and all she asked was my birth certificate, to show prove that I am a residence here in Alabama. The main reason behind it was I was told at the cashier department that I was a non-residence.


A while back as far as I can remember, I usually not talk about it. Well at the lease I never did have any expectations to one day explain it to my girlfriend Sam. When I was 11 years old, my sister I am guessing approximately around somewhat close to my little cousin’s age, let’s just say one time we discovering things. We used to back then play a game of mixing everything up in a bowl to see what happened; well I guess you can say we were bored at the time or just likely being nosey. So anyways one time we were

I and my sister in the room one night and my heart was pounding and pretty much you get the idea. However we didn’t know anything about intercourse except of what we know little of. This was a very personal and it gets even worse well in my case since I am the person writing this book. And then once that stopped between me and her, I was doing that with another person. Now again it was the same thing like as if it were me and my sister were doing. On the contrary of this of what I am telling you is all you get from me, like I said before it is very personal even I do not wanna have and thoughts about this.

So after the registration in school, I went to the store to see how much in total that my books were going to cost me. I only asked the employer there, to only add up there on the used books because I did not have enough for the new books. And basically to have some money left over afterwards, after I finished my mum left the school. On the way their I told her about something’s that were going on, over my grandmother’s house. I told her about me asking my real dad about driving, but you see the thing is, I can drive really well, it was just I needed a warm up. That’s all; however it’s taken me longer than I expected to on trying to get my license I hope that I can get my license soon.


I didn’t have to go back until 6/7/2010 in June, and then my classes end in august. I was asking my mum about the class issue since I want be able to take the same classes again. She seemed aggravated as if she was repeating herself over and over. She at times starts to talk about something, and then never finish want she says. I hated when she does that HA HA, and when I ask her something she never responds at times she does that often though. So I rested and did a little spring cleaning yesterday, and then I spoke to one of my school mates from school. And well we talked for about 15 minutes, and then he was going to have my girlfriend call me when she and her friend got to his house, well I spoke to her finally last night. The only thing is about Sam is due to her A.D.D is understandable; on the other hand she doesn’t seem to be mindful nor responsible about stuff especially simple stuff half of the time or often.

She and her friends were joking about her not or is a virgin, and I told her that she better not have not of cheated on me. In that case pretty much I had some suspicions about Sam. Since I have been gone, however I didn’t go that far with it. And as for the joke I found that a bit not of a joke, I was pissed at her anyway and also the fact that every time I and Sam have the chance to talk it is always a 5 to 10 second talk.

I got pissed and sick of it I truly thought about giving up on her, plus me dating her this whole time I didn’t even get a chance to get over my ex Sara and what she did to me. At that point I began to assume that it was meaningless for me and Sam to even communicate, since we hardly talk about anything. And since the fact that we always spin a second on the phone with each other.


However I told her about me going to start my classes this summer, she didn’t seem enthused about it.

Anyways this relationship is really killing me right now, and then I began to think. Did she have any clue that since I have been here longer than her that I am complete with my classes already? I guess not until the last minute. She is a kind hearted sweet person it’s just, with her on G.O it’s getting to be ridiculous. Although I love her so much. And I am not saying that I will give up on her, it was just the fact of how I was feeling. The distance with her on G.O. and the hurt feeling from what my ex did to me, and with my mum always yelling and lecturing me. It was driving me crazy, and it was feeling of a burden on me. Plus I had no other way to go see my girlfriend Sam; it was getting to be overwhelming.


Chapter 13

Left untold


There were times where I really wanted to sit with her and have like a 24 hours fun talk however I can never talk to her about anything, because she is always wanting to get off the phone so much. I guess that is telling me to save it until hopefully we see each other, every night I always pray for her. And for Blankman to help her finish her work, so she can leave that place. She was supposed to speak with a counselor about her issue however; she has not been able to speak with her. Except once about summer break. During on that time I have been working on getting my license, and getting the hang of college as far as the classes and knowing how to switch classes from different seasons.

Other than that, I will be starting school soon and also my counselor from Job Corps called suddenly. Wanted some update information on me and how things are going. After that she told me to call her back the next day and I did and couldn’t get her, so I didn’t worry about it.

