Thank You I Love You

Thank You I Love You

A Poem by Micheal Teal

words of soul and spirit to be shared

thank you I love you. thank you I appreciated you. thank you I admire you. thank you I respect you. thank you i believe in you. thank you I care for you. thank you I love you.

heartfelt ideas, intentions and inspiration help people heal and I intend to use my ideas to inspire people today.

mindfulness and wellness stopped by one day and talked to me about how to bring more light into my life which began with opening my heart a little more each day.

I was once in toronto back before marijuana was legal and happened upon a march to legalize it. when stuff like this occurs vendors, people with other causes and religious people pop up all trying to sell something or to promote their beliefs... I was walking along when I passed a man in a suit who reached out to me with a book. it was the koran. I said no thank you and he said its free. I said no thank you and he said I dont want people to think that what they say on tv is true. I said I never think that and I have a copy of the koran at home as well as the talmud, bible, Bhagavad Gita and countless other religious texts from mainstream to everything from scientology to the church of the flying spaghetti monster. after that we then talked about our lives, families ... its amazing what happens when we remove prejudice and ignorance from a conversation. he was a nice man as was I and we had a nice talk that day.

mine is a compassionate spirituality in which everything I do is heart based and soul blessed.

vibrating within me I can feel the sacred pulse of life which inspires me to freely share my humanity as I walk a path of caring intention and positive action.

I seek not a better way of living for I am too busy building, creating and manifesting a better way of living.

how your life unfolds depends on how you unfold it for you are the author of your life, the designer of your destiny and the master of your fate.

be aware of the energy you radiate. I had just began dating my wife when a friend of her family stopped by. while she was making coffee we had the chance to talk. at one point he said to me - wow you are really intense and I said - I AM NOT INTENSE!
the next day I met some of my friends at a cafe and I said to them a friend of karens said I was intense and they said have you met yourself. how we see ourselves and how the world sees us our two different things.

if just for today we could put down our signs, put away our flags, lower our voices, open our minds, listen to each other, stop hurting each other to help ourselves, be kinder, put away our weapons, leave our prejudices out of any conversation we have and just be open honest decent loving people, we could accomplish great things.

I feel truly alive, happy and free in those moments when I make profoundly healthy choices that generate positive change.

breathe in as much love as possible and you will heal yourself in many ways as you help heal others on their way to a better life.

while watching a protest on tv I noticed in the periphery the greater good huddled in a corner crying at the madness of it all.

everything we do is of spiritual import so I do my best each day to be my best as I believe that is whats best for me.

I crossed a rainbow bridge in my dreams and arose from sleep with an open heart and a determined spirit.

I listen to the voice of spirit and I see visions of a future worthy of high regard where happiness is a way of life.

peace is my inspiration, freedom is my inspiration, happiness is my inspiration, kindness is my inspiration, serenity is my inspiration, honesty is my inspiration, compassion is my inspiration and love is my inspiration. what inspires you.

we grow and blossom when the song within our heart is one of love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

© 2024 Micheal Teal

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Added on February 18, 2024
Last Updated on February 18, 2024
Tags: love, light, spirit, soul, joy, hope, peace


Micheal Teal
Micheal Teal


I am a Poet , Psychic and Spiritual Consultant. Mine is a journey of peace and self discovery. I seek to sow the seeds of new possibilities and inspire the purpose within. I am a searcher and research.. more..