Cold Water Fixes Everything [5]

Cold Water Fixes Everything [5]

A Story by ShAdOw

I crossed my arms over my chest and stuck my tongue out at Matt.

He laughed. Kyle stretched out his arm and put it around my shoulders again and rubbed my shoulders with his hands.

"Are you warm enough?" he asked

"Yeah but your hands are freezing. What are you? Dead? Geez!" I said jokingly as I nudged him

Kyle let out a small forced-like laugh as he pulled his hand off of me. I saw Tyson look in his rear view mirror at Kyle. He gave him a look I didn�t quite understand. Kyle lowered his head a bit and put his hands in his pockets.

"What?" I looked to Matt and then to Kyle

" I was joking... Did I say something wrong?" I said afraid I offended Kyle.

"No" Matt said and he didn�t pick up the subject

This cryptic crap was starting to get old. I let it go because it wasn�t my business. But my heart was starting to get involved so I wanted it to be my business.

'Great now there mad at me' I said in my head

We arrived at my house and I slid over Matt and got out.

"Thank you Tyson.. You really baby me too much." I said smiling

He smiled back

"No problem." he said

I waved bye to the other boys and walked into my house. I flopped on my couch and fell asleep. I woke up in my bed at 4 am still fully dressed. My dad must have carried me to bed. I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my jeans and fell back asleep. My alarm went off at six and I got out of bed. I showered and felt refreshed. I needed those extra hours of sleep. I went to my room and put on some jeans and a tee shirt that was black and in white writing said "Its Not A Phase" and walked down stairs. I put on my converse and grabbed my bag and a granola bar. My cell phone rang

"Hello?" I said

"Hey Hun its me" Ashley said

"Oh hey where are you? " I said

"I�m sick sorry about the ride,� she said sneezing

"Don�t worry its no problem..I hope you feel better..ill bring you chunky monkey ice cream later k" I said

"Thanks you rock" she said

"k bye" I said


I clicked my phone shut and walked outside. There was a car in my driveway. It was the Black Tahoe that Tyson drove. He rolled down the window...

"Need a ride?" he asked

"How�d you know?" I asked

"I didn�t?" He said a bit confused. I shook my head and got into the car.

When I got in I sat behind Matt and Kyle. I could see they were confused by this action but for some reason I was angry with them. I was angry at the apparent secret they were keeping from me, and that they thought they couldn�t trust me with it. I knew it was stupid but it was how I felt.

"Morning" Kyle turned and smiled

I didn�t make eye contact

"Morning" I said automatically replying

We got to the school and I walked in.

"Thanks Tyson'' I called over my shoulder and walked to my locker.

I grabbed my World History book out and shut my locker. I looked back to see Kyle flirting with a sophomore I knew named Nancy. She was a tall brunette soccer player. She was smiling and he was teasing her. I was furious and I didn�t know why. I felt a lump rise in my throat and I walked into class not bothering to say hi to Tyson.

"Hi to you too" he said sarcastically

I shook my head holding back my angry tears.

"Whoa whoa whoa...hold on are you okay?" he asked worried

' NO I AM NOT OKAY!' I screamed in my head

I shook my head yes and dropped my head to the table.

'I feel like I've just been hit with a Semi-Truck' I thought

"Stop lying. What happened?" he said kneeling next to me

"Nothing" I choked out trying desperately not to cry, a few tears escaped

"Obviously its not nothing..I'm not an expert on girls but no one usually cries over 'nothing' " he said lifting my chin and catching one of my tears.

" I'm fine I just have a stomach ache" I said wiping the few tears off my face and starting to read

"Well if you ever want to talk I'm here you know" he said turning to his book

"Thanks" I said.

The bell rang at the end of the period and all traces of my sadness had disappeared. I got up and Tyson spun me around into a hug.

"Thanks" I said smiling

"Glad to see your feeling better" he said

I walked into Bio and sat as far away from Kyle as I could at our table. I opened my binder and started the worksheet that was already on our table.

"Hey" he said

I didn�t reply.

"You ok?" he asked only slightly concerned

'nope' I said in my head

"Yeah" I looked at him and gave him a fake smile

"Okay?" he said turning to his worksheet shaking his head.

I saw Nancy walk in and I was confused.

"Schedule change" she said to the teacher she instructed her to a table.

My table.

She sat down on the edge next to Kyle so Kyle was in the middle.

"Hi I'm Nancy" she said waving

I smiled " Lexie" I said waving.

'fine ill play nice' I said in my head

"Nice to meet you" she said.

"Hey, arent you a sophomore? How come you are in biology 2?" I said a bit confused.

"Oh, well at my old school they has us take general science in 8th grade, biology 1 in 9th grade and so on. So when came here and we were doing general science as freshman they put me in biology for my 9th grade year because I had already completed it so I guess it threw me all off track. I don't mind though" She flicked her hair out of her face

"Uh huh" I said looking away "So why are you just getting put into the class today?" I said confused

"Well I originally had Mr. Malconson but he had an unexpected death in the family and became a father of 2 small children so all of his class got split up. It was a small class to begin with, only about 17 kids. The majority of the kids went to Mrs. Green but a few of us were put in here and in Mr. James' class." She said

"Oh" was all I could say. I looked down and started working on my paper again.