While being at home, things were getting dull and boring, no one online to chat with and no one to talk to. Meanwhile my mum has her friend or boyfriend or whatever you call it keeping her company, and my sister is always out with her friends a lot. And then I am at home sitting like a dunce on the log with nothing, although I did fine someone to chat with on the yahoo messenger. Her name was Ciarra D I added her on yahoo and chatting with her, and gees what is with this girl. She keeps calling me baby a lot. It was getting annoying, and then as I was chatting with her all she was doing is wanted me to get on a webcam site. And well at first I went along with it because I figured that she wanted to me to rate her or something like that. And so she was directing me on it and I came to realize that, it was a setup, so afterwards I canceled my account on their and then my card was declined. What a load of crap, and I made sure that it was first and last thing this was going to happened to me.


A while back, I used to stay on sky land Blvd in Woodlawn Manner apartments. While living there for some time now, I met some play mates to have a good time and hang out with. The first person I met was Mike and Brandon, me and those two had a good time together. We used to wrestle in front of the office were the outside pool was, and then we always used to go at the back of the houses and into the woods. In the woods there was this big tree that we always used to hangout and climb. It was fun, the good times sure does brings me back a bit though. And then I used to go to their house and play video games and just hangout as well. And then one day they moved out, and after that I met another person named Cliff he was about less a year older more like 10 or 7 years old. I was 12 back then, and I and he used to play bey blades a lot. One time, I brought a bey blade stadium. And then a remote control bay blade top, dragoon has always been my favorite bay blade ever.  And slightly Trunzor the phoenix bird, anyhow it was fun we played all day until it was time for us to go back home. And then later I met Chris Jones Which we used to call him CJ for short, me and him and sometimes Cliff comes around. However it was always me and him, I got to know him a little bit better. At first I thought he was the only child however I found out that he had brothers and sisters, but they were not related to him. And my mum met his mum and things went on great. We visit their church, and made their church our church home, and then I and he were always goofy and loved to laugh a lot. And he got to spend a night over my house and I spend the night over his. And his mum was really nice, and well I got to know her a little bit as far as like a short version of her life and stuff. And then later on we came across and met Chris Jones well the same name as CJ he was a mystery quite person yet nice and sometimes in his own way. And then I and CJ and Chris Jones were making plans to go to Kmart to buy some new bey blades. We were trying to go to exchange for another bay blade, so we did and went back home. And well he was going to a dueling tournament at BOOK’s A Million store. And after that we went to his house and sat down and we hung out for a bit. And then we saw his little dog, I think it was like a cocuspanial and a toy puddle put together well I’d say a toy puddle for my guess of choice.


And so CJ was playing with him for a bit and we saw it doing something inappropriate, it was very hilarious though. So we left out the house laughing about it and knowing me and CJ he and his dog was funny combined together. Although at times Chris Jones never or not realizes it, and then days went by. And I met some neighborhood kids, and they were fun to play with me and they played wrestling at the back between apartments and then after that we were playing tag, and I hide myself in between the two drink machines LOL.  I saw them while they walked by, and then I ran to another place where I could not be seen. And then I showed up to them and they saw me and then, we went to their house to help out with the Easter eggs right after we were finished playing outside. So while we were in the house me and the other kids were just joking around, and they were the same age as my little cousin Xavier.

So while we were joking after we finished with the eggs, we went outside and their dad was directing them to clean up their belongings up and put them in the house. And I was giggling so hard and I was holding in my laugh so hard that I was so close to bursting out laughing. And then when I came back to ask if they could come out to play outside, there mother accused me of being a bad influence on them by saying perverted things. And I know it was not true because I would never do anything like that and then she told me that she was going to tell my mum about it. However I knew my mum would kill me for it, and knowing my mum she always believes grownups. So on days went pass and I found out that she never did tell my mum about it.



Later one evening my mum’s brother Zack came over, and we played video games together it was fun. Although any how I was always getting my butt kicked every time, so after a short time of playing. I have Mortal Combat 4 and Killer Instinct. I played killer instinct for a while to get the hang of the moves because at the time I discovered without discovering moves that were awesome.

