Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Preeti

Chapter 6 of Semantic Blends: A Chain Novel.

Written by Calypso (
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Semantic Blends: A Chain Novel Experiment


Gail tightened the windbreaker around her skinny shoulders and watched for anyone who may report her leaving the house. That man, Sergeant Abraham Hawk, would whisper sweet loving words into her ear in after making love, but in the morning he would wake and demand food. There are many bruises and cuts lining her body. Abraham demanded so much and there were times when she couldn’t give and he would beat her until her soul broke.

Whenever she was beat mindless she would think of Josh. Nowadays he’s a blossoming senior in high school but when she met him he was nothing more then an awkward junior. 

Their first date they went to a sucky 3-D movie that left them wanting a refund. The popcorn was stale and the pop flat but over all Gail can remember being behind the cinema with him.

Before the earthquake it was so normal to see two teens behind there are a movie. God things have changed.

At that time Josh gently pushed her back onto the wall, put his hand on the wall over her head and kissed her red, full lips forever. Gail was the one who broke the kiss because she felt like she was going to pass out from lack of oxygen.

Josh looked crestfallen. That wasn’t the first time they kissed nor the last but the memory suck in her mind. There was something to be desired in the kiss. It wasn’t until after she broke the kiss did she realize what emotions Josh had put into it.

She couldn’t put her finger on it but deep under Josh was something, someone different. He seemed like someone who could save those who deserved it and kill those who deserved it. In this day and time everyone is afraid but under his zit covered face was a man who could save the world.

As Gail raced down the semi-lit street she planned what she wanted to do. It’s illegal to go back to your original home but Josh would be the type to break that rule.

Once out of the back roads she lowed down into her normal pace. There are always officers with loaded gun standing on the sidewalk just waiting for anyone to take a step out of line. Most people weren’t allowed to be outside after 8 p.m. but because she is Sergeant Abraham Hawk’s fiancée she has more power then everyone else. The only person in who had more power was Sergeant Hawk.

When Gail had meet Sergeant Hawk she was a struggling pre-law freshman who was wet behind the ears. She barely knew how to balance a checkbook.

It was in a rescue centre after the earthquake that Sergeant Hawk first laid his eyes on her. Her small, humble college was destroyed and because her parent’s house had been also the only place she really had was the rescue centre.

She was sitting on her cot eating faintly warm beans with hardened bread. At the time her father was off lying bricks on their new home and her mother was gossiping with the elderly ladies.

             Sergeant Hawk strolled down the row of cots with his arms tucked behind his back. Beside this tall, strong man were two bodyguards.

            Sergeant Hawk had paused right in front of Gail’s cot.

            “Bow down to your future leader!” One of the men yelled.

            Nonchalantly she sat her spoon down and answered, “Hell no.”

            The other man was about to say something when Sergeant Hawk hushed him. “Don’t worry. I like how fiery she is. Tell me child, what is your name?”


            Sergeant Hawk’s mouth her name a few times as if to try to out. “Not bad.”

            Three days later those two men showed up and told Gail she was to follow them. Naturally she asked why and they simply answered that she was to marry Sergeant Hawk.

            Gail’s daydream was broken when two men told her to get on the ground. Her face was pressed onto the ground so she couldn’t speak. One placed a loaded gun on to her forehead.


© 2011 Preeti

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i like the way you told the background story of how Gail and sergent Hawk met, then the abrumpt ending was a great cliffhanger for this champter. nicely done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

i'll write the seventh chapter.

Posted 9 Years Ago

just a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes. the story needs a little more detail, though.

Posted 9 Years Ago


Posted 9 Years Ago

Sergeant Hawk is a pretty badass villain now. Not only is he power-hungry but also a girlfriend abuser. Perfect. I liked the back story with Josh and Gail. Also, thanks for clearing up the Josh/Gail/Sergeant Hawk relationship. In the beginning, I assumed that Gail and Josh were the same age...meaning that Sergeant Hawk was in a possibly illegal relationship with a high school senior. But Gail's older than Josh! Makes sense now.

I also love how you insinuated that Sergeant Hawk used the chaos and destruction of the earthquake to his advantage in order to get power.

One thing that doesn't quite add up. It's been established that it's been six years since the earthquake. But if Gail is a freshman in college, then she met Josh at most 2 years ago because Josh was a junior at the time. So according to your timeline, the earthquake happened less than a year ago (since she was a freshman when it occurred and still presumably a freshman now because Josh is still a senior). So yeah, just thought I'd point that out.

Other than that, it was good!

Posted 9 Years Ago

neat. I like seeing it from Gail's point of view for a change. it adds more insight to the story.

Posted 9 Years Ago


Posted 9 Years Ago

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