The Mission

The Mission

A Chapter by Cheef Rockah

This is the beginning sequence of events leading up to how the real story begins...Thus calling it....The Mission

{Scene starts off facing a tall building about 45 stories tall. This is where we meet one of our two main characters. Camera zooms in slowly to a corvette pulling into a parking spot. The car parks and a man steps out. [Scene pause; subtitle show's under man's face "Victor Mendez"] Victor walks up to building; scans his card; puts in code then the door opens. Camera steadily following Victor until he is stopped by another agent.}

Agent Ferdinand: [heavy Irish accent] Why top 'o' the mornin' to ya', Agent Mendez. How's the day treatin' ya'?

Victor: [looking at papers] So far so good, Agent Ferdinand. Have you talked to the CIA yet?

Agent Ferdinand: [thinks] Um, I believe so. I can sure check for ya'.

Victor: [looks at him in the corner of his eye] Yes please do, I know how you have a tendency to forget things. 

Agent Ferdinand: [nods head 'yes'] Yes sir. I'll be right on it. [walks off]

{Scene cuts to Victor walking into an office where a secretary greets him happily}

Ms. Connor: [smiles] Hello, Mr Mendez.

Victor: [looks up at Ms. Connor] Hello, Ms. Connor. How are you this fine morning.

Ms. Connor: [giggles; smiles] Victor, what I tell you? Just say my real name. Remember?

Victor: [smirks] My apologies, Joy, but has the Boss issued anything about the mission?

Joy: [thinks] Hmmm, let me check. [looks at desk; bends over to find the papers *on purpose* comes up slow and hands Victor papers and smiles] Here they are.

Victor: [raises eyebrow; smirks] Thank you. [walks back into his office]

{Scene cuts to Victor in his office over reading the mission}

Victor: [reading] In this mission we must seclude the Jamaican drug lord, Yazmen Baraka. These tasks will not be easy nor will they be a no brainer. This will take high skill and precision. Only high officers are required to enroll in this mission. Their names will be announced at today's meeting at 12:30 pm. Thank you.
p.s. If you have received this letter you have been one of the few people infiltrating this mission. Again thank you. [stops reading] Well then I should of known I'd get picked for this assignment. Better get ready it's [looks at watch] 11:45 now so let me get together.

{Scene cuts to Victor getting ready for the meeting. Time speeds to where we see Victor walking down a long hall way talking with a friend, Agent Donavon Gregory}

Don: [fades into what he was saying] I told her what the f**k?! You don't know nothin' 'bout no pumpkin pie. [laughs]

Victor: [laughing] You crazy Don I swear.

Don: [collects self] Yeah, yeah I know, but yo what's up with you and Joy?

Victor: [looks at Don with a "are you serious?" look] Maann me and her been done since last year. She just stuck.

Don: [shrugs shoulders] That's not what she sayin' to everybody.

Victor: [raises eyebrow] What'chu mean?

Don: Well she sayin' y'all just on a break. That y'all ain't done and s**t like that, but I don't know man she is crazy.

Victor: [scuffs] Yeah you got that right. [opens big door; walks in]

{Don & Victor walk in this big room where men & women are sitting down talking about something. Victor takes his spot as well as Don. Then no sooner the Boss walks in with a secretary right behind him. He sits down and clears his throat}

Chief Randell: [deep breath] Good evening ladies & gentlemen. I have brought you all here for a very important & special meeting. This meeting has to do with our mission called----

{Suddenly a man comes barging in and drop to the ground its Agent Earl Holliday}

Earl: [catching breath] Sorry sir I heard about the meeting and got here as quick as I----

Chief Randell: Agent Holliday just sit your happy go lucky a*s down before I suspend you!

Earl: [nods head 'yes'; sits down] Ugh, I knew I shouldn't of stayed at IHOP for one last pancake special.

Chief Randell: [adjusts self] Now as I was saying we have to infiltrate this mission called Y2J. This mission is very difficult thus it requires the best officers which I will announce them shortly.

Agent Taylor Shockly: [raises hand] Sir may I ask something?

Chief Randell: Yes Agent Shockly. Go ahead

Taylor: [stands up] Now sir I don't mean to be blunt, but the last few men and or women we sent down there before were beheaded & tortured. Hell we got people down there that we don't even know are alive or dead. 

Chief Randell: [folds arms; looks at Taylor] What exactly are you getting at, Agent Shockly? Are you saying my format is insufficient?

Taylor: [shakes head 'no'] Not at all sir. I'm not saying your format is insufficient, but I am saying that maybe we need a new way in dealing with the situation at hand.

Chief Randell: [stands up] Agent Shockly, I appreciate your concern, but i believe we have the situation under control. 

Taylor: [chuckles sarcastically] Sir with all do respect you don't have any control over there. From what I and even you know alone, Yazmen Baraka has everything under HIS control!

Chief Randell: [getting angry] Agent Shockly, I suggest you lower your tone to me!