Anyway after me and my uncle Zack finished playing, suddenly a conversation got started about me having school bullies at West lawn middle school. And Zack wanted me to come to him so I did so and he punched me out so hard I almost puked and then I went outside and he came out and I was running away from him to keep from getting beat up by him. Well he was trying to teach me how to fight and I am not a type to fighting others. After that he told me that I needed to start learning to fight back, and pretty much stop acting like a p***y and grow some balls. Well I am not really on type of a language such as this however it’s pretty much a shorter version of what he was saying. And then after that things got settled and then the next day me and my mum and my sister went over to my mum’s brothers house (Zack) and I met his son named whanye. He was the age around again like my cousin Xavier, and I saw him play Super Mario 64, it was a fun game not to mansion CJ had it too also I had Super Mario golf. At the time it was the only game I had, it was fun sometimes and sometimes it wasn’t. So, after that I started to play and sooner or later I got the hang of it. After that I was talking to my uncle’s older daughter, and she was talking about some of the students that I used to go to school with and so on after that I was browsing outside and this guy I don’t know what his name was but he and I were walking around. Then after that I headed back before my uncle kills me if you get what I’m saying, allow me to describe him for you so that you will understand in such simple words. He was about 7,2ft tall and he is a drinker and a smoker, the environment of him was like type that would get pissed easily and pound you until your no more. Not saying he is like that just it is the way he seemed like at times. Anyway, after we had a good time I met some of his friends their names were…… Well, Vick was the only name I knew. Their others I forgot LOL, so they all hung out at my house and then his house and smoked and drank beers. And sometimes they played spade cards, and play football, while either I stood there and watched or either played with whanye. And well whanyes older sister her name was Shell.


Chapter 14

Trash and rules


Do you wish that during the times when you were a little kid, that you wish you grew up faster or either wished you were at a certain age so that way you wouldn’t have to be dealing with mum and her bossy rules. Just like wanting to go to wonderland, such a place of no rules now one is bulling you and more going to bed at neither a certain time nor getting up at a certain time well yeah, I know it sucks. Back at the time as far as I can remember, I was 7 years old going to headstart elementary school. And well, I was a bad student people couldn’t wait to get me off their hands. Which I can pretty much tell that they had no means of patients with children. So I was like any normal child would be a pain in the a*s, although I wouldn’t go that far with that, the teacher took me to the classroom to another teacher, and she had a paint brush. And man she took the wooden part of it and it me on the knuckles with it, and then when I got home my mum was like a monster when she was disciplines me. Although later I will explain that, anyways on and off I was good and I was bad in school. As growing up through life, I realized that I only wanted to be accepted. And needed some attention, my mum thought that something was wrong with me in which case it was. Though for some time now recently I knew that it was the cost of why I was a trouble maker.


By that time when I was again 15 years old I was staying beside some neighbors I knew, and every since we stayed in Olympia Village. And well it was nice just a lot of drama going on that’s all, and well one night there was a terrible storm passing by. And the wind was so strong that I thought, a tornado was going to come towards my area.  Every morning I used to catch the school bus to school in Birmingham Homewood, and Homewood high school do not have any bus transportation. So my mum had to make reservations. Yup, and one time I never forget we all had an assembly at the auditorium and they had at school that is called a pep rally. Although at the time I didn’t know what a pep rally was, but later on I found about it. And so the pep rally lasted about 20 30 or pretty much the half of class time. Usually we have it on Fridays occasionally. Whenever we won a game or something, at the time I was hanging out with Jason Shubert me and him laugh and goofed a bit. And every time I laugh he starts to look at me for a minute and start to laugh and then I always say, ‘’OK LADIES AND GENTLEMAN LETS HAVE A MOMENT OF SILENCE.’’ And then he starts laughing and I did too it was fun, and I met some of his friends and always tell jokes random jokes. Pretty much to fit in the group because I got tired of always not having any friends, so there I was talking during the whole time in lunch. And I didn’t have the time to eat my lunch and at the time we had good lunch too.


Well *signs* I noticed that every time on the menu we always had French fries it was awesome. I never came across a school that has French fries every single day and then when the new principal go elected there goes the kicker; instead we stopped having French fries because of health issues in school and then we ended up not having a party celebration in the math section no more it was terrible. Though he seems nice, it would be cooler if he was not taking all of the good rules out.

 The worse thing about it was, afterwards everything changed after that it was like a total

new experience for me. After that later on he came to speak to me during classes change, I guess he was trying to get to know me.


As pretty much as I asked myself what else could happen? Who know?



Chapter 15

What else could happen?


