SWICK: A Deadman's Prophecy VOL 16

SWICK: A Deadman's Prophecy VOL 16

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki

MY new last album for now. Enjoy



A DEAdMAN’s prophecy

VOL 16




1)    Unliving words


Through this temper

 Soughing my own death

As my words

Begins to break


For a rage of blood

For bloody eyes

Into my words


With these chains

Of sorrow

My lore is silent

In time

My victory crumbles

Like a foundation

Of my soul


In my time, I have fall

Once again in the

Harken misery

Of my Woes


In my pain

I suffered alone

May I ever see the will?

To the other side


This voice of death

Poisons the ears of a

Deaf in dismay

As I lay

In the wicked ashamed

My words spread like

Leaves into the



In my whispers you

May become the one

To know


2)    The Promise


Gain me a chance to

To show my bidding

Let me tell you

My words


As the flock grows

The cattle strays

Into a slaughter

For a fake wish

Of their desires


Will you carry me?

Through this silent rage

In my eyes


The skies look down on me

 As the meadows turns to

Blackness in my



A precious thing with bitter

In greed as you

Wonder why you

Are fading way


In nothingness my

Soul remains no

Longer my words

Are forever exist

With a dying wish


Closing my eyes I see

My death in an

Endless stream

Even though

I crawl into a snout

Of my

Weaken river

Of deception


Sovereign in this pain

With these evil aches

Of shekels around



Curse it be my own sorrow

In guilt my words will

Flourish to a warning

In remedy hymn


3)    Oracle


As I should have known

My will to see my way

Through this darken



In the beginning I was

Cast in my endless pit

Of torment through

My eyes in



Cast your souls into

A stream of blackness

While the wind is silent

My voice is heard no longer

To be known by sight


In my sink of destruction

I will die in living

In this tragic



Selfish as I become

When in reality I was

Warned by the

Words of salvation

In my favor


How can you see?

When your eyes are struck

In blackness


Enduring in your own

Mouths you set to

Turn into the leaves

With the wind

Of voices


My guidance is stretching me

Heart alive to fall

Wilting in my shame of



Let my sleepless days

And night become your

Peace for the pain

That I’ve cost

In you


Let it be in thy name

For I will perish my ways

My bitterness shall come

To an end


As I rest in peace

Forever more




4)    Dying vision

Come with me

To the way you first swarm

Into your pain

Knowing to die for

In shame with you frozen



Once before I heard you

Cry out

To a voice in wishes

To a mouth that

Pukes his own blood

In agony


Since I was living

Many had left me as a

Mist shadow


Yet I was cast out

Into the brink

Of blackness


You once died

With no memory

Of no one

As you try to give

You pity

 To cats and dogs

Of a traitor


The words of wisdom

Becomes of a wish

To the weak that receives

His revenge


In the darkness night

The clock rings

For the dead in truth

Turning to the next world

I will be there to

To avenge your words

As my own


Life in bringing

Has become obscured

Reality of my fathers

Death in remedy


5)    Loneliness


My light has dimed in blackness

My heart has stopped

Peace came into chaos


Pain, sorrow of cries

In the peace of a voice

The moon as I watch

Turn into blood


For all the demons to gather

In times of harvest

A ghost clingy

Together in to the

 Fathomless lore


Meadows of sweet

Becomes a burning

In anger


Will I ever see my light?

Of peace

Forever I have been

In this darken prison

Bounded by my own



As my works in faith

Goes to waste like

Leaves into the wind

Of the autumn


The dreams of bitterness

Tortures me in many

As I plea for my relief

In mercy


On the ground my soul

Forever shattered

In my addition

With a ghost


I wonder why the voice

Does not crumble



As my numbers fall

I will be a shell looking

For a way to fulfill in my

Deeds as willing

To carry innocent blood

In my hands


6)    Lost letter


As I write into my heart

The sea carries my words

To its place


For so long the

Not a another word

Was written

Only silence


Throughout my days

Of slumber and hopes

I wait for that time

To come


As I have never known it

Will be as longer then

I confound it

To be


This secret of me heart

In time of need

It has been too



I never seen the bright

Of a shell for years

I have hoped until

My days have

Finally passed



In times of peace

My mind wonders

Of you


Into the endless nights

I wonder as I toss and turn

In worry in blindness

Like a lost

Child for a mothers’



In the coldest days

I sought a vision

Of you


 And still only just an

Illusion was kept

Within me


My rivers have frozen

In the eyes of sorrow

Of not seeing you



For so many times

My mind fails to

Be strong


In this heart I write

To you my peace

And joy


As you go alone so will

My love in hunger

For a wing

Of shelter


And now I have faded away

These words of my heart

You hold is my last

Words of plea

To your wish


In you I will always

Remain forever

Even in death

I must pay to leave

This place


To the other side

For another greater



7)    A voice of hymn





8)    Inerty


Where my coming ends

Meet will he still

Be here?


My soul is in doubt of your

Presence as I groan into

The silence


Like a guiltless fool in the dark

When I awake to scorn

The moving wall in my



With my hands tied in my

Will I ever yarn to my

Last wish?


In circles my eyes

Are conceived in colors

Of this world


In this world when the howl

Sounds in my death

Of a last word


For any guilt in despair

I will be thrown forever

Sealed in shadows


As I lay low of my burdens

My heart longs for

Another vessel

For endurance

Even though my feet has

Stumbled across a

Treachery path


My soul is still thrown

In their though

I sought not to

Be a conflict


As though my

Wilderness speaks

Trembling with every



Never again will I gain

More in my own ways

That brings



Will you hear the

Voice that drives you

To the path of light


In the meadows of

Living grown

In the hour


Sleeping as my work

Prospers in the sight

Of a fool


9)      Tears of Flake


Coming into this wager

My name is slashed in

The blood of my sorrow

Cursing the world

In my wickedness


In sought of famine

I have been to

Deaf to hear

My tones to the

Voice of triumph


Such a dark secret

In the highest hill

Where the lies

Grow into



Honey combs in bitter

Death with a fatal

Tale in evil

In the bowels

Of my schemes


You told me once that

I shall never

Plea like an evil

Wind on a glass mirror

To be foiled


Could this be my

Own hand?

Could this be a

Dark blood that is

Never gone?


For as long

The battle starts

For its end, a

 Hope can no longer

Be stayed



© 2011 Nicaushio Yamaki

Author's Note

Nicaushio Yamaki
This will be my new album for now due to complications, but I will be back with another new album real soon.

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