For the rest of the period Kyle completely ignored me as he talked to Nancy . When the bell rang I got up, not making eye contact with him, and walked as fast as I could to math.

I barely noticed we had another subsituite today. Our teacher must be really sick or something. Without bothering to get caught in the hype of where our teacher was I sat in my desk and finished my work. When I looked at the clock I noticed I had finished a half hour early so I decided to do my world history homework.

As the bell rang the kids rushed off to lunch but I wasn�t going to the cafeteria today ..I had lost my appetite. I went to my locker and got my art book out. I turned around and sat down right in front of my locker. I started to draw. I drew a strange city at night with Uranus as the moon. I took time shading its rings and drawing each window on the skyscrapers. The lunch bell rang and I put my book and drawing away. I got my Spanish book and walked into class. I sat down in my desk and I noticed I was one of the first few people there. I started on the activity anyways. Matt walked in and sat down next to me. I didn�t look up.

"What�s wrong?" he asked

"What makes you think something wrong?" I countered, a little more harshly then I had wanted.

"Well I don�t know you seem upset." he said69

'upset? upset! UPSET DOESNT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW I FEEL!' I fumed in my head. I took a deep breath keeping my cool.

"Forget it" I said "Its really not worth obsessing over"

"Tell me" he said putting his hand on my shoulder

"You want to know why I'm upset? Why don't talk to your brother and his new...thing" I said angrily and went back to work

"Lexie I have two brothers" he said his voice still soft "You are going to have to elaborate a little more then that" He said.

"Kyle" I practically growled out

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes

"And while your at it why don't you stop playing 'innocent Mr. Nice guy okay? Quite frankly its annoying to watch someone lie to your face one day then the next ask about your feelings!" I tried to calm myself. I reminded myself that it wasnt all his fault and it was unfair of me to take my anger out on him.

I looked at him, he looked hurt.

"Matt..." I said, half whispering. "I'm sorry I didn't mean-"

"No no, you're right." He cut me off "But Lex? If I had it my way, you'd know whats up already"

On that note the bell rang for Spanish and Matt got up and left.

"Matt wait!" I called after him as I chased him in the halls. People looked at me funny but I did'nt care.

He looked back at me confused.

" I thought you were mad at me? I mean, you just bit my head off and now you want to be all huggy friendly? You cant have it both ways Lex" He said, his tone was soft and serious.

" I'm just confused thats all. I'm upset at Kyle and I shouldnt have exploded on you. I am sorry."

"It's alright. C'mon kiddo were going to be late to class" he joked as he tugged my arm lightly.

I stopped in the middle of the hall.

"Kiddo?" I raised an eyebrow

He grabbed onto my arm again lightly.

"Lets go" He rolled his eyes and we rushed down the hall

Today I sat next to Matt and across from Tyson putting Kyle as far from me as possible. This must have alerted Tyson. He looked at me then looked at Kyle then back to me and gave me a look, I dropped my eyes. He looked taken aback. I looked at him.

"Leave it alone....he didn�t do anything...its me" I said to Tyson.

Of course Kyle didn�t know what I was talking about but Tyson shook his head in acknowledgement.

"I met this great girl today" Kyle said.

I lowered my head and the rest of the table just stared at him.

'Why can�t I be deph ? ' I thought to myself

"Her names Nancy..Shes so hot" he told Matt

Matt shook his head and just continued to work on his pottery.

'I think I'm going to barf' I thought

" She�s on the school soccer team" he kept going

'why don�t you just marry the damn girl' I thought bitterly

"Kyle.. give it a rest will you?" Matt said with a worried look on his face.

Kyle continued.

"Lexie met her...tell them Lexie isn�t she great?" he said smiling at me hopefully.

' Oh now this is just ridiculous!' I thought

"yeah she�s gal" I said forcing a smile.

'That, was brutal' I stated in my head

I felt someone�s hand on mine. It was unbelievably cold so I pulled away at first. Then I saw it was Matt and I reached for his hand again. He looked at me like I had 4 heads so I pulled away confused

'What the hell? Did he not just grab my hand first? What was that look about' I thought confused.

"I think I might ask her out" Kyle said

My head snapped up. I bit my lip. The whole table fell dead silent.

"You might?" this was the first time I spoke with out being asked a question and it caught Kyle off guard

"Yah" he said

"Oh" disappointment and hurt colored my tone and I didn�t bother hiding it.

'Ouch' I thought to myself . I dropped my head to the table.

The bell rang and I sprinted out of the class. I didn�t stop to wait for Tyson or Matt. I ran off school grounds and when I was a good 7 or 8 blocks from the school I stopped running. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks and I didn�t bother wiping them away. I sobbed and sobbed. When I got to my house I threw my door open and flopped on the couch and bawled my eyes out into a sofa pillow.

© 2008 ShAdOw

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