Surely it has been months now since I have left Great Onyx job corps. During all of my times staying here at home I begin to feel that being a home body is not going good for me. And I felt as though out of everything I have learned is slipping away. I was never happy since I have been home, and the feeling of being back didn’t seem pleasant to me at all. Things have changed just as I thought even what I have imagined; I didn’t like the looks of it either. My mum suddenly met this guy named Joe, and he seemed to be a pleasant guy very nice. And hardworking, though I had some suspensions about him though. Even though I didn’t go that far with it however, he comes over numerous of times and stayed. One night I found out that he was sleeping with my mum, and they were not even married yet. I couldn’t understand why, and she claims that she do not believe in shaken and doing sexual things. And when I asked if my girlfriend about coming over to visit to meet my mum and my sister an also my grandmother, she refused to allow her to come over I was upset that day. Although she has friend Joe if you wanna call it that and I didn’t like the fact that she allows him to sleep with her knowing the fact that they are not married yet. I am pretty sure the Lord Jesus doesn’t approve of this either however mum is careless not to mansion. He is not a type that spends time with kids, at the moment I know he doesn’t anyway. I do not like anyone as a step father anymore so it matters little to me. Although I hope to get all the help from her I can get so that I can get my own apartment. Before things gets hectic even more around here, and to top it all off

I do not like the guy anyways. No hard feelings, he comes over here every single day and then he asks way to many questions on where things are and since he has been  coming over here a while, he should know where stuff is.


And one night I was talking to my fiancé on the phone and she just hung the phone up on me because of a pizza party that they were having, I called and called and I finally got her. She told me the good news that she is in full time G.E.D class and she tapped out of Mr. Bonners class which thank God, not to mansion she is going on a six mile road and then after that she is getting her driver’s license. I was so proud of her and I told her to keep up the good work. She went on to say that she is not only getting her G.E.D but her high school diploma also. Once you add 5 to 4 credits that’s 9 total. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go on with this and she replied yes. So I told her to keep focusing on her work and when she gets out of their I can go the school in peace. Of course though she has been talking to me daily instead of occasionally. Which the whole time I have noticed it; she told me she didn’t like talking on telephones because she can’t see the person that she is talking too. That didn’t make any since however she has been talking to me on the bay phone for a while and didn’t seem to have any problems with it until now. Sometimes to be honest I can never understand her and these so called new moods that she has now. She was not like that since we started dating, it was strange I am begin to feel that she is not telling me all about herself more than what she is now. I noticed that she changed gradually since she been on G.O. and I didn’t like the looks of it somehow though. But I just hope she is when it comes to relations like she say she is so far the things I have been told and knowing at the times that she was always in a hurry to go somewhere, I was talking to believe in mind of what people on G.O. has been telling me. Though she is not mindful of telling me on certain things. Blankman feels that Shannon was trying to go back to James Tuner but they nicknamed him kira, and I called and told him not to quote on the comments and to talk to her about it whenever he gets the chance to talk to her.


I am starting college soon and I am quite nervous for my first time, I got a free college T �" shirt though. I guess it was pretty cool; I still had to go and put in for my school books though. Oh yeah one night my sister came over and invited some of her friends over. This one girl was claiming that do I remember her when I do not; she turned on the hallway light on and acted kind of weird though I left in time anyways.

So while I was sitting on my computer typing my mum asked me a random question and I asked afterwards of why and she claims that she was just asking, and not to mansion she asked me was I was sleeping with my girlfriend at school. So anyways it none of her business anyways and I said to myself, that’s a random question out of nowhere to be asking me what I was laughing at. The she is at times makes me feel like a limited child or something me, being a home body is really destroying me right now I wish I could get my license right now so I can go places although a stick shift I do not like it and a stick shift is not for everybody you know?


To be continued…..

















© 2010 Nicaushio Yamaki

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i am and also i am selling it on

Posted 9 Years Ago

you had such an interesting life, and you should make it into a book!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I'm glad your going to continue this, I love it, like I said, you should make it into a book :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

I like how you writing about yourself. It makes me wanna chill with you. I enjoy it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

To be continued? Great!
Excellent work, really direct, straight to the point and holds the attention from word go!

Posted 9 Years Ago

once again, nice job. and you're planning to write some more? great!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Nicaushio Yamaki
Nicaushio Yamaki


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