Chapter 16- Fun In The Sun (Previously entitled 'Off The Cretan Track' ) Edited and extra chapters.

Chapter 16- Fun In The Sun (Previously entitled 'Off The Cretan Track' ) Edited and extra chapters.

A Chapter by Repgreece

Sal was watching Nick, contemplating him with a gentle smile on her face. How was she going to do this? Leaning towards him, she rested her hands on his legs and whispered, "You might need to help me hop up there, Nick."

Damn, she managed to make that sound so hot.

"Come on then," he replied with a smile, guiding her around to his side, "Let me help you 'hop on up'," he said, laughing at the situation and her choice of words.

She turned around with her back to him and reached behind her to find his thigh, ready to jump up and back onto his lap with his help. All this touching was very stimulating, but Nick had given up caring about it anymore. He was at the stage then when there was nothing he could do to stop it anyway. So, if she was going to know, well then, she was going to know. Anyway, maybe it was a good idea she knew, maybe it was about time she did...maybe she should know how the feel of her soft, roundness against his thigh, as she prepared to jump, affected him.

All sorts of erotic thoughts invaded his head then the more he anticipated her sitting up there, and the more he considered the fact that her dress was stimulating enough at a distance, but at those close quarters, he would have a chance to feel it, run his hands over it...or more precisely, feel her beneath it. Suddenly the barrier didn't seem like it would be much between them. In his imagination, it would be nothing between them. Then, if everyone around them just miraculously disappeared, she may find that she enjoyed sitting on his lap rather a lot. Depending on how he played it, she just might start to get a bit excited. Well then, he could help her make the most of that and get her a bit more excited, and a bit more. He'd often imagined that Sal would get excited quite quickly and easily. And then, she'd be so excited that she couldn't help herself... even if she wanted to...

Right, now he really was in trouble, because when she did finally sit up there, there was a very strong chance that she really might feel how aroused he was. Why did he do this to himself all the time? Why couldn't he stop thinking about her like that?

Finally, he felt her hands bear down on his thigh and she pushed herself up as he grabbed her by the arms and pulled. He felt her upper thighs and legs slide against him and then with a jolt and a giggle, she was on his lap.

She wobbled precariously for a second with the momentum, but steadied herself by clasping her hands at the back of his neck.

"Hello you," she smiled, her face suddenly extremely close to his.

He secured her balance by linking his hands behind her back to ensure that she didn't slip off. He had forgotten however, that her back was lacking in clothing and his hands ended up coming into contact with incredibly smooth, silky skin. This did nothing to help his predicament as his body temperature rose even higher.

"Hello you," he echoed, assessing her face at the closest quarters he'd ever assessed it before. He could see everything about it now and it hit him abruptly then, this was Sal, right there, right in front of him, only centimeters away. He'd never imagined this happening tonight. How could he? He'd never been in such a situation with her before. Suddenly things seemed different between them, like bam! There she was. But this time, it hit him so hard that he couldn't even try to pretend anymore, to kid himself that she didn't have an extraordinary effect on him.

She smiled and he noticed now in more detail the way her cheekbones were emphasized when the smile lit up her face, and her eyes intensified by the movement. Her smile was so damn incredible, but not at all fake like with some women. It radiated the brightness of her spirit out onto the observer. Onto him.

And that perfume of hers, it was the essence of Sal, a fragrance he'd only ever smelt on Sal before. It had floral undercurrents but something overpowering them, something much deeper and more heady, and so sensual. Maybe it wasn't a perfume at all; maybe she was just born with that aroma. It suited her so well. He wanted to drink it in... taste it on her... dissolve himself in it.

"Are you enjoying this?" she asked. That abruptly jolted him out of his reverie! Had she noticed his excitement?

He just froze, staring at her and trying to figure out what her reaction would be.

"Nick?" she questioned. His expression had suddenly changed. "You don't have to drink it," she pointed out.

He was confused. Her eyes fell to his free hand and his followed them.

Not again! Now he understood. How did that kamaki manage to keep handing him shots of that pink stuff without him even realizing it?

"I think I'll pass on this one," he said, catching the attention of the kamaki and handing it back to him. As the kamaki was about to walk away however, Nick apparently had an afterthought and motioned him forward to say something in his ear. The Kamaki nodded and headed for Kosta. Then Nick turned his attention back to Sal.

A smile of amusement, and something else he couldn't quite fathom out, was on her face. But it was something significant, and she continued to smile like that. Okay so, what was she smiling at? Hold on, he thought back. What had they just been talking about? Oh yeah, "Are you enjoying this?" she had asked. Wait a minute, had she meant the drink, or had she in fact been alluding to his current stimulation? Sometimes with Sal, it was hard to know what she knew and what she didn't. Maybe she was playing with him, making it seem as if she was referring to the drink, when all along there was an innuendo in her words.

Nick was, after all, alarmingly aroused beneath her. Well okay but, she clearly wasn't angry about it if she did know. Besides, she had instigated this; it was hardly his fault she was so sexy. And for some reason, tonight it was impossible for him to stop it from happening. Perhaps it was all the alcohol that was making him not try so hard to control it anymore, but she'd also drunk a lot so he wasn't going to worry about it. They both seemed to be throwing caution to the wind more than usual.

Then Sal wriggled a little on his lap. He gave a small laugh at the situation. Woa, that was a nice sensation.

This was the first time that Sal could recall Nick's full attention being focused so closely on her, and it was then that she realized, he had really sexy eyes. She'd never noticed that before. There was something about a look in them. Like he was having extremely naughty thoughts or something. She held her laughter in at that. Imagine if he actually was! Well anyway, whatever he was thinking, his eyes were so sexy at that moment. She probably shouldn't be thinking like that right now, but she was only just observing a fact. No wonder all the girls at the airport swooned whenever he walked past.

"So, where shall we go to next?" she asked him.

To do the most pleasurable things to each other. That was the first thing that had popped into Nick's head.

"Oh, I don't know, I'm quite happy right here," he replied, tightening his hold on her.

She laughed. "Really?" she said, releasing her hands that were clasped behind his neck to slowly slide them over his shoulders and down his arms. She liked the feel of the muscles of his arms.

"Yeah," he replied, watching the path of her hands. In return, he released his hold behind her back and let his hands slide around and gently down her thighs to rest on the hem of her dress.

She turned behind her then and picked up her cocktail from off the bar. "Well, I hope I'm not too heavy sitting on your lap," she said, taking a sip from the straw and watching him coyly.

"No Sal, you're only petite," he replied. "As light as a feather," he smiled.

She giggled. "Well that's good, apart from... I only have little legs," she complained, pretending to sulk.

His eyes travelled from the place where his hands were resting, all the way down her legs. They were wonderfully shapely, smooth and tanned.

"Trust me Sal, there is nothing at all wrong with these," he assured her, trailing the fingers of one of his hands down to her knee, over it and down her calf. Her skin was like silk. He watched the movement of his own fingers in an almost trance-like state before glancing back up at her as his fingers started their return journey back up her leg.

She was also focused on his hand until she sensed that his gaze had returned to her face and her eyes rose to meet his. She gave a small laugh.

He assessed her intently. The beginnings of a smile was evident on her face again. Without even realizing it, a gradual smile of his own matched hers.

"What?" she laughed.

There was some serious heat in the room all of a sudden. "What?" he replied.

She hesitated for a moment before saying, "Tell me what you're thinking."

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