Freewheeling and Joyfully Ecstatic

Freewheeling and Joyfully Ecstatic

A Poem by Micheal Teal

words gathered together in a manner that pleases

A soul purified is one that is freewheeling, ecstatic and ethereal. A multilayered metaphysical blessing to be embraced with intellectual and inspirational vibrancy.

Fanciful and free are we whose heart and soul are places where creativity flows.

My home is an atmospheric peaceful place where everyone is beautifully brilliant and authentically intimate. 

Whenever I cast a light on my true sacred self I am immersed in transforming thoughts that soothe the soul and embrace the spirit in divinely imaginative ways which help me create a more beautiful life.

Nourish a life of spirit with love and yours with be a sacred path that gives birth to beauty, brilliance and blessings which uplift and empower every aspect of your existence.

Truth connects the higher self with the sacred self which helps us heal our way into happiness.

We evolve on earth when we aspire to inspire for positive intentions are the building blocks for a life of health, harmony and happiness.

Mine is a path of service in which I manifest visions that expand and enrich my esoteric existence in ways that enlighten each step with divine purpose.

Today I shall connect to my calling by facilitating experiences that cleanse the soul with poetic intent and raise the spirit with a mosaic of miracles.

Light with me the fires of love and together we shall create dreams that awaken the best of us to the glory and grace of the angels of light we were born to be.

I am each and every day guided by angels to engage in acts of kindness which manifest an atmosphere of sacred healing where beauty unfolds as the spirit grows stronger and stronger.

Do that which brings you joy in ways that bring others happiness.

I was walking a path of purpose to a place of purity when with poetic intent I embraced ethereal aesthetics which divinely empowered my journey of self discovery.

It is when we discover, embrace and accept that we are the treasures in life that doors open to a world nourished by a love most sacred.

Somewhere between worldly and otherworldly is a place woven into landscapes of love where the ancients and ancestors sing beautifully evocative songs of compassionate relevancy that embrace positively the true nature of our being.

I was remembering who I was when who I am introduced me to who I was becoming which inspired me to continue to be the best I could be which has always been my calling.

MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One

The Ancient One with Heart of Buffalo Journeys with Spirit of White Wolf

© 2024 Micheal Teal

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Micheal Teal
You Are Loved

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Added on February 29, 2024
Last Updated on February 29, 2024
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Micheal Teal
Micheal Teal


I am a Poet , Psychic and Spiritual Consultant. Mine is a journey of peace and self discovery. I seek to sow the seeds of new possibilities and inspire the purpose within. I am a searcher and research.. more..