Chapter Four

Chapter Four

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.


“Text me or something if you need help sneaking out,” Cersie calls as she pulls out of the driveway.

Des waves, lips grimly set in a line. She waits until the blue car is completely out of sight before walking up to her front door.

Ever so quietly, she unlocks it, and slips into the house undetected. She tip toes to the kitchen, hoping to avoid any confrontation with the step-jerk. Jake should be at the church for another two or three hours, but she doesn't want to take any chances. After peeking into his study, and determining that no life is in his bedroom, she walks normally to her own room.

Des kicks her Converse off into the corner and turns to lock her door. She plugs her iPod into the iHome on the desk in the corner of her room, and plops down on her bed for the last bit of peace and quiet she'll get until the night.

Des shares a house with her little sister, Chella, her mother, Mary, and her step-father, Jake.

Up until two or so years ago, she had lived alone with her mom and Chella. This was about the time Jake came into the picture.

Mary and Jake met on a once every few months trip to church. Jake had been a guest speaker for one of the adult classes, and she fell for him.

Des, on the other hand, has always disliked him, and her mother dating him only increased that irritation. Him moving into their house had been the final straw.

About fifteen, she rebelled in any way possible.

This resulted in her bleaching her hair, and getting piercings. The various tattoos came soon after.

Jake had never truly liked her, either. Her purple eyes---demon eyes, as he referred to them---is the main reason for this. 'Defiling the body God had given 

her' blew him over the top.

After what could have been a World War III, they agreed that fighting would only commence if Chella was fairly far away from it, and Mary wasn't in hearing range. But pretty soon, the fights happened so often that Des would avoid him at all times, or have Chella with her when an encounter was inevitable.

It works, she guesses, but she doesn't like it.

Des sighs and grabs her violin from its spot on the wall. She supposes she should practice her viola, or even the cello, but she needs to relax. Violin playing helps 

her do exactly that.

Des picks up her bow, and begins to play with the slow melody on her iPod. The sound of the notes echo off her wall, and produce a nice, full sound. So caught up in the music, she fails to hear the door unlock.

By the time she notices foot steps, it's a bit too late to do anything.

“Where in the name of all that is holy have you been?!”

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

Jeez this is short I think chapters get longer later I;m not quite sure yet but yes most likely probably

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I like Des. Harharhar. I like her... rebellious-ness. Rebellion? I guess that's what you'd say in this situation.

Ooh, cliffhanger. You know how much I hate them. :C

Well, this review sucked a*s. :D

You should write more. Like, now.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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