SWICK: Swallowed in Black VOL 15

SWICK: Swallowed in Black VOL 15

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki

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               Swallowed In Black

                    VOL 15


1)    Across the forest



As I walk through

The wondrous valley


I began to see my

Foot steps

Decaying the fields

And everything all

Around it


Lore to my throat

Yet swallowed by my

Death of grace


As the ring remains

Silent as the longer

My day gives



2)    Catacombs


No longer will ever see

Just as the measures

In death I’ve become


A time to sleep in

Perpetual sleep


Falling be thy name

In my ears to

Utter silence


Breathing evil

From the night

Of darkness


As death comes with a nock

To a door in the next life

The more I lore



This darkness the pain

Has tormented me

To my doom


In the shadows of

A mystic place

My well being

Is dying in

Everything around

It that touches

Voice in the wind


Bring me my peace

And forever shall I

Sleep the secret

Of pain relies on



3)    Untold Tale


As I awake to

My only forgotten

Blacken might


My plea becomes

As fragile

Than the sight

I see


My triumph in this

Deadly world

Curse it be

The one to blame


Into the dawn of my

Sin I may I toss

Into the pit

Of emptiness


Look at me

As though I am

In the eye of



I can see you justice

Has risen from

The pit of



 Rip this vessel

In the lies of

The flowing winds


Evilness against

The light


Go fourth into

This pain for

I have not told you

Nothing less

No longer


The claws of wrath

Sinks though

My soul as I

Have passed away

For my second



Such a murderous

Nightmare haunting



My cry is fragile

To the blood

That cries out

To me


4)   Days of silence


Such a shining

Voice upon me

Yet the more

I scurry away


Taking to tragic

In dismay

We fall for our



In solitude all I see

Is empty piles

Of crusty days

In the trees of the



Come into my sight

Of blindness and give me

Your hand of mercy

Let my die


For I shall not rise

Anymore to my

Will in grace


As the death shines

The will of all is

Doomed again


As I fall into

Your arms of light

I hold on to

All that’s lost as

I cry from within

Though my cries

Are unheard of my soul

Drowns deeper

 In pain


5)    Mirrors of faces


Look into me

See my vessel is

Drowning in the



Behind my sight

Lies a curtain

Of discord


As I walk into the terror

Soughing the only

Might of my

Days in Shekels 


Number of my days

I am weak as

The clouds of sadness

As they roar upon



In the skies frowning

All around me

The key to my

Path has crumbled



My tears are



In the terrors of the dark

I only seen myself


In the pain of



Mercy lore unto

The one to be

Punished dearly


As I walk, I see the graven

Of death as it stares

Back at me


Oh the betrayal that

I’ve became

As long as the

Clinging souls

Remains unsound

The more my life remains

To walk forever

As he remains

In the shadows


Through this

Terror I



6)   Secret whispers


Walking into this tragedy

Hating all that’s left



Devourer the lore

Of shame into

This darken pit


Such a betrayal of a murder

That has been hidden

From this guilty

Blood shed


The closer the murderer

The closer to my throat

Of the knife of



Treading to waste me into

Ground with his

Blade of sin

To my neck


Falling as nothing

Is in the light

Looking up into

Utter blackness

Of terror


Oh how the murderer

Creeps into the shadows

After he shed my blood

In the mist of the

Darken pain


As I close my eyes to death

The more lesser I have

Become in my own



A murderer walking

Into the meadows

As the door opens

For the kill


No time to run

Into the house as

The woman sleeps

In her peace


So quit as the murderer

Comes when her live

Is being taken



As her blood crumbles

For mercy on the ground

No one hears her

Secret whispers.


So silent nor can

It be stayed

Forever more


7)    Unknown mortal


Through the storm

A melody never

Been heard


Clashing into the

Depts. Of his own



A mystic shadow

Never sees his own

Steps in his



How can I be so?

Fragile as they



In many times

Through a lonely night

His pleas

To the skies on his



Come to me in the


Let our might

Rest upon the

Clouds that falls

On our heads


Day by night fall

Thou will rise again

My feet scream

Through my sight


8)   A loss to love

Once and for all

I sink into despair

Among the darkness


Faith to be the one

To shine guilty

In this cold



As I cry over again

To the one I

Can never forget


I fail to move on

Hoping for the

Next person

To shine

On me


My hope is lost in

All of what I hold dearly

In my hands of



                         My meadows have

Been burned all

Around me


Even though my

Heart is torn with

Tears forever

Would I be lost?

In this tragic world


My vessel falls in the

Darkened pit of



Never know why I

Can’t hold until

My vessel breaks


As I mourn my frozen

Tears becomes

Like a dusky

Statue that crumbles



Beyond the pain of loss

I see a guiding light

The one and only

To shine my

Sorrow away


Walking through the

Path of blood

Many are crying out for me

Though I am weak in this

Moment of destiny


Sometimes I wonder

Why my past

Does not break


Through this storm of

Blackness, a killer

Of himself


Claims his victim

Of rage in his



My love is lost forever

My hope is to see her

Again one more

In the next world

















© 2011 Nicaushio Yamaki

Author's Note

Nicaushio Yamaki

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Nicely written about love and its hurtful moments. Last two lines were the best in my opinion. "Again no more in the next world" Seemed like lyrics to a Katy Perry song WHICH i liked about it. :) I love this.

- Jade

Posted 10 Years Ago

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incredible write!!! love the darkness of it and your style.

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Posted 11 Years Ago

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brilliant write! loved the catacomb one and mirrors of faces - but all of them are just great - the dark tone indeed - melodic undertones too - nice!

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Posted 11 Years Ago

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WOW! This is one amazingly written and composed piece. I love the dark and yet serene calm to it. Perfect start and an even better ending. I am blown away by this piece. Well done hun. :)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 11 Years Ago

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