Cold Water Fixes Everything [2]

Cold Water Fixes Everything [2]

A Story by ShAdOw

I sighed as I made my way to math. I hated algebra the first time and when I found out there was a part 2 Jr year I almost collapsed.

I walked into class and sat down in the back. We had a sub today and I didn�t feel like doing much for some reason .I guess I had trouble concentrating because of last period and the whole Kyle thing, so I figured id sit in the back and I wouldn�t get called on as frequently. I was right. Mr. Elliot, the substitute, didn�t call on me the whole time. The sub had given a math sheet and before I knew it I was done with it. I didn�t even remember starting. I looked at the clock. We had 2 minutes before the bell rang. I packed up my things and when the bell rang I walked to my locker. Ashley met me there. She was as jubilant as ever.

"Finally its lunch time" she exaggerated

I nodded my head trying to open my sticky lock on my locker. I pulled it free and put my books inside.

"Hey" she waved her hand in front of my face. She snapped her fingers.

"Huh" I shot up hitting my head on the top of my locker.

Just then the new guy from my world history class walked by laughing and shaking his head. I rubbed the back of my head scowling at him

"ARE YOU OK!" Ashley said frantically

"Oww" I said " yeah I'm alright " I grumbled annoyed.

"What�s with you today?" she asked

"Nothing I guess i'm just tired " I said shrugging

She shook her head and we walked to lunch. As we went through the lunch line she chattered on about english and how her teacher was totally crazy. I grabbed an orange, a salad, and lemonade and headed towards our table with Ashley. I sat down and started peeling my orange.

"So there�s this new guy in my english class,� she said happily

I looked up.

" He has spikey blonde hair and he is totally hot" she said

"Yeah he sits behind me in world history. What�s his name?"

"Tyson" she sighed and smiled

I wrinkled my nose

"What?" she asked

"Nothing" I shook my head

Before she could question me the bell rang and I walked to class. I sat down in Spanish.

"Hola clase" Senora Skinner said

"Hola Senora Skinner" The class replied robotically

I sighed bored and I stared out the window. I wished I could be outside, it was such a beautiful day. It would have been nice to lie in the sun.

"Class we have a new student" Senora Skinner announced and my head snapped up.

She pointed out a boy with short brown hair. He looked up and smiled shyly.

"This is Matt" she smiled and pointed to him

He looked over to me and gave another smile then dropped his eyes to his paper. My cheeks turned crimson and I ducked my head. Senora Skinner instructed us to get partners and everyone stood up. I watched as the class started to form clicks. I looked over to Leann, she was the smartest girl in the class so she was out. The Ali twins were already attached at the hip. I looked and saw Brittney and Whitney were jubilantly translating a page already. I scanned the room and turned around to sit down deciding to just do the paper on my own but Matt had moved my desk and another vacant desk together already and was sitting in them. Now, instead me of being a normal person and smiling sweetly at him as I flipped my hair seductively and sat down, I was me and I tripped over my own foot and almost landed on my face but he somehow got up out of the seat and caught me. I shook my head confused and then remembered my manners.

"Thanks" I said smiling

" No problem" he smiled

I smiled

"So, will you um be my partner? " he smiled sweetly

"Sure" I smiled.

We got to work translating. He was so quick and every now and then he would stop himself and smile.

"Sorry if I�m going fast" he said embarassed

I was in a daze

"Oh no its okay. Where did you learn Spanish like that?" I asked snapping back to the real world

'I spent a ...few.. years in Spain" he said laughing to himself as if he was enjoying a personal joke.

I shook my head and went back to translating.

"Baila conmigo mi amor" I said to myself

I started to translate it and I got stuck

"It means dance with me my love" Matt said

We seemed to be in our own world.

The bell rang and I jumped. I quickly started to pack up

"Nice meeting you" I called over my shoulder

"You too" he said and I rushed off to class

© 2008 ShAdOw

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