Sprinkle Sweet Sunshine and Sacred Stardust on every Soul

Sprinkle Sweet Sunshine and Sacred Stardust on every Soul

A Poem by Micheal Teal

a series of random thoughts

the purest love flows and connects in the heart of those who with blessings of spirit sprinkle sweet sunshine and sacred stardust on every soul they meet.

my sons first words when he wakes up every morning are have you had a good day which in and of itself make the day good.

from existence to existence and reality to reality I have always been an instrument of peace in search of smiles who played a song of soul and spirit that inspired those around me to dance.

common sense met a clearer perspective one day and together they set out on a journey of creativity where they came upon compassion who was a carpenter of spirit that helped them build a better world.

journey with me to higher states of happiness and harmony where positive energy flows freely and where in butterfly gardens of sacred beauty we breathe in the divine glory of who we truly are.

I was bathing in thoughts of happiness when a beam of inspiration graced my heart and soul with feelings of love that made me jump for joy.

during this tome of isolation, separation and lockdown it seems we are always worried about what is open and what is not. for me personally all the important things are open - my arms, my heart, my mind and my soul.

be kind to people, be kind to your family, be kind to your friends, be kind to animals, be kind to the air, be kind to the land, be kind to the water, be kind to sacred mother earth, be kind to yourself, be kind.

give joy, light and love to all and you will with bright shining eyes shift into a higher frequency of angelic enlightenment in harmony with heaven and earth.

mine is a soulful journey filled with moments of awakening that help me to establish a conscious link with the divine which creates profoundly positive changes that make it easier for me to become a friend with life.

I was on a path of revelation to a place of exaltation when my imagination embraced me with some revelations that stirred within me a transformation that has been my liberation.

I have had trouble sleeping my whole life and these days its become even worse. I got up this morning at my regular time of two thirty and noticed the bedroom door was closed. when I opened the door there was my wife sprawled out on the floor. it seems the cat was going crazy at one thirty and she wanted me to get a little more sleep so she chased her out, closed the door and made it so she couldn't scratch on it. my wife takes meds for osteoarthritis on her back. I thanked her, hugged her, told her not to do that again and got on with my day. she is blessed with the ability to fall back to sleep quickly. I have a wonderful family who loves me. she has spent the last twenty five years living with an a.d.d o.c.d and p.t.s.d .... husband and has done so with honor and dignity. so when people ask me how I am handling this pandemic I simply say I look at what I have and say thank you for I have the gift of a loving family and for that I am eternally grateful.

the more peace and happiness we bring with us the greater the possibility is that we will walk a path of gentleness into a heavenly garden of spiritual union where we are better able to love life more.

I like to begin each day by saying a short prayer of natural truths that help frame my unique journey in a manner which contributes to making a better world.

my heart and mind expanded the moment I made the conscious decision to live, breathe and create my own bliss.

I hear the heartbeat of the heavens beating out a sacred rhythm within my soul which inspires me to walk a lyrical path of poetic purpose where my true self sings a sacred song that celebrates the joy and beauty of life.

once on a wind swept day when the sun was shining on my life I saw a heart enriching reflection of my present and future self aligning the heavens with their dreams, hopes, visions, wishes and desires.

I was sailing on oceans of ancient wisdom and abiding faith when I was lifted high into the sky where with a clear new perspective I could see the gifts of Gaia waiting for me with open arms in their sacred garden of healing.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

© 2021 Micheal Teal

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Added on March 11, 2021
Last Updated on March 11, 2021
Tags: love, light, spirit, soul, beauty, truth, hope, happiness


Micheal Teal
Micheal Teal


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