Cold Water Fixes Everything [4]

Cold Water Fixes Everything [4]

A Story by ShAdOw

I walked inside and into the kitchen. I dropped my bag on the floor and read the note on the fridge1


Dad's working late on a case at the office and im showing houses until 9, then I have some sales portfolios to finish. Ill be home around 11 or 12. Dinners in the fridge.


I opened the fridge. I pulled out the plate labeled 'dinner'. It looked like someone had eaten it then decided they wanted to put it all back on the plate.

'Gross! Tuna casserole again' I thought to myself

I threw the globby mess down the garbage disposal and ordered take out Chinese food.

When the food got here I plopped down on the couch and ate my orange chicken and rice. I grabbed my fortune cookie and opened it excited to see my "fortune" It said..

"Things aren�t always what they seem, be careful who you trust"

I looked at the cryptic note. What ever happened to

"The rolling stone gathers no moss". I tossed the paper aside and picked up my take-out mess. I threw it away in the outside garbage can so my mom wouldn�t know I didn�t eat her "tuna-caserole-if-you-dont-eat-me-ill-eat-you" dinner. I didn�t have the heart to tell her that she COULD NOT cook at all.

I grabbed my backpack and headed upstairs to my room. I sat down at my desk and started my World History homework. When I finished my work I walked across the hall with my toiletry bag. I turned on the shower and let it get nice and steamy. I brushed my teeth and hopped in the shower, when I got out I put on an old football jersey and some sweats that had been cut into shorts. I fell onto my bed and clicked off my lamp. I rolled over and tried to sleep.

I awoke when I heard a crash in the middle of the night. I wrenched up in my sleep and yanked my light on. My lamp that sat in the corner in my room had fallen over...or been knocked over. I looked at the clock it was 1:30 am. I grabbed the baseball bat from under my bed and a flashlight and walked out of my room. I walked into my parents room and to my surprise...neither of them were home. I turned on all the lights but no one was there. I turned and went back to my room. I picked up my lamp and shoved the flashlight and the baseball bat back under my bed. I layed down in bed but out of the corner of my eye I swear I saw a shadow move outside my window. I didn�t pull back the curtains to look.

'But I am on the second story so unless somebody who is 12 feet tall is outside my window..'' I said to myself.

I heard a sound of a twig snapping and then it was silent. I shook my head

" Lexie you�re losing it." I said to myself.

Just then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. They were slow and heavy. I heard them enter the hall and then they were right outside my doorway. I grabbed my bat. The knob slowly turned and the door opened. I held my breath,

" Are you still awake? "My startled dad said

I lowered my bat.

"Whats going on hunny?" my dad asked

"Nothing dad my lamp fell over and it woke me up and then I thought I saw...nevermind..Just go to bed dad,� I said letting it go

"Hunny it�s freezing in here why do you have your window open,� my dad said closing the window

My heart rate spiked

"But I didn�t...I mean I just wanted some fresh air" I said and layed down

"Night Lex" my dad said kissing my forehead

"Night" I said

I layed my bat next to me in my bed. I know I didn�t open that window. Im always cold I would never open that window...especially at night.

I sank back into my bed and took deep breaths and tried to sleep. No use.

Finally I gave up on sleep and got out of bed at 5:30. I showered and even took the time to blow-dry and straighten my hair. I walked to my desk in my room and put on a light layer of face makeup and mascara. I put on a pale blue skirt and a white spaghetti strap with a pale blue one over it to match. I put on a long silver necklace that wrapped around twice. I painted my nails black and grabbed my bag. I definitely never took this much time to get ready. I walked downstairs. It was 6:30 and my dad was eating breakfast. My mom came downstairs kissed us each on the cheek while talking on her cell phone. She grabbed coffee and waved bye to us as she left.

Ashley picked me up around 7 and we headed off to school.

"W-o-w" she exaggerated the syllables

"What?" I asked

"What�s the occasion? You look HOT!" she said approving

"Um nothing I just had a lot of extra time this morning" I said

"You�re going to need a bodyguard today!" she said

"WHY?" I said frantically thinking she knew about last night

"Because all the guys are going to be chasing you,� she said not noticing my tone

I calmed down.

"What was with you yesterday? You didn't even sit by me in math" she said

I remembered I had totally forgot about Ash being in my math class

"I'm sorry I had just been totally zoning,� I laughed

"Its okay" we arrived at the school

"Well see you in 3rd" I said

"K" she said

I walked to my locker grabbed my book. Then I went into World history and saw that Tyson had moved from the desk behind me to the desk next to me.

"Hey Lexie" he said with a warm smile

"Hey Tyson" I said returning the smile

I sat down and opened my book. It was reading day where the whole class read 3 chapters in the World History book. Every now and then I would sneak a peek at Tyson. He looked so perfect. I was concentrating on not staring but it was hard.

The bell rang and I went to grab my book but Tyson some how grabbed it before I could.

"HEY!" I said

He laughed

"Where to?" he said smiling and holding the book away from me.

"My locker." I said scowling playfully

We walked to my locker together and Jennifer stopped and stared with her mouth open. Tyson put in my locker combo and put the book inside and then shut my locker.

