A Poem by Winterflower

He -- had an eye for the little world,

things beyond the looking glass

charm, strange, up down


She--had her mind set for the big universe

things beyond the cracked pavement

of her little hamlet

Cities, countries, continents!


How could two people

From such different frames of reference



He--was a physicist.

Thought he saw in her a machine,

A little forest of cogs and wheels

to turn at his every whim.


She -- was a dreamer.

She saw in him her ticket out,

a leap out of the abyss


He --thought about strings

The strings of the universe,

the arteries that pulse with hadrons and mesons


She -- wove her dreams into the strings

of her Steinway & Sons.

Tapped them with her fingers

on the black and ivory teeth.


No strings attached.


And like two antiparticles,

a positron and an electron,

They collide in their passion

to consume each other

With hatred.

Day after day.


There is no error correcting code now.

No formula, no algorithm.

Just the faint hum of quarks and bosons.

And their hearts float with feathery


Into the deep sleep of the dark silence.

© 2010 Winterflower

Author's Note

I've never been much of a poet, but I like the idea of using physical principles to speak about human relationships/the human condition. Please don't hate me because I am inexperienced, but feel free to be as blunt and straightforward as needed.

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Dear Winterflower,

No hatred here, believe me. And take it from a physicist, you did a fine job of weaving in the physics.

My relationship with Rosalinda, my wife of nearly 40 years, is much the same. Most would say we are a successful couple, having survived all these years, and this is unquestioningly true. We fit together. But not in the normal way, perhaps. I am the unequivocal scientist. She is the artist. We definitely do not see the world in the same way. But this makes it interesting. We are both extremely strong willed. Perhaps I am a bit the stronger, but that can't be by much, if at all.

And yes, physics is a world behind a looking glass (I love Carroll). Have a look at some of my physics poems on WC. Perhaps you might like "Epic", but there are others. And if you want to see how I think my love affair is with Rosalinda, check out my only love poem to her, "Boundless Love".

All the best. I really enjoyed this! High marks for the correct use of physics in an unusual setting. Well done.


Posted 11 Years Ago

He --thought about strings
The strings of the universe,
the arteries that pulse with hadrons and mesons

I enjoyed this but one thing what is a Mesons?
I loved the write. Flowed so well.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on August 7, 2010
Last Updated on August 7, 2010
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