Taylor: [getting angry as well] No I will not sir! This has gone on too long! We have lost nearly 50 men and 45 women down there and 30 have yet to of been found!! So NO I will not calm down nor lower my tone to you until we come to a agreement!


Victor: [stands up] STOP! [slams fist on table; everyone quiets] Thank you. Now listen, Chief, Agent Shockly is right. We have lost a lot of men & women down in Jamaica. If we don't devise a plan come 2 weeks Yazmen will have the whole entire world under his wing.

Chief Randell: [collects self] And how do you suppose we do that?

Victor: [looks at Taylor] Well, I believe Agent Shockly was about to get to that. [smiles]

Taylor: [smiles at Victor] Yes I was. Now Chief, what I was going to say is we simply get a....decoy. 

Chief Randell: [confused] A decoy???

Taylor: [looks at him lik "are you serious"] Yes sir a decoy. You know someone we use as a distraction, bait, etc. 

Chief Randell: And how do you suppose we find someone as a decoy. 

Taylor: Easy we get someone outside the organization.

Chief Randell: Why someone outside the organization? We got great officers inside it. No need for outside interference.

Taylor: Well, yes sir we do have great officers. Officers such as Agent Mendez there, but the thing is he is expecting that he caught onto us already sir. We need someone that know's how to manipulate and pursued him. 

Chief Randell: Ok, but who?

Taylor: Well, I was hoping if you could give one of us some time to find someone on the streets somewhere that can help us. It could be someone in this room or in another organization, but we just need this person to infiltrate this mission the way it should be.

Chief Randell: [thinks] Hmmm, ok then well lets get.........Agent Mendez to find this person.

Taylor: Done.

Victor: [stands up] Wait wait wait, how the hell did I get brought into this?

Chief Randell: [looks at Victor] Well Agent Mendez, you were the one who encouraged Agent Shockly to continue and she made a point that you are one of the finest men and most skilled in this organization today. So, as I're the one for the job.

Victor; But sir---

Chief Randell: But sir nothing you're doing this job or you're fired. Besides it shouldn't be that hard especially for you.

Victor: Sir send me down to Jamaica by myself I can do all the things others can't.

Chief Randell: Victor! Do the damn job!

Victor: [sighs; sits down] Yes sir. [gets quiet]

Chief Randell: Good. Now this meeting is over go back to your stations.

Victor: [gets up; grabs papers] Damnit why I gotta do this stupid s**t.

Taylor: [walks over to Victor] Hey.

Victor: [looks at Taylor] Wassup?

Taylor: [smiles; hugs Victor] Thanks for backing me up back there.

Victor: [smiles] Any time, but now you got me caught up in some s**t.

Taylor: Sorry, I didn't know he'd specifically pick you to do it. 

Victor: [starts walking] Well, you did kind of put my name out there as a reference, but hey it's all good. So, what you gonna do about this whole mission thing?

Taylor: [thinks] Hmmm, I don't exactly know yet. Probably fly over to Jamaica tonight and---

Victor: [looking shocked] Wait tonight?!

Taylor: [looks at Victor] Yeah...tonight. Why is that a problem?

Victor: Well, don't you think you should at least wait to go there. You know after I go do this job and s**t.

Taylor: [smiles; stands in front of Victor] Awwww, is lil Victor actually showing compassion and that he cares? [laughs; keeps walking]

Victor: [sucks teeth] Whatever. Just 'cause I don't want you gettin' killed like them other fool's out there don't  mean I care

Taylor: [looks at him all sad] You don't care?

Victor: [looks at her; kisses cheek] Shut up you know I care. Just be careful ok?

Taylor: [smiles] Ok, I will. [walks into office]

Victor: [shakes head] That girl a trip.

{Right as Victor goes to walk in Earl and Don show up and scare him. He doesn't jump he just turns around and looks at them}

Victor: What the f**k are y'all doing?

Earl: [looks at Don] See I told you he wouldn't get scared.

Don: [sucks teeth] Whatever, but yo I seen how you helped Taylor out.

Victor: Yeah, so what?

Don: [smiles] You know she like you right?

Victor: [chuckles] Nahh, we just cool man. Besides she got man remember

Don: [laughs] You mean Pedro? N***a he a b***h you got so much more on him. You know he cried when she had to tell him something right and all it was that she was leaving next month for a mission.

Victor: Whaaaaat? Woow, he is a b***h. Still she with him though.

Earl: Vic, we see how she look at you man. It's pretty self explanatory.

Victor: Yeah, well, we'll see. Now get yo asses to work. [laughs and walks into office]

© 2011 Cheef Rockah

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Verry Good my kind sir. I like how im an agent that likes Ihop. LMAO

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Cheef Rockah
Cheef Rockah

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Soooo I have no idea what my bio said once before I sounded retarded but it’s Lu aka Cheef Rockah. I love to write but lately have had A LOT of writers block. Hopefully that can change. Well I&r.. more..

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