"Thanks" I said

"No problem" he said smiling

"Heyyyy Tyson" Jennifer came up and put her hands over his eyes

"Hey Jennifer" he said smiling

She looked at me reproachfully. I smiled nicely.

"Well I have to go see you Tyson,� I said walking off to class

"Lexie wait" he called after me

"Its okay stay and talk I don�t mind" I said walking backwards.

I turned around and walked into my classroom. I sat down at my Biology table and Kyle came scooting next to me.

"Hey" he said. He looked at my outfit and smiled.

"What?" I asked

" Nothing" he said and nudged me

"Your such a dork." I said

Then the teacher called the class to attention. She started her boring lesson and I tried to stay awake. No such luck. I awoke to Kyle nudging me. The bell was about to ring.

"Oh my god did I fall asleep" I said frantic

"Yeah but don�t worry no body noticed..except me" he said

I sighed and rubbed my eyes

"Are you okay?" he asked

"Yeah...ill tell you in 5th period k" I said and walked off to math.

I sat down next to Ashley. .put my head down and slept. She woke me up when we were doing group work and I helped her finish the page. After all I was a math whiz. The bell rang and we went to lunch. I felt much more energized. We sat down at our table and ate and chattered on about boys.

"Come on tell me please...who do you like!!" Ashley begged

"No I told you its complicated." I told her

"Whhhyyyyyy" she whined

"Because even if I was interested in them they wont be interested back so forget it,� I said

"Them?" she said smiling

"Yeah... " I admitted

" Oh my god its been FOREVER since you have had a crush and now you have more than one and you wont tell me!!!" she squealed

"It doesn�t matter because they are way to perfect,� I said sadly

" Is Tyson one of them??" she asked smiling

"I dont know I never really thought of him.. He seems nice but he is Jennifer�s territory and I don�t feel like being on her bad side." I stated

"Jennifer Smennifer...if you like him you like him...she cant change that" she said

"I know but I kind of have my eye on other people." I said

"Oh gosh Lexie tell me!!" she begged

I made a gesture of me zipping my lips.

"Ill tell you later k,� I said and the bell rang

I walked off to Spanish. When I walked in Matt was sitting in the empty desk next to mine.

"Hey Lexie!" he said

"Hey Matt" I smiled

"Wow you look.... gorgeous" he said smiling

"Thanks." I said blushing and sitting down.

We worked together on the Actividad Preliminar and then Mrs. Skinner asked for the class�s attention.

"So in light of the great grades you had on your quizzes yesterday...yes those papers were quizzes I just didn�t tell you...I've decided to have a modeling day where you will read out loud to the class about what the person on the run way is wearing in Espanol!! Then you and your partner will model while other people read your papers. We will model to Spanish music and have a FIESTA!!" she said clapping her hands.

Matt and I looked at each other and laughed. Ms. Skinner brought out 3 HUGE boxes of clothes for everyone to put on and dress up with. I chose a large feathery Pink boa with sparkly black huge sunglasses, some black high heels, and a black skirt with a pink tube top with sequins. Matt chose a black tux with a pink tie and a pink pin striped hat and a cane. Everything was flashy and funny and we had a blast dancing down the runway after everyone. We even had a conga line. We all changed back into our clothes, collected our homework and left class when the bell rang. Matt and I were still laughing and singing 'Baila Conmigo' on our way to art.

"Why are you too so happy?" Kyle asked

"Nothing we just had a fun time." I said

I sat down next to Kyle.

"Man its freezing in here" I said

"I know Miss Jenoe...your very observant...but the district controls the temperature in here and my ex-wife works there and decides that it should be arctic in my classroom so...bring a jacket from now on" The teacher said and walked to his desk.

I shivered and I looked to Kyle who was shrugging out of his jacket.

"Here" he said handing his jacket to me

"No, keep it you�ll get cold" I said

"Lexie trust me I'm fine.. you on the other hand are shaking," he made me put the jacket on.


"Hey Lexie" Tyson greeted me as he sat down

"Hey" I said

When I put the jacket on I noticed it was cold. Like he just took it out of a freezer cold. I shivered again and tried to focus.

"Now we�re going to be painting our sculptures today" the teacher said and handed out the pots and some paint.

I painted mine blue with one line of green wrapping around it. I smiled at my work

When I was finished I washed up and got ready to go. The bell rang and the boys followed behind me to my locker. Kyle however had walked next to me and put his arm around me. I took off his jacket and gave it to him as we walked outside.

"The car's this way Lexie" Tyson said pointing left

"Really you don�t have to give me a ride I'm fine." I said

"Come on Lex" Kyle pulled me toward the car

"Lexie I'm happy to drive you home." Tyson said smiling

Kyle got in then Matt got in and this time it was Matt in the middle.

'HAH' I thought to myself.

Matt smirked. He grabbed my waist and slid me onto his lap then slid out from under me to put me in the middle. I laughed. Darn another day another Lexie sandwich I didn�t mind though. There were no complaints here.

© 2008 ShAdOw

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This really is a cute story, can't wait to read more.

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