Invite your Heart to experience Deep Inner Peace and Well Being

Invite your Heart to experience Deep Inner Peace and Well Being

A Poem by Micheal Teal

not a poem - more a series of thoughts set free

invite your heart to experience deep inner peace and well being. invite your true humanity to have respect and reverence for the sacred. invite all that you are to experience all that you can be as you serve the greater good of all. take this time of isolation to send out invitations to every aspect of your being for the celebration that comes after the struggle

in your own unique way let your actions in this time of need be a powerful message that illuminates the richness of your ethereal existence while delightfully inspiring others to shine their own light.

open your heart and clear your mind and yours will be a luminous life in which you engage in contemplative practices that help you achieve enlightenment as you witness the wondrous.

with unfiltered compassion see the light and let its radiant beauty guide you along a path of self directed awareness to spiritual wellness.

crisis has for me moved me to change the way I live and by doing so I have discovered something new each day which has grounded me in reality and brought forth truths that will guide me beyond this struggle into a better brighter future.

every day create a new reality that celebrates life where you bask in the sunshine as you experience with greater clarity the divine beauty of who you truly are.

introspective reflection and contemplative actions help me reach an awakened state in which I can see beyond the madness into the miracles that await me.

intuitive spirituality and a sincere desire to help myself, my family and others is what has helped me through the difficult times in life.

amazing things happen when we allow ourselves to be touched by spirit. I have used the current crisis to open my heart and live my souls highest purpose. I have used the current situation to create new stories that inspire a more positive future. I believe that we will get through this because the sacred moves within me.

I get up each morning and feed the cat, make breakfast for my son, do the laundry and work on my computer. that takes me to ten thirty. then my son and I go for an hour walk and if we see anybody approaching we cross the street. when we get home I make him lunch and the we read for a half an hour. my wife works from home and is in her office most of the day. she is in higher education. after we read I let him use the big computer in my office for awhile. he is on educational sites during this time. I do dishes and other household chores. after that we head out for another long walk in a different direction all the while avoiding people. when we get home he plays for an hour and then I make him dinner. time permitting we along with my wife go for a short walk through the neighbourhood. then my wife will play a board game or do a puzzle with our son. he will then have a treat and watch something on the roku. after that my wife and I will watch something. then we all go to bed. that is how we handle the current situation. its not isolation for us. its a be in. its a love in. its time to pause and reflect on how fortunate we are to have each other.

in these dark times draw inspiration from the simple joys of life for they are the blessings that encourage, inspire, enlighten and empower.

rise above the insanity by listening to your heart, following your soul and trusting your spirit.

use the creative forces within to paint yourself a picture of health and happiness. now place that picture in your heart.

clear your mind of negative thoughts and listen closely. when you hear the knock open the door to miracles.

this is the time to connect to yourself and tend to your soul. this is the time to heal and purify. this is the time to with generous spirit and a sacred heart make wise choices that serve the greater good. dive deep into contemplative personal development and use this time as an opportunity to do good for yourself, your family and the world around you.

in case you are freaking out let it be known you can buy toilet paper on amazon. the selfish may not have your back but amazon has your butt.

its time for a little social and spiritual maturity. we need to stop being arrogant, ignorant and selfish. isolation doesn't mean golfing with your buddies. distancing doesn't mean partying with your friends. quarantine doesn't mean playdates for your kids. go home, stay home and when this is over we can have a big celebration. at least those of us who survived can. do what is right. if not for yourself then for the rest of us.

focus on your well being as you walk the way of awareness to a place of nurturing silence and positive intent where you can connect with the beauty of life.

MicHEAL Teal 
The Ancient One

© 2020 Micheal Teal

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Added on March 26, 2020
Last Updated on March 26, 2020
Tags: love, light, peace, joy, spirit, soul, happiness


Micheal Teal
Micheal Teal


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